Priestess Training


The Priestess was the first Magic walker upon this beautiful earth and from her all magical paths began. It is a journey that came before all others and is simple in form and holding. Old Magic is simple magic and one that is held daily in her practice. The path of the Priestess is the most embodied pathway of being. It is living the cycles of nature in Service to the Great Mother and giver of all life. Empowering the physical form with the truth of the soul. Awakening the magic of an ancient pathway and Sisterhood, as a vessel of pure magic and being.


A Priestess lives in service to the pathway and all it holds until her death. In daily practice of being. She is her magic, she is her spiritual growth, she is the cycle of nature, she is the extension of Source and the mystery sought within so many other paths. There is no time out, time off, holiday or rest from being upon the Priestess path. It is all of her, all of she, her breath, her blood, her energy, her movement and her wholeness. It is an extension that becomes her and is unified within her human form, stepping out of the human and living a soul led life. It is not for the faint hearted, the dabbler, the have a go or the hobbyist. She cannot nor does not step out of it to become something or someone else when it suits. Her soul was created to hold this essence and to fulfil its needs she steps fully and continuously upon the path forever more.


She is in service to the Great Mother and Lady of the Sacred Isle. She is the awakened soul of another time, who has walked through the Mists to connect to the self  of that, which has been lost to her. Her core holds the beauty of all she is, her mind the knowledge of the ancient ways. Her soul the unwritten truths and beauty. Love is held within her passion for all she breathes. She is a weaver of energy and a harbourer of nature, she is aligned deeply to the cycle and nature of the Earth and is soul keep to its rhythm.


She is an empowered woman, awakened to all she holds, in tune with nature and her cycle. Her soul an eternal link to a path that has been lost to a modern world and society. She is the whisper of the Lady and the word of the Great mother.

The Priestess is strong within her feminine aspect, she is a strength within nature and wild within being. She is a teacher showing the way of another path that is connected directly to Source and channels the connection through her physical being. She is without hierarchy, she is equal to all around her, in balance of all she knows and is yet to learn.


She is an Oracle of Divination, and Enchantress of all magic, a holder of the mystery, a weaver of words. She is strength and a force that creates energy wherever she goes. A powerful healer. She wields nature as her companion and ally. She is the warrior and battles tirelessly, championing the innocent and weak.

The Priestess of the Sister of the Mists is devoted to her path. It is her life, her breath and her very being, She radiates the love of her connection in all she is and does, she listens without judgment and replies without ego. Her compassion and understanding a beacon for those around her. She touches the energy of all she comes into contact with, illuminating their path and life and offering the chance for transformation to those who seek it. She is in constant tune with the cycle of life and nature, honouring and celebrating it with all she does.


The Priestess path is a way of life and being, it is all we are and do. Everything we embrace in our life comes from the part of the Priestess as we let go of all we have been in past lives and years on our journey. We champion the protection of our most precious earth and her animal and feathered kingdoms, we are the bearer of the light, healer of souls, Woman of the Wise, Seer and Oracle of the Divine Source and holder of the Sacred truths that have been lost from mankind.


We honour the Great Mother and live within her Service within our workings, our servitude and life path. Our Enchantments and healing is unified by the Sisterhood and the bond we have with the Sisters of the Mists. It is one that is sacred and protected fiercely by the women of the ancient ways.

Our Sisterhood does not follow of other paths, their traditions or even their practices. Our path is completely unique. There are no Deities, our directions differ to that of more well worked paths, we do not dip into the path when it suits us, we are it seven days a week, twelve months of the year and year in and year out, only leaving it when we pass from this world.


The path is one that opens us up to our true self, with hours of study and self assessment. Letting go of what we have previously learned. It is not a path of enhancement or further study of previous qualifications or certificated courses.

The Priestess path is not one that can be fitted in around the life you already have, it is not squeezed in between the gaps that you have to make it whole. It becomes your way of life and beings and everything else balances around it. It is a path of complete commitment and focus.


The Teachings of the Priestess come directly from the Great Mother herself as channelled teachings. As the Divine Feminine is rising once more she is opening and awakening the paths of many. Offering to us her innermost secrets and mysteries, and enabling us our own empowerment and feminine power once more. The teachings take us slowly back, from where we hail as the Feminine Divine, they help us unpick the ways of the modern world and remember the forgotten energies that as women we hold deep within our core. Empowerment is the key, the cycle of nature the balance. We hold all of it within us we just need to remember.


