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Phiona is a Divine Healer, drawing on the energy of source. Her innate ability to be able to connect to the soul: sensing, seeing and hearing it, enables her to bring a deep sense of healing to the physical form. Its an ancient form of healing that is not as widley practiced today. It is held in the DNA of the Priestess and those who have lived 'In Service' for many lifetimes past.


Born on All Hallows it is no wonder that Phiona holds the innate gifts of Soul Whisperer, Interpreter and Guide. With a knowing that comes from a first meeting, Phiona sees beyond the physical and into the very depths of the soul. Able to listen and channel back to the person in front of her all the soul asks and needs. She is able to speak the language of the soul and converses with it openly enabling the person to open up and often holds an emotional release for them as they feel seen for the first time.


Her guidance is uncannily accurate that has most asking ”just how do you know?” Of that she can’t answer, she just knows! Coupled with her gift of Claircognizance, everything is revealed before her. Claircognizance is the gift of clear Knowing. The knowledge and wisdom comes from a source directly tapped into the Divine, The Great Mother and the Akashic records.


She has a wonderful way of putting all she connects to into a language that the one sitting before her will understand and connect to. Putting people at ease and opening the channels for a deep connection soul to soul. People decide to have a sitting for a great many reasons. Phiona only needs to sit and connect with you and your energy for a deep connection of the soul and all it holds and needs. Most often as soon as your appointment is booked she is already connecting with your energy and receiving information on how to help and guide you forward. 

Phiona works with Divine Scents and blends a unique essence to be utilised during and after your session, for your healing journey and to aid and support the emotional, physical and spiritual release to enable healing and transformation. (The use of oils is only available for sessions that are in person, although essences can be ordered that are specifically and uniquely blended for the soul after initial consultation via video/phone connection, and ordered prior to a healing sitting)

During your session Phiona communes directly to the soul. She vocalises and interprets its needs to enable a release of all that blocks and holds the self back. Opening up the pathway for forward movement and a balanced journey.

Phiona is a Soul Keeper, an ancient path of the Guardians of Souls. Protecting and healing the soul in its entirety and reading at a deep level. It’s not a gift that is widely known of in our modern world, but those who have held session with Phiona understand its deep meaning and how it helps them with their life and energy. It combines intuitive counselling, the gift of the Seer and Oracle wisdom and the ability of psychic awareness. Combined with her Divine Healing gift, makes for a truly unique and extraordinary healing session.


In 2004 Phiona studied and qualified in Western therapy techniques to further her gift and combine them together to offer you all the tools you need to transform your life.


Sometimes one session is all that is required with this deep level of healing. Other times more is required to aid healing of a deep seated issue, working at your own pace and requirement. Divine Healing can be successfully achieved by remote connection via video or phone link or in consultation by person. Phiona has a limited number of appointments available each week and is often booked 6-8 weeks in advance.


Living her life in Service to the Great Mother as her Priestess she offers her work outwards by means of Divine Healing sessions, Blessings and Rites.


Payment is required at the time of booking to secure your appointment. 



***If the day and time is not available please do message directly as other dates  and times may become available ***



Sitting options available:



 Soul Sitting


A soul sitting is the Divine connection to the souls story of existence of being. Of all it has travelled and lived through, the life times and energy held. How it may have become lost and confused and the predominant form it holds that is wanting to be aligned to bring deep adjustments and transition to the current journey. It is not the same as a past life regression. You are not taken back to relive a life energy. Phiona reads the soul and brings to the fore the important aspects that need to be highlighted, healed and supported for the soul to transition forwards, empowered, aligned and healed. In turn supporting the physical form into completing its destiny and life experiences in the now and future aspect.


A Soul Sitting lasts approximately 1 hour


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Healing Sitting 


A Healing Sitting is a journey inwards to look and identify the blocks and obstacles that prevent the being from living its energy in fullness. Often through circumstance, situations, relationships, past trauma, learned patterns of behaviour, fears, anxieties and misalignment of being. A healing brings to the fore the most important aspect to be healed to bring movement and flow back into the aura of energy of being. Held within deep Sanctuary of the healing space and harnessing, sound, scent and colour to enhance the essence of energetic vibrational energy. Sometimes it not about finding the answer but simply being held in sacred space whilst the answer finds its breath to free itself from the confusion to bring clarity. Phiona sees the truth and delivers it in an understanding that the mind can embrace and work through to shift the energy and bring balance back to the physical form.


A Healing Sitting lasts approximately 1 hour

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Aura Identification, Healing and Working


An Aura Identification, Healing and Working Sitting supports the healing journey in its understanding of the energy around it in the form of frequency and colour.

