Sisters of the mists Priestesshood of Avalon
Sisters of the mists  Priestesshood of Avalon


The Veil house


The veil house is the home of the Sisters of the mists in the UK. Where our connection to Avalon and her energy is at its strongest. Where we connect and work. Coming together to create enchantments and healing for each other and those who are in need. A beautiful space, that holds the energy of the ancient ways and path. Bringing together the energy of women and the power of the sisterhood as one energy and being.


When you stand within the veil house you are no longer alone. You are part of something bigger that protects and guides all you are. A sacred space of empowerment and just being. A place of connection and communication. A sanctuary for all who seek.


An open veil is held here on the 9th of every month from February through to October. Where women can gather together, from any path or tradition and just connect and talk openly about spirituality, women's health and all other topics. Just connecting with the essence of the female and the empowerment of being with other like minded souls. The open veil is free for those attending and brings the opportunity of being within a sacred space that is embraced in the heart of Avalon.





Julie creates the beautiful artwork within the Veil House and it is a very spiritual happening as she connects with Avalon through her work. Bringing the energy of the Lady, Great Mother, The hunter and Great Father to life and into being. Creating the space of the Sacred Isle into our our world through the mists and a place of where the Sisters can gather and be in the physical realm of Avalon while remaining within the realm of man. A true pocket of magic is found within her art work and many find it aids their journey and connection.






The Veil room


The Veil room is an extension of the veil house and is found in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Where open veil gatherings are also held on the 9th of every month, connecting Avalon and women of every path together.


A place of calm and unity and where the soul can be its true self without judgment. Encouraging the connection of the ancient ways and that dwells within every woman. The Veil room is opened by Maria Elshout, a third year white veil seeker and Sister of the mists.



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