There are many layers of the Priestess and it takes three years to embrace the Seeker and transition to the Priestess. This is the path of dedication and one not to be taken lightly. She will ask you to let go of all you already know and hold dear. She will ask you to look into the depths of your soul and release all that holds you aloft. She will ask you to dedicate yourself to her once more and to be within her service in all ways and at all times. She will teach you how to become and to be. Her word is strong and powerful but ever gentle.


Every year the Sisters of the Mists opens the Veil to invite 9 Seekers who wish to train to become a Priestess within the Sisterhood. Upon successful application Seekers are invited to apply to join the Veils and train alongside the Priestesses within the White Seeker Braid. The Sisters only take on a small number of Seekers, to ensure the quality of training and to build the Sisterhood from the core. The path of the Priestess is a standalone path, aside from other paths. It is not combined or a part of other paths or practices. It requires commitment and dedication and a life long journey.


Our teachings are shared by Distance learning which enables a worldwide connection. Through online video sharing, live teaching sessions, workshops, gatherings and self study. The journey of the Seeker to the Priestess takes three years, of self reflection, community connection and awakening the SHE within the self. Upon successful completion of each Braid the Seeker becomes the Priestess and enters the Priestesshood, where the path can be held as Priestess or continued with deepening training with further Veils.


Are you ready to embrace all you are and not who they tell you to be? To step fully into the Priestess and her pathway? To live a life in service to the magic, nature and wonder of the ancient energy of the Great Mother and all she holds? To be a part of an ancient Sisterhood and community? Only you know if you are ready and willing to step across the threshold of human life and being and into a magical world of knowing, seeing and being. 


Our Priestess Training: The White Veil ~ The seeker


The progress of the Seeker to the Priestess is a journey that is undertaken within the first three years of training.


Year one finds the seeker in the White Veil heralding the beginning of the journey to becoming the Priestess. The first glimpses of the Priestess and her mystery are revealed here opening the pathway of the journey through the Braids and awakening the soul to the whispers of the Great Mother, her directions and ways of a Sacred Isle that we long to return home to.


It is within this Veil that work on the self is undertaken and the connection of past lives and the current life is all connected to an understanding of the Avalonion and the time before as Priestess. The Priestess cannot become until she finds the balance within herself. Her magic is not centred until she embraces all she is and will be. It is in these three years of training that she learns all she is, unlearns years of social conditioning and embraces the power that lives within her very DNA.


The Seeker journeys through understanding the principles of all that is required as the underpinning foundation of becoming the priestess. During the third and final year of the White Veil, the Green Braid seeker readies to become the Priestess. It is only within the final teaching of the third year that the seeker becomes the Priestess.


White Braid (year one)

Brown Braid (year two)

Green Braid (year three)


Study is over eight separate teachings throughout the year, timed around the eight seasonal festivals of Avalon where the Seekers of the path come together within the White Veil and journey through teachings and gatherings, discovering the truth of the meaning of becoming a Sister of the Mists. Alongside monthly gatherings of the Moons and festivals, workshops to underpin the practical side of the teachings, tutorials and regular 1-1 connections.


Seekers are expected to complete all eight teachings plus the final online gathering, each year to complete the three years White Veil and becoming the Priestess of the Sisters of the Mists. The attainment of Priestess is only given after successful completion of all three years of the White Veil training, with the Sisters of the Mists. If having only completed part way of the three years training you will not be recognised a Priestess of Avalon, or able to dedicate to the path as Priestess with the Sisters of the Mists.


Training is by comprehensive Distance learning program, utilising online, video and live online training. With the addition of self reflection and study


You can request an application form here  to apply for the Priestess Training.