Phiona has seen aura her whole life upon this earth and imbues this gift to enhance the healing of the being sitting with her.

Identifying the predominant colour within the auric field and its meaning to the personal journey of the being. Along with connecting the soul to the vibrational energy of the physical aspect to enhance its power and energy. During the sitting the primary aura is read and worked and the weaker layer and colour is enhanced, healed and balanced. It is an ancient working of the Priestess healer to work in this energy field to bring about health benefits and equilibrium of the higher aspect of the soul and the denser vibration of the human form. Healing and aligning both to work in unified motion for a greater purpose and growth.


An Aura Identification, Healing and working Sitting lasts approximately 1 hour

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Combined Soul and Healing Sitting 


A combined Soul and Healing Sitting gifts the Seeker the opportunity of bringing to the surface the aspect of the Soul that is calling and whispering to hold significant and transitional identification and enhance the healing during the sitting. Offering the sacred space to hold sanctuary of the soul as it heals in full aspect to still the mind, soothe the soul and align the being. A place to practice breathwork and mindfulness into conjunct embodiment of the modern world from the ancient form. The longer Sitting enables a deeper connection of form and raising of the vibrational energy to a higher ambience to awaken the locked in frequency to tune to the one of the life lived within the now. Harnessing aspects from both a Soul and Healing Sitting into one for a deeper healing session and enlightenment.


A Combined Soul and Healing Sitting lasts approximately 90 minutes


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 Enchantment Sitting 


An Enchantment Sitting enhances the energy within the Sitting Space by harnessing either the Full Moon, Dark Moon or Seasonal Festival essence. 


Once booked Phiona with work with you upon your need of enchantments. She will gather all that is required for your sitting and send you identical component ingredients for you to work simultaneously during your connection. All items that are sent are included in the Enchantment Sitting fee and postage within the UK is free (postage outside of the UK will need to be secured before sending) 



A Full Moon sitting brings a powerful force of energy into your life path. Energising and amplifying the souls journey and the physical form. Clearing the way of blockages and bringing balance into alignment. The sitting will offer inspiration and insights to apply to your own life path, charging the energy to full power. 

This sitting can be personalised deeper with a unique enchantment that is worked during your sitting, drawing upon the Priestesses empowerment specifically for the need during the connection.


***Only two Full Moon Sittings are available for each Full Moon throughout the year. They can be pre booked months in advance to secure your space***


A Blue Moon Sitting is the rare occurrence of two Full Moons within the same calendar month and happens approximately every two and half years. Opening Divine portals upon the earth spaces to empower and heighten the energy of being and form. Empowering the moons transition within the cycle and heightening its full power of enchantment and magic. Powerful manifestations occur at this time and magic is imbued across our life path and journey. A Blue Moon amplifies the moons power, illuminating the path ahead and completing the cycle of completion. Manifestation is at its most powerful at this time. Eternalising the souls journey and destiny.


***Only four Blue Moon Sittings are available at each Blue Moon event as they are so rare and significant. They can be pre booked months in advance to secure your space***



A Dark Moon sitting brings an illumination into the shadows of the journey and gently brings balance and nurture to the soul. Working with the powerful energy of the Dark Moon in guided connection to fully embrace the influence of the moons being upon our life path. Awakening new beginnings and opportunity to the journey inwards. This sitting can be personalised deeper with a unique enchantment that is worked during your sitting, drawing upon the Priestesses empowerment specifically for the need during the connection.


***Only two Dark Moon Sittings are available for each Dark Moon throughout the year. They can be pre booked months in advance to secure your space***


Black Moon Sitting is the rare occurrence of two Dark Moons within the same calendar month and happens approximately every two and half years. Opening Divine portals upon the earth spaces to empower and heighten the energy of being and form. Empowering the moons transition within the cycle and heightening its power of shadow work and healing magic. Working on Soul trauma, Inner Child connection and Inner work. Powerful manifestations occur at this time and magic is imbued across our life path and journey. A Black Moon amplifies the moons power, Harnessing the path ahead from the path of the journey already taken in powerful release, completing the cycle of completion. Release and renewal is at its most powerful at this time. Eternalising the souls journey and destiny.


