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Phiona has the indisputable ability to not only put a person at their ease but quite wonderfully and surprisingly is able to read my mood in an instant and so knows just how to heal in an amazingly supportive way. The healing that I have been lucky to share in has included focused reiki that very quickly quiets the anxiety and fretfulness that is a 24 hour part of me; shamanic drumming that leaves me connected, balanced and energised and that special way she has of talking and more importantly listening. Phiona has been able to make sense of a very confused and painful mind in an honest, candid and frank way. The success she has had in calming my mind and freeing my spirit is astonishing. For more than thirty five years I have suffered feelings of rejection mistrustfulness, confusion and self loathing. In three short months Phiona has noticeably made great strides in helping me to overcome these negative thoughts. Not only do I feel better I appear better to others; and whilst I know that it has taken hard work on my part I know absolutely that the support offered unselfishly by Phiona in her expert use of holistic healing has been powerful and unwavering. I would recommend Phiona as a healer and quietener of rage with out hesitation. Any one lucky enough to experience her holistic healing and honesty can only come out of it a better and more balanced person. The journey we have taken together has been hard but at the same time uplifting and amazing. Thank you Phiona. I mean every word of it. Phiona is a very remarkable person, I only regret it took so long to have her as a part of my life but I temper that with her belief that things happen when they need to happen, thank you.” KP Havant



I had a wonderful healing session with Phiona, she used her drum to a stunning effect. Her resonance is so powerful it literally transported me to the place I needed to be at that time.

I am well versed in this technique and much travelled around the globe, but I must say that the healing I obtained from Phiona was both powerful, yet compassionate. The drumming was some of the best I have ever felt, Would I recommend her?

Without doubt, as a Shaman myself, it was an honour to receive this beautiful energetic drum healing from the open and kindly soul of Phiona Hutton

Steve S - Havant



I am by nature a happy person, but there was always a burden that I was carrying from way-back-when. Just when things were going well, the burden would weigh down on me and I’d stop and be cast down by it. I visited Phiona to talk about why I couldn’t move on, and in only one session she was able to pinpoint my problem – which in retrospect seems so blindingly obvious! Perhaps more importantly she was able to help me understand how I could develop techniques for myself, so that the burden gradually became lighter and lighter – and has now gone completely. There are no words to express my gratitude – but I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for non-judgemental, honest, empathetic help. It is not an easy journey – but it is so very worthwhile. CE - Havant



Phiona has been my saviour over the past three or four years to say the least! I first went to see her for osteo-arthritis pain in a knee which I'd damaged in my teens. She helped immensely, giving me a bit more time before the inevitable....a knee replacement operation....but whilst receiving Reiki, by Phiona for this, I discovered the "real me" which had been suppressed most of my life. Phiona helped me understand a lot of things I had thought about myself but didn't know how to unlock them. This was the beginning of an incredible journey for me. Not long after my operation my 22 year old son died very tragically. Needing help and support I instinctively called Phiona and she immediately took charge of my healing.....even over the phone.... as I was in no state to go anywhere for a while. As soon as I was able I went to Phiona for regular Reiki to help me with my grief, get me through the very difficult times and to come to terms with my life as it is now. That was two and a half years ago and I still have healing to keep me balanced and in tune with my life, and I enjoy it too much to give it up! I have been on an amazing journey...not always easy but now I am at a much better place than I was a few years ago, and this journey continues with Phiona's help. If things go a bit wobbly, as they do for all of us, she is always there to help. Phiona has saved me from becoming emotionally wiped out, and she has become a very good friend who I know is always there for me, giving me the support I need. Thank you my lovely friend. With love Annie  from Emsworth



I have known Phiona now for six years and have yet to meet a more extraordinary individual. She is a working mum of three who juggles those numerous maternal commitments with a very unique work ethos, which combines holistic therapies; teaching and a plethora of other life-enhancing remedies.She has performed "Goddess" gatherings for up to five or six people at a time, whereby you could relax at your friend's house and indulge in some pampering massage, have a hopi ear candle therapy or even reflexology, to name just a few of the things she offers. Phiona is also very in tune with crystal therapy. If you haven't been initiated yet then do it now. I can personally recommend all of the therapies including having a full body massage - absolute bliss. All your worries just melt away.

Phiona's unwavering  philosophy on life and inextricably close bond to mother earth inform every part of her daily ritual and she enriches us with it too. I have had tarot cards read for me by Phiona and subsequently also did a course with her to learn more about the Tarot a course as much about inner knowledge as foretelling, which was completely absorbing and extremely informative. She is a wonderfully patient teacher who intuitively coaxes you to identify those problems, work through those issues and come to the right conclusion and solution. Well worth it. Most of all I admire Phiona’s fantastic ability with herbs to help ailments and tinctures for preventative medicine. Honestly, the medicine cabinet in her house is a work of art in itself. Lastly but definitely not least I think that Phiona has a lovely inner wisdom which should be bottled up and sold, because towards the oncoming full moon she manages to make sense of all the problems and doubts which occur at that particular time of the month and season. If we listened and watched what was really going around us, then maybe we would follow the natural rhythm and balance that Phiona seems to have effortlessly acquired and our paths might be so much easier to follow. Currently I believe Phiona is working with a local primary school teaching the pupils during their 'health week' how to focus on meditation and inner strength , a testimony to her teaching skills if ever there was one. I cannot recommend her enough, everyone should have their own Phiona. Suzie .....



