Sisterhood Open Circle


The Sisterhood open circle is a gathering space for those seeking an alternate path to the customary spiritual paths and connections. It is a space that is held by the Sisterhood and those who are held within it through a free online monthly open circle. With the intent of bringing together like minded souls that are outside of the Sisterhood to discuss and share spiritual and magical journeys and our own experiences.


We also have a private facebook group that you can join to stay upto date with the next open circles and have access to past circle recordings. Along with asking questions, sharing your thoughts and getting to know the Sisterhood a lilttle deeper.


Our online Circles are held on Zoom and all you need to do to be added is complete the form here and you will be emailed the Zoom details to join.


Our next Online Circles are scheduled as follows::


Thursday 9th June 7pm BST

Thursday 7th July 3pm BST

Thursday 11th August 7pm BST


During the circle we will be sharing our healing and wisdoms, led by the Sisters and at times guest speakers. We will also be exploring many different subjects, questions and topics:


  • The meaning of the Great Mother on a personal and global understanding
  • How the path of the Sisterhood differs from most others.
  • What is the Sisterhood?
  • What is a Priestess?
  • What is a Seeker?
  • What is Avalon?
  • What are the Mists?
  • Who is the Lady?
  • Who to live within a cycle
  • Avalon at the heart of all magic
  • Living in Service
  • Breathwork
  • Magic
  • Healing
  • The Cycles
  • The Seasons
  • A pathway of self work and reflection
  • A sense of belonging
  • How to connect
  • The whispers of Avalon
  • The Workings of the Priestess
  • Living a dedicated pathway
  • A path of self work and healing at the fore
  • How to connect to the Sisterhood
  • Training of the Priestess
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Connecting to Source
  • How to hold space
  • What does holding space mean?



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