Shared insights from within the Sisterhood

  • The teachings are remarkably profound, powerful and unique and have awakened my true self.
  • The Sisterhood is a place where we can be ourselves with ease and without judgement
  • Having the teachings of Avalon’s sisterhood in my life has given me a connected sense of grounding that provides a clearer vision and knowing of how interdependent everything is.
  • I feel that being within the sisterhood has allowed me to come home. These teachings have shown me that who I truly know I am exceeds how society would have me be.
  • The sisterhood is everything I wanted it to be and so very much more. I am finally home.
  • We are a community of amazing women supporting each other on our path to find our true self and to find back our way to the shores of Avalon.
  • A gentle way of learning of a new path, with kind and wise guidance.
  • Sisters supporting each other and ourselves as with wonderful guidance we forge the true old path to Avalon.
  • A beautiful and empowering Sisterhood community following a path in service to the Great Mother.
  • Within our beautiful sisterhood, supported by the powerful guidance, we embrace the mystical journey deep into the soul, bringing us back to our true power, our gifts and union with the Great Mother and Avalon.
  • A beautiful mysterious path that I am walking in the company of kindred spirits.
  • A beautiful journey where you make new discoveries about yourself and re connect to Avalon. We walk the path with others sisters who support us and we support them always in service to the great mother and a connection to Avalon that we always knew but we are re connected too.
  • Within the Sisterhood I found a supportive network of unique individuals who embrace the teachings and natural cycle of the Great Mother. Within the mists lies the essence of potential, deep healing and magic. In an ever deepening connection to all that is; we hear louder the whisper and call to service that our Priestesses of Avalon dedicate too.
  • After spending a lifetime being told "you're not enough", the journey of the Priestess has taught me that I am more than enough - which has helped me heal and see the endless bounty of strength to face any person or challenge that tries to tell me "not enough" with the grace and certainty of the essence of Avalon.
  • This is a life changing path. It helped me to understand and transform into who I was always meant to be. It was Phiona's gentle guidance and knowledge of the Lady, and Avalon that made this possible. No other path has brought me to the understanding of myself, and the connection with the sisterhood, and with Avalon
  • The journey is one of deep insights, beauty and wisdom, as well as challenging us to follow our path to, and with, Avalon with all our soul.
  • I answered the call, and over the years I learned with the Sisters of the Mists to understand my otherness, and led myself to a greater self-awareness, to understand the forces within me and nature.
  • A path, a lifestyle, an eye opener. this path helped me find my true self, letting go of all the preconceived notions of who I should be, accepting myself, my place and finding my voice. thank you Phiona for your patience, for the teachings and walking at my side. and thank you to all the sisters who walk with me.
  • Just like a comfy blanket or your favourite shawl , familiarity in smell and all the senses and just feels right and secure. 
  • A path unlike any other. It will touch your very soul bringing an enrichment and empowerment into you.

  • A Sacred space within a modern society, re learning and awakening to all that has been hidden and forgotten. Re aligning the power within of the Divine aspect, holding the magic of an ancient path and the journey of a thousand souls, in this moment and time.

  • Avalon is alive and lives within me, within us all. Before it was more of a concept, an abstract idea. Mostly the teachings have been surprising to me, yet familiar. Not at all what I was expecting; something much better and deeper. Not standard, not ‘learn your goddesses 101’ The journey is one of personal discovery and it’s either undertaken or it isn’t. I think it’s hard to say what experience anyone will have, but if it was me answering I think I might have said to expect the unexpected.

  • I have been pondering my answer. Like My Sister I find the path one of personal discovery and more a remembering rather than a learning

  • My journey with the Sisterhood has deepened an understanding and appreciation for the world we live in. Significantly, I feel more grounded and conscious of the women I am on this journey of healing life experiences that effect us all past and present.

  • I am in agreement with my Sister in that each of our journeys is about personal discovery from the individual’s perspective.

  • The format of the Sisterhood teachings is different than many of the other spiritual concepts I have participated in.  It helps me to understand what my Sisters are experiencing and see why we behave the way we do sometimes.

  • Definitely more remembering than learning. It’s hard to explain. It just needs to be felt.

  • For me it has deepened my connection with Avalon and truly feels as though the Sisterhood and our teachings have become a way of life.  I have always done a lot of healing work and this has in the past mainly been Reiki and crystal energy.  Since my training has started, I have really felt a change in the strength of healing energy and now only use the Avalon healing energy. This has just felt like a very natural change, there was just no need for anything else as the Avalon energy is so pure and strong and from where all other energies have come from.

