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The Veil House Sanctuary is the home of the Sisters of the Mists in the UK, located near Portsmouth, Hampshire. Where our connection to Avalon and her energy is at its strongest. Where we connect and work, coming together to create Enchantments and Healing for each other and those who are in need. A beautiful space, that holds the energy of the ancient ways and path. Bringing together the energy of women and the power of the Sisterhood as one energy and being. Opening the Divine Essence of Source and the Feminine Divine Power of the Soul.


When you stand within the Veil House you are no longer alone. You are part of something bigger that protects and guides all you are. A sacred space of empowerment and just being. A place of connection and communication. A sanctuary for all who seek.


Where women can gather together, from any path or tradition and just connect and talk openly about spirituality, women's health and all other topics. Just connecting with the essence of the female and the empowerment of being with other like minded souls. Or just to be within the silence of the energy and space of the Temple of Avalon and the serene calming and tranquil energy it holds.


The Veil House open days are free for those attending and brings the opportunity of being within a sacred space that is embraced in the heart of Avalon. The Veil house will be open to all on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Between 10am - 2pm (it May be possible to arrange a private visit outside of the open hours on the Fourth Tuesday of the month in extenuating circumstances), The Veil House is open to the public during this time as a temple space and Sanctuary for women.

You are welcome to enter the space to sit in peace and just be with the energy. Although no working Gatherings will be held during this time, there will be Priestesses at hand to help hold the space and answer any questions. There is no entry fee although donations are welcome.

The Veil House is set in a home setting so please do be aware and respectful at all times. Access is limited and currently we are unable to cater for wheelchairs. There are no toilet facilities.

It maybe possible to collect herbs (from what is available seasonally that is surplus to requirements) from the Veil Garden and a nominal cost.


Veil House open dates  - 10am - 2pm (last admittance 1.30pm)


Currently closed due to Covid-19.

Due to reopen in 2021

or more information please message directly using the contact page to register your interest and for location details





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