Divine Healing sessions with Phiona


Phiona is a Divine Healer, drawing on the energy of source. Her innate ability to be able to connect to the soul: sensing, seeing and hearing it, enables her to bring a deep sense of healing to the physical form. Its an ancient form of healing that is not as widley practiced today. It is held in the DNA of the Priestess and those who have lived 'In Service' for many lifetimes past.


Born on All Hallows it is no wonder that Phiona holds the innate gifts of Soul Whisperer, Interpreter and Guide. With a knowing that comes from a first meeting, Phiona sees beyond the physical and into the very depths of the soul. Able to listen and channel back to the person in front of her all the soul asks and needs. She is able to speak the language of the soul and converses with it openly enabling the person to open up and often holds an emotional release for them as they feel seen for the first time.


Her guidance is uncannily accurate that has most asking ”just how do you know?” Of that she can’t answer, she just knows! Coupled with her gift of Claircognizance, everything is revealed before her. Claircognizance is the gift of clear Knowing. The knowledge and wisdom comes from a source directly tapped into the Divine, The Great Mother and the Akashic records.


She has a wonderful way of putting all she connects to into a language that the one sitting before her will understand and connect to. Putting people at ease and opening the channels for a deep connection soul to soul. People decide to have a sitting for a great many reasons. Phiona only needs to sit and connect with you and your energy for a deep connection of the soul and all it holds and needs. Most often as soon as your appointment is booked she is already connecting with your energy and receiving information on how to help and guide you forward. 

Phiona works with Divine Scents and blends a unique essence to be utilised during and after your session, for your healing journey and to aid and support the emotional, physical and spiritual release to enable healing and transformation. (The use of oils is only available for sessions that are in person, although essences can be ordered that are specifically and uniquely blended for the soul after initial consultation via video/phone connection, and ordered prior to a healing sitting)

During your session, which lasts approximately an hour. Phiona talks directly to the soul. She vocalises and interprets its needs to enable a release of all that blocks and holds the self back. Opening up the pathway for forward movement and a balanced journey.

Phiona is a Soul Keeper, an ancient path of the Guardians of Souls. Protecting and healing the soul in its entirety and reading at a deep level. It’s not a gift that is widely known of in our modern world, but those who have held session with Phiona understand its deep meaning and how it helps them with their life and energy. It combines intuitive counselling, the gift of the Seer and Oracle wisdom and the ability of psychic awareness. Combined with her Divine Healing gift, makes for a truly unique and extraordinary healing session.


In 2004 Phiona studied and qualified in Western therapy techniques to further her gift and combine them together to offer you all the tools you need to transform your life.


Sometimes one session is all that is required with this deep level of healing. Other times more is required to aid healing of a deep seated issue, working at your own pace and requirement. Divine Healing can be successfully achieved by remote connection via video or phone link or in consultation by person. Phiona has a limited number of appointments available each week and is often booked 6-8 weeks in advance.

Payment is required at the time of booking to secure your appointment. One sitting is £40 and payable by PayPal.


An Oil Essence consultation is £40 plus the cost of the oils and postage if applicable, that are blended specifically for you healing, an Oil Essence consultation can only be reserved once payment has been received for your sitting.

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**Before making a booking. Please ensure you have read and understood the Disclaimer**



Booking and payment


Healing and readings are available by appointment only.

In person, phone and facebook video messenger 

(readings are not available by email)


Bookings can be made directly here


Before any reading can take place you must ensure that you have read and agreed to the Disclaimer. I am obliged by UK law to provide the disclaimer for your awareness.


Payment by Paypal at the time of booking


Concessions are possible for those in genuine financial hardship or in receipt of benefits

(Proof of benefit may be required)


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Divine Healing Session
40.00 GBP

Payment for Divine Healing Session either in person or via video link. Please ensure that your chosen date has been confirmed before making payment.

      Divine Healing sittings with Phiona

available worldwide via video link


Sitting appointment availability:

(all times are GMT)

Tuesday 2pm

Wednesday 7pm

Thursday 2pm


Full payment is required at the time of booking to confirm the appointment


*Appointments may be transferred by the client up to one week prior to the sitting date and time, at no further cost.

Appointments cancelled within 48 hours to the appointment time and date are not transferable or refundable.*



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