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Sacred sister gatherings brings together women of all paths, faiths, experience and culture to sit in sacred circle and honour the movement of the seasonal cycles. 

Gathered within the nature spaces of Hampshire in the UK, embracing the ancestral connections of the Wise Woman who walked the shorelines of the Sacred Isle before. 

 Awakening as a reminder of the connective aspect the woman holds in sisterhood circle when  connected to one another in support and union. 


The Sacred Sister Gatherings brings together the traditions of the seasonal transitions as the cycle moves throughout the year and the connection of womanhood within her communion as a sisterhood in sacred space. Harnessing the magic, folklore, traditions and power of all we are when connected to the land and gathered round fire in chant and song, feast and merriment, meditation and dance. 


Gifting connection to the land spaces, the matriarchal lineage, the embodiment of the Feminine power and the magic of the soul. Returning home as Sage and Seer, and the woman of knowledge and healing lore. Sacred Sister Gatherings are held at each seasons turn of the cyclical year and are a beautiful way of celebrating each movement through the seasons, the time of womanhood and her pathway. Its such a beautiful embodiment and connection of coming together of women, for women, with women and I truly look forward to sharing space with you throughout the dancing spiral season of celebration and connection. 


Sacred Sister Gatherings


Sacred Sister - December – Winter Solstice / Yule Gathering


A beautiful and wonderful connection of the sacred shift of the season, embodying the cycles darkness and the expanse of womanhood. Stood together in hallowed space of Divine Feminine embodiment as our ancestors stood before. Connecting to the Sisterhood of the female in self discovery and guided journeying held in sacred space, to ensure your deepest of connection. Honouring the shift in the land and the return of the light, to awaken and inspire all we are as magical and spiritual beings.


A candle will be gifted to you upon arrival to work with during the gathering, to being the light back into the darkness of life, to illuminate and guide the soul into the vibrancy of its being. To gently awaken all you are and the hope you hold for the coming turn of the cycle ahead.


Combining breathwork and sound, transmuting the opening of deep transmutation of the portal between the realm of reality and that of Divine Essence. Continuing with a Sacred Sister group healing, with oracle and seer wisdom for each in attendance.


With a Sacred gift of the season that is empowered just for you to take away and enchant your spaces and hold the connection of the Sister spaces

Hand in hand, heart to heart and breath to breath around the consecrated fire to harbour the essence of the Yuletide union of Source.


Creating releasing chant with handwritten note upon fabrics filled with plant to offer healing to the pathway, the self, the land and to those in need. To stand with each other in unified motion of Sister song and movement.

Inner Sanctum of the Priestess invites you to enter the Sanctum of the ancient embodiment of She, within Sacred circle of sister and woman alike. Taking the modern day female back to her source of being, empowered and awakened in form and power, in celebration of the power of Yule.


Opening and closing in Sacred Ceremony to acknowledge the wonder of women who gather from all walks of life, paths, culture and location. In the bonding of essence in the historical connection of Woman and Sisterhood.


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Details of 2022 events will be available in January


February – Veil of Awakening / Imbolc 

March – Spring Equinox / Ostara

 May – Veil of Seed - Beltane

June – Summer Solstice / Litha

 August – Veil of Harvest – Lughnasaghd

September – Autumn Equinox / Mabon

October – All Hallow's / Samhain

December - Winter Solstice / Yule



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