***Only four Black Moon Sittings are available at each Black Moon event as they are so rare and significant. They can be pre booked months in advance to secure your space***



Festival Sitting  harnesses the seasonal shift of the cycle through the eight magical festivals of the ancient pathway and imbues the wisdom of the year and the Great Mother in her guise as Priestess. Embodying the energy of the specific time of year to awaken, empower, harvest, release or rest. Its an empowering Sitting that truly aligns the soul to its self, connects its power and magical form. Awakens the energy to perfect alignment of aspect and enchants the pathway walked. Drawing upon the seasonal essence to empower all you are seeking and journeying to fully align the pathway of being


***Only two Festival Sittings are available for each festival. They can be pre booked months in advance to secure your space***


February – Veil of Awakening – Imbolc

March – Spring Equinox - Ostara

May – Veil of Seed - Beltane

June – Summer Solstice – Litha

August – Veil of Harvest – Lughnasaghd

September – Autumn Equinox – Mabon

October – Veil of Dark – Samhain

December – Winter Solstice - Yule


A Enchantment Sitting lasts approximately 1 hour

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Soul and Enchantment sitting


A combined Soul and Enchantment Sitting creates the space to work alongside the soul journey and working Enchantments to empower its pathway. This Sitting can be held at anytime and is not specific to the Moons or Festivals of a month.

Encapsulating the ancient energy of the Priestess within her working space that she shares with the Sitter to imbue the soul with magical access of knowledge and wisdom, utilising the power of candle working, herbs, Infused Oils and Enchantment Bottles that are carefully prepared during the Sitting and sent onwards to the Sitter to harmonise their being and spaces. (Postage to the UK is free, to all other countries postage is payable.)


A Soul and Enchantment Sitting lasts approximately 90 minutes

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Healing and Enchantment sitting


Combining a Divine Healing Sitting to bring awareness to its energy and vibrational frequency, of all that is needed to empower its being within physical aspect. A deep Healing to bring about balance and alignment of the Soul within the human form and  bringing Crystaline adjustments to the temple space of the physical body of the soul as its shrine aspect. Calibrating the essence of the physical to the energy of awareness opening and shifting static blockages, completely adjusting the vibration of consciousness and  empowerment. Working with Enchantments to harness the most powerful of shifts from old energy to the one of the pathway to be taken in full embodiment. (Postage to the UK is free, to all other countries postage is payable.)


A Soul, Healing and Enchantment Sitting lasts approximately 2 hours.

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Family Lineage Healing Sitting


A Family Lineage Healing Sitting usually spans back by three generations either on the Matriarchal or Patriarchal side. It also works forwards by three generations from the point of the Sitter, even if the future generations have not earthed into consciousness at the time of the Sitting.


The Sitter is the anchor point and the Sitting will cover:

Mother / Grandmother / Great Grandmother or Daughter / Granddaughter or Great Granddaughter on the Matriarchal side.


On the Patriarchal side it will span to the Father / Grandfather and Great Grandfather or Son / Grandson or Great-grandson.


A Family Lineage Sitting can also cover a further three aspects of Sister / Bother. Aunt / Uncle and Cousins.


Looking closely at the echo of energy that is unique within the family line and the lessons that are carried over from one family member to the other. How to break the cycle of abuse, habitual addictions, reactive emotions, stored pain and memories. It is an emotive session that connects deeply to the soul, the soul family and soul clan and can often open wounds that have been suppressed for deep healing and release. Enabling clear future movement and the clear pathway for future generations. We without realisation hold the energy signature of the family line and also hold the key of clearing it and removing it fully from the path line to clear it completely.


A Family Lineage  Healing Sitting lasts apporximately 90 Minutes

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 Ancestral Healing and Connection Sitting


Ancestral Healing is a powerful connective Sitting that reveals and unveils the seat of the soul and its journey here in full embodiment of being. Connecting innately to the Soul clan and of when the consciousness first earthed into the earth spaces. Unifying the ancestral aspect of the soul in its first incarnation and connecting to the ancestors who birthed within the same time frame.

Taking the Sitter back upon a journey to the initiator of birthing and of the essence that is held deep within the soul core. Once this is identified, and often bringing explanations to feelings, emotions and ways of being, making sense of the character lead attributes of the human form. A deep overwhelming sense of peace is held and embodied. Initiating a wondrous healing and alignment, bringing together all the fragmented and misplaced being of the energy form of the soul into the here and now.


A Family Lineage Sitting Lasts approximately 90 minutes

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 Group Healing Sitting

(Maximum number of three people)


A group healing is a very powerful tool in transformative energy as each brings a signature of being into the sacred space that is created for the group to transition and heal from shared traumatic events, connective issues or similar emotional memory. Often for families or close friendship groups that have experienced the same event, situation or circumstance. This motivational healing truly offers the space to open the blocks that prevent group movement, bringing disharmony, miscommunications and misunderstanding to the energy. Here it is gently nurtured and delicately opened in shared and supported space that is connected directly to Source, finding voice from the seat of the soul and Divine Consciousness to heal the block of being and to connect to deep dialogue, healing rifts, relationships group connections.


