The workings of the Priestess



When we become a Seeker with the Sisters of the Mists, we enter into the service of the Great Mother. We learn as we journey towards the Priestess how to work her energy into all we do and are. Three of the most important workings are the giving of healing to those who are in need, the healing and balancing of the lands around us and the lighting of the Flame of the mists.


We carry out her work as her ambassador, her voice and touch, bringing her energy into this world once more and the world ever closer to Avalon. Connecting through the Sisterhood that reaches out worldwide, our energy is carried out throughout it and our path is walked with compassion and being. Lighting the Flame to bring illumination to the darkest of places and pathways. Our Divine Essence is connected to all we do and are and we project that outwards in her name and service.




The Nine Day Healing


So many are in need of healing energies in today's world. So many souls struggling and desperate for the change they seek. The more we gather and send collective healing energy, they greater the transformation is enabled.

The Sisters of the Mists follow the ancient Nine Day Healing path. Working for nine days continuously.  Healing energy is started on the first day of every month and continued until the ninth day. Working each day during the nine days for nine minutes. With a focused intent, healing is offered and given to those in need. The Sisterhood working together in unison around the world, connecting their energy as one and joined by those who follow the path. We also work with the energy of the Flame of the Mists, during this time to illuminate our healing energy out into the world and giving us a focus. We gift this energy freely into the world to those who require its need and energy, as part of our pathway and service to the Great Mother.


If you would like to join with us as a recipient please use the contact page with your details. If you would like to join with us as a healer, simply add your energies to our own to help magnify the energy sent.


Follow the Nine Day Healing on facebook for updates and where you can send your healing requests to the Sisterhood





The Nine Day Land Blessings


In the ancient time of our ancestors who walked the path of Avalon, it was accustomed to bless the lands that we walk. To give thanks to the Great Mother for all she holds and gives to us, in our daily needs. Now we awaken that ancient custom and breathe life into it, finding a place for it in our modern life and taking time to give back all that is taken from the Great Mother and her lands.

To empower the lands beneath our feet, and energise the earth and all she holds. To bring healing as it is needed to the local area in which we dwell. To bless the fields that surrounds us so that they may yield their greatest harvest.

As we honour her with our blessing, she returns it to us in abundance, in the lushness of the trees, of all of nature in many guises. Of the birds in their song. all that hold so many signs and messages to us on our path.

The Nine Day Land Blessings are held in many ways during its course. Through song and dance. Chant and verse. Dressing of the lands. Offerings and adornments. In drumming and music. In silent connection. Within the symbols of Avalon. 
The Land Blessing are held over nine days as this is the sacred number of Avalon and the Lady. As her Priestesses hold sacred offerings to the land, gently on the first day and raising the energy till a culmination on the ninth day.

The 18th of each month, sees the beginning the Nine Day Land Blessing. A sacred time of seclusion and connection for the Priestess as she connects directly with the Great Mother, listening and understanding her needs. Holding a knowing that heals and balances her. As the Sisterhood connects on a Global Gathering the energy is raised all around the world during the nine days, bringing protection and healing to the lands around us.

As more women join in with the blessing, we empower her. We become her. Our bloods flow to the pulse of her heartbeat. Our land and space becomes harmonious paces to be within. Life thrives and is abundant. Life grows before us and in our wake as we walk and travel the land. It becomes our source of power and enchantment. Join with the Sisters of the Mists every month as we come together to bless the Lands and our home.


Follow the nine day land blessings on facebook for updates and where you can send your Land Blessing requests to the Sisterhood.




The Flame of the Mists


Phiona first lit the Flame of the Mists from a Veil of Dark Gathering (Samhain) fire in Glastonbury (Avalon) in 2001. The flame has been held by Phiona and the Sisters of the Mists in their homes ever since. Transferring the flame lovingly and carefully from one candle to the next. As Bearers of the Flame they are able to pass the energy on to those who request to hold the essence within their own spaces.


Every year at the Gathering of the Veils, a new candle is taken to the sacred wells, where Phiona cleanses the candle in the running waters of the Tor, charging and empowering it with the energy of Avalon, the Lady and of the Hunter.


The candle is anointed with oils, dressed with flowers and herbs and held within the flame of the Veil fire. Where it transforms from being just a candle and births itself as the Mother candle for the Flame of the Mists.Once it has been charged the flame is passed from the old Mother candle to the new Mother candle and it becomes the candle that holds the Flame of the Mists for the coming year. The old Mother candle is released into the fire of the Veil and feeds the fire of the Gathering.


This illumination is the Light of the Mists, It will help guide and call its Sisters and Brothers home. Through the darkness and when the path becomes lost. It will have a voice that whispers to those who wish to hear. It will guide the Seekers who are lost to the shores of Avalon. For those already within the mists it will bring strength to their journey, and of the Priestesses and Huntsmen it will bring light to Avalon and the old ways as she rises once more.


The Flame awakens the sacred energy of the Sisters of the Mists, bringing us home to the Lady and to the sacred lands of the Elders, where we hold the wisdoms and truths of the Ancient Isle. Allow the flame to burn brightly at this time of awakening and quickening to illuminate the journey of the self and those who are looking for a way through the mists.


If you wish to be a holder of the flame, please use the contact form to request one. You will be sent a tea light that has been lit from the Mother Candle and holds the Flame of the Mists within it. It will be cleansed with waters from the sacred wells of The White Springs, Chalice Wells and St Nectans Glen before it is sent to you. It can take a full moon cycle to prepare it before it is sent out to you.


When you receive this candle you should light it and embrace the flame within your soul. You will use the tealight to light another candle of your choice that will become your Flame of Avalon candle. Each tealight sent is a direct descendant that is birthed from the Mother Flame.


You will become a holder of the Flame of the mists. Holding the light for Avalon as she rises into our reality once more. We light the Flame of the Mists candle on the darkest night of every month when the moon is of the dark. To bring Light to the darkest night as we find our way home.


There is no set rite, ritual or ceremony for the Flame of the Mists. You may wish to keep it continuously burning (in a safe container) or to light it just when you are in attendance. Once the flame has been ignited it also burns brightly within your heart and soul, as you connect with the Holders of the Flame and the Sisters of the Mists around the globe.


If you are unable to light your flame for whatever reason the Sisters will always be holding the flame. You only need to connect to the energy to be within the flames embrace.


To request your candle please use the contact form. Candles are gifted free of charge, however postage will need to be covered before being sent out.


Follow the Flame of the Mists on Facebook for updates, to connect monthly and to request your own candle.



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