Q: What can I say about Phiona?

A: If only you were pocket-sized...

She utterly amazed me when I first met her nearly five years ago and still amazes me now. She is the most powerful, kindest, compassionate, honest person I have been privileged to meet along this path so far.

Phiona has helped me to define my own path and face the obstacles that it has put in front of me and to become the person that I was put here to be -” myself”. There has been some horribly tough times - as there is for everyone, but Phiona has taught me to learn from these experiences and turn the outcomes into something positive and she has done this without passing comment or judgement on anything she has seen or heard and STILL being my friend at the end of it. I would recommend her to ANYONE facing problems of any kind, her wisdom, light and love make the journey easier. For this and everything else Phiona...Thankyou. Stella.Xx



Phiona is a wonderful person with rare and special gifts and she has the ability to share them with others. She is a deeply intuitive and spiritual person and from the moment she opens the door you enter a different world, you enter a haven of warmth, peace and tranquillity

Like a lot of people I came to her at a very low point in my life, but through her healing and wisdom I have come to find an inner peace and to look at life through different eyes. She has helped me to transform my life from within. When I came to her I also found a door to a new world and also a very special friend. Love Julie xxx  .....Horndean



Sometimes we have to visit the past in order to move into the future.. I have only been going to Phiona for about 6 months. I originally went for sessions to get help finding self love and confidence in myself, what I didn't expect was to find that I had many layers to peel off. Phiona amazed me (and still does!), not only at how she understood and could relate to me but by how she read me like a book. In my first session, Phiona had picked up on a pastlife that was being carried around with me in this life, it explained a lot of things to me and answered many how and why questions I had been asking myself over the years. Following this, I started my journey and started to notice the changes already happening. New Years eve was a very big hurdle for me and on my session with Phiona, she helped to heal and release the negative energy that was lingering and already my path was paved for 2009. I am amazed now, on reflection at how far I have come in six months, although there is still an endless path to carve, I wouldn't recognise myself as I was. Although, sometimes there are some layers easier than others, but, I have learnt that sometimes we have to look at the negative faults to find- and truly appreciate the positive traits that are in us. It is also amazing to know that if you slip or hit a wall there is always an angel to pick you up and guide you along your way. Phi- there are no words describe how supercalifragilisticakesbealidocious you are! (well maybe one) Bright Blessings and faery dust Much love K R from Stubbington



I have known Phiona for several years now and would not hesitate in recommending her  many ways of Healing. She is the most inspirational and intuitive person that I know and through this gift can reach even the most lost soul. Through my journey Phiona has supported and encouraged me constantly, quite simply she is my Guide-my Teacher –and my Friend. Julie  Fareham Hants




Phiona has a unique gift where she offers Positive Life Guidance, when you feel unsure or confused about a situation.

She shows great compassion, understanding and empathy and works intuitively to help you through your issues. Phiona has helped me many times to work through feelings when I've felt stuck, and helped me to move forward and she has also helped me to make some big life changing decisions.I would highly recommend Phiona if you seek direction, clarity and healing of your life situation. She's worth it. MC.Stubbington 



Dear Phiona

I just wanted you to know that I am glad you picked up on my desperation and sadness and you helped me climb out of the last pit of desolation I was going to allow myself to fall into.

I have just woken up from a normal relaxing nights sleep with no nightmares and no battles, I am at the bridge of decision and I am walking over it with NO fear. Your words, dear and loving friend inspired me to climb out and up and begin to walk that final mile, you are a beacon of light and now I too feel that I can finally shine to all, without fear. I understand that above everything else I don't need to have people throwing me tip bits and crumbs, for I understand now that I can shape, effect and weave my own wonderful future, where I can enjoy life and get the most out of it, because when you helped me out of that final hole, I left my fear and insecurity in there and kicked the Earth back over it. I am moving on , in confidence and joy. Now its time for me to be the REAL me and give to this world my gift of expression and love and work to the best of my abilities and without the load I have carried for so long, fear. Phiona, you are without doubt a true friend indeed and I love you for it. Much love S.S Emsworth



The Sitting clarified things which are already happening in my life and made me realise that sometimes it is necessary to let go of the past and past problems, to move on in life and grow as a individual. This helped me realise that I need to stand up for myself and that I am capable of this without relying on other people. Phiona was sympathetic and sensitive - also perceptive, and excellent with guidance for issues in my life which were worrying me. Phiona very much made me feel at ease and that she did tarot readings because of her love for this, rather than being just a job. S.B   Portsmouth


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