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The Priestess is innately connected to candle and flame. Her sanctum and temple is of dedicated illumination of her workings, enchantments and healings. A candle is more than a tool, it is a living embodiment of her connection to source and her own inner magic. Candle magic has become a modern practice in the craft and holds many rule and concept to its new age practice. Yet the ancient Priestess utilises it from beyond this traditional way we have embraced the working in today’s modern craft pathways and concept.

Phiona is often asked about her candle working that she shares on social media and through her blogging and podcasting, this has led her to design and create a short course of  workshops, to answer the many questions that she is regularly asked. Such as:

  • Is the flame most powerful when first lit, or upon last burn?
  • Do you let it burn down all in one go or light and relight when needed?
  • Do you use specific colours for specific needs?
  • How do I empower my candle with intent to utilise its magic?

Within the workshops Phiona will guide you into the space of the Sanctum either in person or online and will take you back to the time of the Priestess, of an ancient time of being where magic was sacred and revered and the candle a sacred form of union and essence that is no longer understood within this lifetime. The Priestess is the dedicated keeper of the Flame. It’s within her soul and activated when she returns to the path of the Priestess once more. Her wisdom is beyond the understanding of this world and so Phiona has especially opened the gateway for those seeking a more ancient way of connecting to candle working and magic to bring into their own life and pathway.


The workshops will focus on connecting to the ancient mystery of candle magic as a living entity and form.  Entering the Sanctum to embody the essence of ancient magic and connect to its temple of the light to hold the flame. You will be shown how to draw the magic and healing action into the candle and embody its power through three journeys. All three workshops need to be attended to fully absorb the wisdom and magic imparted (they are not stand alone workshops)


The  first journey -  Inviting the flame.


This three hour workshop can be delivered online or in person , it is only open to nine souls to journey together into the darkness to encounter the flame and its illuminating aspect of power.

Here we will journey into the Sanctum of the Priestess and venture on inviting the flame into the soul. For its only when the flame has been invited and initiated that it can be held as a power source for all magic. This often can be a very healing and cathartic journey and sometimes even emotional. As we clear the space to become the holder and bearer of the magical flame of energy we learn the language of its essence and how we can empower its form and the self for the deepest of outcome.


The second journey – Becoming the flame


The second journey is held exactly three months after the first. We have sat with the flame and its wisdom as the Priestess guided us into the Sanctum and its inner core to engage within the self. Here we become the flame and find it held in word and action as we learn how to empower a physical candle with our energy, intention and hold. This is the way of the Priestess and has always been and is shared to those who seek to truly work with candle magic in our world of today.


The third journey.  – Holding the flame


The third and final journey is the holding of the flame, learning the secret of the magic to instil within the power of the flame, with reverence and respect for its language and ancient power. Held exactly three months after the second journey of becoming the flame.  Leaning and connecting as did the ancestors before and those that will follow in our footprint. Becoming the magi of the candle, its magic and enchantment that we can work for the self and others in all forms of need and request and in reply to petition and service as holder of the flame.


All workshops are held on Sunday afternoon’s 1pm – 4pm UK time. In person and online workshops are available, please be sure to inform of your preference at the time of booking.


  • The first workshop is held around the Autumn equinox.
  • The second workshop is held  around the Winter Solstice
  • The final and third workshops held around the Spring Equinox.

Each workshop is £65 payable at the time of booking and 30 days prior to the workshop date and payable >>HERE<<


Payment for all three workshops is gifted a discount of 10% only when booking all three in advance and together and payable >>HERE<<

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