A group healing Sitting lasts approximately 3 hours 

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 Blessings Sitting


A Blessing Sitting is a bespoke blessing for all aspects of life. Written and crafted for the need of petition for the sitter. Blessings can be utilised for Name Blessings, Ring Blessings, Renewal of vows, Luck, Travel, Love, Protection, Wedding, Betrothal, Coming of age, Removal of curses, among many others of need and requirements.

Once the request for the Blessings is set into motion, Phiona works with her gift of scribe to the Divine Essence, channelling the unique words and wisdom for the Seeker.

Once complete with the words woven and embedded into script and scroll, the Blessings take place, often within the surroundings of nature under moon aspect to enchant the blessings as it is released upon the Sitter and bestowing the magic of the ancient form within a modern world.


A Blessing Sitting lasts approximately 1 hour

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Bespoke Sitting uniquely tailored for your needs


A Bespoke Sitting is uniquely tailored for your needs, including the use of oils, resins, herbs, teas and incense that are hand blended to encompass ultimate healing embodiment of the Mind, Body and Soul. Working with many of the herbs that are organically grown in the Apothecary garden and infused in oils to act as a base for the Divine Essential Oil Blends and teas that are specific for the Sitter and physical being. Harnessing Breathwork, Sound Healing and Crystal Essences, Flower Essences and Hydrosols that are distilled within the Apothecary.

Utilising the energy within the 2 hour sitting and supplying items for use outside of the Sitting to continue the healing aspect and engaging equilibrium.


A Bespoke Sitting lasts aproximately 2 hours.
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 Private Veil House Sitting with Working


A Private Veil House Sitting with Working enables the Seeker to sit within the Sacred Temple spaced of the Veil house in private meditation and contemplation. Surrounded by the Apothecary garden for tranquil healing and peace. During the sitting you can sit in silent union of energy, drum, sing, chant, light candle for petition, cast enchantments and spellwork, hold incantations, make your own incense to burn and infuse the energy of the temple space or simply meditate. Along side a working with Phiona of either a deep healing, blessings or magical enchantment. This sitting gifts the sitter the opportunity of being immersed within the most beautiful of energy portals in the local area, that transports the energy of the ancestors and purest of magical essences into a physical place.


(A veil house Sitting is only available between late Spring and early Autumn and may be postponed in adverse weather due to the outside location)


A Private Veil House Sitting with Workings last approximately 1 hour

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House Blessing


A house is more than a home. It’s a historical land point that not only holds all the energy of all who have dwelled within it over many years. It holds the energy of its build, where the materials were sourced from and also the history and energy of the land it is built upon.


A house blessing takes all of this into consideration and works deeply with the energy that has seeped into its bones and occupants.


A blessing takes nine weeks to conduct, in nine hours of working time, through three Moon cycles of Dark to Full to Dark. It includes a deep cleansing of the lands and healing its energy before moving into the building spaces. Once the lands are blessed the house becomes the focal point moving from room to room and then to those who dwell there.


A blessing includes a land and a house history report where information is accessible. You will need to know the date your house was built and when you first occupied it. The blessing includes the creation of bespoke amulets, charms and enchantment bottles, buried and placed around the property and a full blessing.


Currently only available in the UK


The cost of this healing work is £400 which can be paid in instalments by agreement prior to the work commencing, with a 50% non refundable deposit to secure the blessing.


Travel and accomodation expenses maybe additional if required.


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**Before making a booking. Please ensure you have read and understood the Disclaimer**



Booking and payment


Private Sittings are available by appointment only.

Via video link and by phone (UK only)

(Sittings are not available by email)


Before any reading can take place you must ensure that you have read and agreed to the Disclaimer. I am obliged by UK law to provide the disclaimer for your awareness.


Payment is by Paypal at the time of booking


***If booking three sesions or more a 20% discount will apply at the time of payment of all three Sittings.***


Concessions are possible for those in genuine financial hardship or in receipt of benefits

(Proof of benefit may be required)





      Private Sittings with Phiona

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Full payment is required at the time of booking to confirm the appointment


*Appointments may be transferred by the client up to one week prior to the sitting date and time, at no further cost.

Appointments cancelled within 48 hours to the appointment time and date are not transferable or refundable.*



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