House Blessings


 A house is more than a home. It’s a historical land point that not only holds all the energy of all who have dwelled within it over many years. It holds the energy of its build, where the materials were sourced from and also the history and energy of the land it is built upon.


A house blessing takes all of this into consideration and works deeply with the energy that has seeped into its bones and occupants.


A blessing takes nine weeks to conduct, through three Moon cycles of Dark to Full to Dark. It includes a deep cleansing of the lands and healing its energy before moving into the building spaces. Once the lands are blessed the house becomes the focal point moving from room to room and then to those who dwell there.


A blessing includes a land and a house history report where information is accessible. You will need to know the date your house was built and when you first occupied it. The blessing includes the creation of bespoke amulets, charms and enchantment bottles, buried and placed around the property and a full blessing.


Currently only available in the UK


The cost of this healing work is £300 which can be paid in instalments by agreement prior to the work commencing.


Travel and accomodation expenses maybe additional if required.



House Blessings booking
300.00 GBP

Booking for House Blessing by arrangement

      Divine Healing sittings with Phiona

available worldwide via video link


Sitting appointment availability:

(all times are GMT)

Tuesday 2pm

Wednesday 7pm

Thursday 2pm


Full payment is required at the time of booking to confirm the appointment


*Appointments may be transferred by the client up to one week prior to the sitting date and time, at no further cost.

Appointments cancelled within 48 hours to the appointment time and date are not transferable or refundable.*



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