The Priestess Training Veils



Every alternate year the Sisters of the Mists opens the Veil to invite 9 Seekers  who wish to train to become a Priestess within the Sisterhood. Upon successful application Seekers are invited to apply to join the Veils and train alongside the Priestesses within the White Seeker Braid. The Sisters only take on a small number of Seekers , to ensure the quality of training and to build the Sisterhood from the core.


The path of the Priestess is a standalone path, aside from other paths. It is not combined or a part of other paths or practices. It requires commitment and dedication and a life long journey.


The path is one that opens us up to our true self, with hours of study and self assessment. Letting go of what we have previously learned.


 It is not a path of enhancement or further study of previous qualifications or certificated courses. The Priestess path is a way of life and being, it is all we are and do. Everything we embrace in our life comes from the part of the Priestess as we let go of all we have been in past lives and years on our journey.


We do not follow of other paths, their traditions or even their practices. Our path is completely different. There are no Deities, our directions differ to that of more well worked paths, we do not dip into the path when it suits us, we are it seven days a week, twelve months of the year and year in and year out, only leaving it when we pass from this world.


The Priestess path is not one that can be fitted in around the life you already have, it is not squeezed in between the gaps that you have to make it whole. It becomes your way of life and beings and everything else balances around it. It is a path of complete commitment and focus.


We honour the Great Mother and live within Her Service within our workings, our servitude and life path. Our Enchantments and healing is unified by the Sisterhood and the bond we have with the Sisters of the Mists. It is one that is sacred and protected fiercely by the women of Avalon.


The Teachings of Avalon come directly from the Lady herself as channeled teachings. As Avalon is rising once more she is opening and awakening the paths of many. Offering to us her innermost secrets and mysteries, and enabling us our own empowerment and feminine power once more.


She has walked and shown Phiona her teachings for many years. Phiona has worked them personally and within her own group of Priestesses enhancing her own life path and journey bringing balance and wisdom, opening the path of hidden memories and of magical insights, allowing Phiona within this lifetime to once more become a Priestess of Avalon as a Sister of the Mists


Phiona has walked many lifetimes as her Priestess and has longed to find home within the mists once more. Now the mists are calling, they are whispering to the soul, they are calling home the Priestesses who left the shore of the sacred isle. It is time to return home as Sisters of the Mists.


The teachings take us slowly back, from where we hail as the Feminine Divine, they help us unpick the ways of the modern world and remember the forgotten energies that as women we hold deep within our core. Empowerment is the key, the cycle of nature the balance. We hold all of it within us we just need to remember.



The teachings always begin at the “Veil of Awakening”  festival at the beginning of February and are given as eight festival teachings throughout the year until the Winter Solstice, the Elder of of light festival . Then the Priestess rests until the turn of the wheel and the following year once more begins the cycle of learning


There are many layers of the Priestess and it takes three years to embrace the Seeker of each Veil. This is the path of dedication and one not to be taken lightly. She will ask you to let go of all you already know and hold dear. She will ask you to look into the depths of your soul and release all that holds you aloft. She will ask you to dedicate yourself to her once more and to be within her service in all ways and at all times. She will teach you how to become and to be. Her word is strong and powerful but ever gentle.


The teachings of the three years of each Veil takes us through three Braids, each holding a different level of understanding and knowledge, as we grow and become we awaken and remember. If you are willing to embrace all she is, then through her teachings the Lady will enhance your life. She will show you the way home, to the shore of the great Lake, to where the soul of the Priestess resides. She will remind you how to lift the mists and as you step upon the welcoming shore of Avalon the sigh upon your breath will embrace all you know and all you are.


The Great Mother of Avalon will help to look at the wounded ego and to heal the inner child, she will caress the soul until it is healed, empowering through her teachings the powerful woman within, who harnesses the Priestess and the knowledge of the Elders.

The time of Avalon is now and if she is calling to you then she needs you to reply, to honour the oath that you once took when you stood within the ancient realm. Remember who you are as the teachings awaken you. Follow your path to honour your soul.