  • As my Sister stated, it is a journey of deep personal discovery.  This has been very interesting and at times very challenging, as things that have been a part of my life, no longer feel right for me, so there has definitely been a shift for me.

  • So much of the teachings are familiar, not from any other training or courses, as there genuinely isn't anything that I have ever known like it.  The familiarity comes from our previous lives in Avalon. Finally, the connection with the Sisters is very special and with each connection I feel it deepening.

  • A simple answer would be; you will know yourself in a deeper way than ever before and find a new love and respect for your personal strength and beauty.  You will gain knowledge of the earth’s cycles and experience them in a way that you never have before.  It is as if you see every detail and colour in a more vibrant way and sense every movement and breath of wind.  It is a truly beautiful path

  • We gain emotional strength to face the challenges of the realm of man, we gain a deep understanding of our nature and our roots. Our womanhood gets stronger and our bond to other women and indeed to Mother Nature. We learn to help and heal, not only ourselves but also others. We learn to embrace the Divine Feminine in all we do. 

  • I suppose it depends on where one comes from. For me it has been a whole new world  - the concept of a "path" and an awakening of spirituality. The teachings a tool for insight in myself and a stimulation for a new way of thinking. I am much more aware  of the changing of the seasons, the moon phases, etc. The feeling of connection with my sisters.

  • For myself, I have learned about myself. How to go deep inside and face the truth. I have learned to forgive. I have learned to give and receive healing on the deepest levels. I have found Sisters who I know I have been with before. I've learned the changing of the seasons and what comes with them, how to prepare myself and the earth for them. I know and keep the times of day. I've learned about six of the pools and how they are the original auras. Each month come with something new to learn!! Everything I've learned has opened a memory and/or a truth. We'll it's all a truth. I think I've relearned is what it comes down to. What I really love is learning how to negotiate in this realm of man until we come back and take our rightful place. 

  • I have learnt so much. It's a transformation a journey growing into the person i know I should be dealing with dark aspects of myself that have held me back for a long time.  Letting go of things that no longer serve me.  Being of service to the great mother caring for the earth being part of the changing seasons feeling the elements in our own bodies.  Enriching our spiritual energy and our deep connection to Avalon.  I have grown so much as a person since beginning this journey  I have a great connection to other sisters who are also travelling  this path the more we connect the stronger the bond.  I am excited to get my next reflection as it helps me balance myself in a world that  seems out of control.  It gives me hope balance and lifts my spirits

  • It is about standing in your own power. Not about gaining knowledge or a title. Ether to awaken your own inner wisdom, magic and power and learn to find balance, to live in balance with oneself, and be in harmony with the cycles of the Great Mother. This is a life long journey and learning to live as Priestess in service while still finding balance amidst the challenges of the human world. 

  • From beginning of our journey until now I have gained deeper trust in myself and my life path. Connected to the Great Mother on a very direct and powerful way. I feel Her guidance in everything I do. I feel held and accepted in our beautiful sisterhood and I feel we have been together before in Avalon. I feel so much more empowered and not lost in my search for divine and spiritual connection. I finally feel I am coming home and that I will be able to serve the Great Mother and others. This path made me feel stronger and gives me hope to hold my vision for a different and better world!

  • Knowing ourselves, our true calling becoming clear. Re knowledge it’s what already may reside within us through the journey we recall so much. Red Veil learning’s could be added, but overview that covers in more depth the practice of a Priestess may help. Elder Veil truly come full circle knowing ourselves, all we are, were and will be. All the knowledge, gifts, and how we manifest these to others and serve the Great Mother in each of our lives.
  • It can be hard to put into words. I had no idea of how much I would grow as a person, friend, wife, and mother when I began all these years ago. The best advice is to not hold any detailed expectations. Don't compare yourself to another within this path. We all receive the same teachings yet they touch and resonate with us all differently. They can click with us and become relevant at any time in our past, present, or future.
  • It is very difficult to answer with words... I would say that during these past years I found myself. I let go of the construct that was the self that society decided I had to be and found my true self.
  • For me, I have learned to peel back the layers of things, to further understand things, I hope that makes sense
  • I feel like I have come home. I understand now, why all my life, I always felt like I didn't fit in. Phiona has awakened me to who I really am, a Priestess of Avalon. I now have my sister's with me and feel blessed.


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