Sacred Workings


Sacred Workings brings together the ceremony and blessings that the Priestess works in service to her path of ancient magic and rite. Bringing together the traditions, and practices followed by the pathwalkers of past incarnations and honouring them within a modern world. Holding space for those who also wish to observe the ancestral celebrations to mark passage and festivities to sacred unions, life holdings and blessings. Celebrating birth, marriage, death, union, separation, Home Blessings and many other markers of life.



Enchantment / Spell bottles


An Enchantment can be worked anytime  during the time of need. They can be worked for any need, petition and requirement.


"Within vintage vessel, unearthed from beneath the soil, the magic doth begin. For there it laid dormant and waiting from the life it served before. Through season and year, family and kin.
Into the hands of the Priestess it fell, blessed, preserved and charged. To awaken the energy of its form and life and for the Enchantment to begin.
With twist of smoke and incense lit, the vessel bursts into life. Of breath it takes and shape it holds for the energy to underpin. Charged with reason, petition and intent. Filled with herb, hair and bone. Laced with oils, resin and wax. Feather, nail and stone. Chant of old fills the space, with deep resonating sound. Then candle lit and placed within for the enchantment spell to begin.
The petition of right is worked upon any day, noon or night. But ever so more powerful upon Dark or Full Moon Night. As seasons turn and cycles muster the workings magic is done."


Enchantment and Spell bottles are custom created for your order. No two are alike.

Utilising reclaimed vintage bottles, mainly Victorian in age up to circa 1920, it is cleansed, blessed and charged for your intention.

Bottles vary in size and colour depending on the requirement.

During either the Full or Dark moon it is enchanted into life with the addition of herbs and crystals. Also at this time personal items can be added if sent prior.

The bottle comes to life, imbued with power and enchanting energy for your needs. It sits for one full moon cycle to infuse the energy into its sacred vessel.


Once ready it is blessed and carefully wrapped to be sent upon its way for your utilisation to bring the energy into your spaces.


Most Enchantments work with candles, herbs and oils. Enchantments can be individualised and created for any need and requirement. It is usual for an Enchantment to be booked ahead of time to ensure all the aspects are gathered, that said they can be worked in an emergency if the need desires it.


Types of Enchantments are endless, If you don’t see one that you are looking for it can be designed specifically for your individual needs.


No Enchantment will be worked against another. All Enchantments are for the individuals petitioning them and for their own use.


Release of negative patterns Enchantment

This is a personal enchantment to help aid in the breaking of patterns and addictive behaviours.


Hex or curse breaking Enchantment

One of the most powerful enchantments and takes over three moons to work fully. This will involve personal items of the petitioner and close working with phiona. This enchantment takes time to build and hold before it is released.


Relationship Enchantment

An Enchantment to view the relationship in its truth, to help heal, hold, unify, release or reconnect.


Manifestation Enchantment

A powerful enchantment to manifest all you desire onto your life path and journey. Love of the self, prosperity, health, abundance, security, happiness, friendships, relationships among many others aspects.


Personalised Enchantment

For your specific and detailed needs to ensure the flow of energy is imbued fully and completely by your being. A personalised Enchantment can include items of you hair, nails, clothes, pictures and anything personal to ensure the outcome of your petition


Protection Enchantment

Sometimes we all need a little extra protection and an enchantment is one of the best ways of creating that extra boost. A Protection Enchantment utilises stones, ribbons, charms, herbs, oils, jars and candles and is sent out to you to continue its working with guidance from Phiona


Psychic Protection Enchantment

Psychic attack is no mere thing, especially when you are a heightened sentient being, aware of energy, subtle changes, feelings and emotions. A psychic Protection Enchantment is in the form of an amulet designed to be carried, worn or buried and utilises Mother Nature in her finest of protective aspects. Once completed it is sent out to you for continued working.


Attachment cutting Enchantment

We can harbour enchantments that we find hard to release, or others are bonded to us, either through this life time of from past ones. This Enchantment releases the cords of bonds and binding placed upon the being and soul and allows the being to journey as an individual once more.


Healing Enchantment

Sometimes we feel broken and without focus, we struggle to engage in life and just feel out of sync. Its here that a healing Enchantment can help bring you back into alignment on the physical, mental and soul aspect and bring all three bodies back to their optimum energy.


General Enchantment

Sometimes its hard to know what you need, just that you need something. A general Enchantment brings clarity and movement to your pathway and offers the insight that you have been seeking. Opening the wisdom and guidance of Source to enable growth, and peace of being.


This is not for children. Keep away from animals and children alike.


An Enchantment Sitting lasts an hour of connection between Seeker and Priestess. It is then worked continually for the next moon month cycle.


Book your Sitting directly with Phiona £90 payable at the time of booking

(Postage within the UK is free, postage will need to be covered for all international postage)




Sacred Blessings


A Sacred Blessing is a bespoke blessing for all aspects of life.

Written and crafted for the need of petition for the sitter. Blessings can be utilised for Name Blessings, Ring Blessings, Renewal of vows, Luck, Travel, Love, Protection, Wedding, Betrothal, Coming of age, Removal of curses, among many others of need and requirements.


Once the request for the Blessings is set into motion, Phiona works with her gift of scribe to the Divine Essence, channelling the unique words and wisdom for the Seeker. Once complete with the words woven and embedded into script and scroll. The Blessings take place, often within the surroundings of nature under moon aspect to enchant the blessings as it is released upon the Sitter and bestowing the magic of the ancient form within a modern world


Fees vary for Sacred Blessings dependent on Blessings type and if they will be carried out by Phiona, and if travel and accomodation will be required. 


A 50% deposit of the agreed fee is required at the time of booking with the remainder payable one month prior to the blessings being delivered. or carried out.



Homestead Blessing


A house is more than a home. It’s a historical land point that not only holds all the energy of all who have dwelled within it over many years. It holds the energy of its build, where the materials were sourced from and also the history and energy of the land it is built upon.


A house blessing takes all of this into consideration and works deeply with the energy that has seeped into its bones and occupants. A blessing takes nine weeks to conduct, in nine hours of working time, through three Moon cycles of Dark to Full to Dark.


It includes a deep cleansing of the lands and healing its energy before moving into the building spaces. Once the lands are blessed the house becomes the focal point moving from room to room and then to those who dwell there. A blessing includes a land and a house history report where information is accessible.It is helpful to know the date your house was built and when you first occupied it.


The blessing includes the creation of bespoke amulets, charms and enchantment bottles, buried and placed around the property and a full blessing.


Currently only available in the UK


The cost of this healing work is £400 which can be paid in instalments by agreement prior to the work commencing. Travel and accommodation expenses maybe additional if required.



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