The Braids and Veils are the learning paths that are undertaken by the Seeker, wishing to embark and learn the teachings of Avalon. As the Seeker moves through each Braid, the mists become clearer and the knowledge deeper. Not only is this the journey of the Priestess, it is also the journey of the soul. Opening to the ancient ways and path.


The teachings are divided between three Braids - The Braids are the markers of the level of learning, understanding and training completed within the Sisters of the mist path. Each Braid taking one year to complete and each Veil takes three years to complete. Within each Veil, each year of training is acknowledged by Braids. Marking the level of understanding and completion of training within the Veil being worked. Each Braid is completed in a year cycle, making three years to each Veil. All three Braids must be completed before progression to the next Veil, which is by invite only.


All teachings are available either by Workshop gatherings or via distance learning. Teachings are given eight times a year. As the Sisters of the Mists follows the cycle of the land, you can expect the teachings to be sent out to you in the following months. February /  March  / May   / June  / August  / September / October  / December.


You will be required to return reflections (essays) on the teachings which form part of your progress and training on the due date that is sent at the time of the teaching, and you need to be sure of time allowance to be able to complete them.


Only a small number of Seekers are taken on each year to train with the Sisters of the mists. Ensuring in one to one support and connection. Early application is recommended to reserve your place on the teaching veils.


A path of dedication and becoming in service to the Great Mother, it is not a hobby or to be taken lightly. It is life changing and becomes the path of complete commitment as her Preistess and within a sisterhood community. Connecting those who have been searching all their life to one another, awakening the ancient memories with the soul and empowering the magic deep within once more.


With each soul who embarks on the journey of the Priestess, and the sisters of the Mists, Avalon awakens more fully and rises from beyond the mists. Becoming more than a mystery, more than a myth. A reality within our own world and time, and we become a part of something special as women connect to women from all around the world and we speak the one true language of the sacred isle once more. Reviving the old ways, the old traditions and customs and honouring all that we are, as her Priestess and ambassador of a time that once was lost, and is reviving with each soul who hears the call and returns.


The Sisterhood has a wonderful support network to build the community of the Seeker, Priestess and Enchantress no matter of location. With social media open pages for socialising, a closed group for Sisters and the Priestess to come together and Braid groups specifically for those training in that group to connect and communicate with their Braid Sisters, creating the space for the building and support of friendships and the bond of the sister.


The teachings are also supported by Zoom and video gatherings, giving the opportunity for each Braid to connect as a group in as much of a physical space as our worldwide locations allow, bringing each Sister together to engage and connect on a deeper level. Training is supported through these online gatherings on a monthly basis. We are a Sisterhood community and not that of a solitary path.


The Sisters of the Mists believes that everyone has the opportunity to train and to become her Priestess and no life circumstance or disability should stand in anyone's way. We support every need on an individual basis and will do our very best to cater for personal needs. If you are unsure always email and ask before applying. No one has ever been turned away because of circumstances or disability. We see a way around everything and will always try to accommodate every soul who is wishing to train with the Sisters of the Mists.


Veil training fees are available upon application.


White veil ~ The seeker


The progress of the Seeker to the Priestess is a journey that is undertaken within the first three years of training. Year one finds the seeker in the White Veil heralding  the beginning of the journey to becoming the Priestess. The first glimpses of Avalon and her mystery are revealed here opening the pathway of the journey through the Braids and awakening the soul to the whispers of the Lady, her directions and ways of Avalon. It is within this Veil that work on the self is undertaken and the connection of past lives and the current life is all connected to Avalon and the time before as Priestess. The Priestess cannot become until she finds the balance within herself. Her magic is not centred until she embraces all she is and will be. It is in these three years of training that she learns all she is, unlearns years of social conditioning and embraces the power that lives within her very DNA. The Seeker journeys through understanding the principles of all that is required as the underpinning foundation of becoming the priestess. During the third and final year of the White Veil, the Green Braid seeker readies to become the Priestess. It is only within the final teaching of the third year that the seeker becomes the Priestess.


White Braid (year one)

Brown Braid (year two)

Green Braid (year three)


Study is over eight separate teachings throughout the year, timed around the eight festivals of Avalon where the Seekers of the path come together within the White Veil and journey through teachings and gatherings, discovering the truth of the meaning of becoming a Sister of the Mists.


Seekers are expected to complete all eight teachings plus the final  *gathering, each year to complete the three years White Veil and becoming the Priestess of the Sisters of the Mists. (* With the exception of those studying by means of the correspondence course)


The attainment of Priestess is only given after successful completion of all three years of the White Veil training, with the Sisters of the Mists. If having only completed part way of the three years training you will not be recognised a Priestess of Avalon, or able to dedicate to the path as Priestess with the Sisters of the Mists.


You can request an application form here  to apply for the Priestess Training.




Red veil ~ The Enchantress


The Enchantress Veil is for those who have walked and completed the White Veil as the Seeker and dedicated to the path of the Priestess, and wish to further their Avalon path to the Lady. Deepening their knowledge and magic. The Red Veil takes a further three years to work through. This Veil can only be started by the Sister  after completion of the White Veil  In this Veil the secrets of the magic of Avalon is revealed, learning the enchantments of the ancient path, of the herb and crystal families. The sacred symbols of the Priestess and the workings of all her path. The tree associations, magical beings and gifts of the Enchantress. Opening her up to the magic of the world we live in that is hidden to many. To the power that is within the Priestesses soul and the ancient mystery of Avalon and the Great Mother.


The Red Veil deepens the connection and knowledge of the Avalon tradition, developing and strengthening the gifts of the seer, of the healer, of the path and of the ways of Avalon. Learning the aspects and role of the enchantress. Working at a deepened level the Sister will learn to harness the mists and the layers within them. Creating her own veil to work within and become the Enchantress Priestess of that Veil.


The Red Veil is not by automatic succession. The Priestess will be invited to walk the Red Veil after the completion of the White Veil of the Priestess. The Red Veil is one of deep study and dedication. Becoming a way of life and a pathway 'In Service' to Avalon and the Great Mother. Not everyone is able to dedicate the time that the Red Veil asks.


The Enchantress Veil also will embrace the past journeys of the soul and how to obtain soul restoration. How to walk the path of the ancients to connect to the seer within and to walk the paths of the present and future. The sister will embrace the knowledge and wisdom held within the  veil and moves deeper towards the embodiment of the Enchantress of the Sisters of the Mists of Avalon.


Red Braid (year four)

Lilac Braid (year five)

Purple Braid (year six)


Study is over eight separate teachings throughout the year, timed around the eight festivals of Avalon where the Sisters of the path come together within the Red Veil and journey together through teachings and gatherings, discovering the truth of the meaning of becoming the Enchantess of the Sisters of the Mists.


Priestesses are expected to complete all eight teachings plus the final  *gathering, each year to complete the three years Red Veil, becoming the Enchantress of the Sisters of the MIsts.  (* With the exception of those studying by means of the correspondence course)


The attainment of Enchantress is only given after successful completion of all three years of the Red Veil training, with the Sisters of the Mists. If having only completed part way of the three years training you will not be recognised as an Enchantress of Avalon or able to dedicate to the path as Enchantress with the Sisters of the Mists.




Indigo Veil ~ The Elder 


This Veil is for the Priestesses who have walked  and completed the six years of the two previous Veils and upon application are invited to work a further three years to become the Elder Priestess. Learning how to hold sacred the teachings and Veils, how to share the knowledge and wisdom of the Priestess and of Avalon.


Indigo Braid (year seven)

Avalon blue Braid (year eight)

Silver Braid (year nine)


This Veil readies the sister to become the Elder Priestess. Having journeyed the nine layers of the soul and the nine paths to Avalon. Embraced the nine directions. This Veil will affirm the knowledge of the gatherings and how to create and hold your own. How to perform the quickening gatherings of the soul. 


To fully dedicate and engage within the service of the Lady as her Priestess, with the knowledge of those who have traveled the path before. Working through the Great mother’s aspects and how to reside within Avalon whilst walking the realm of man. With the final year of the Indigo Veil comes the initiation to the old ways and to the service of she of all things as her Elder Priestess. As she embraces the Elder, she becomes the Elder Priestess, showing all who seek the mystery of her teachings and opening up the ancient knowledge from within the mists.It is only upon completion of the Indigo Veil that the Priestess is able to continue to the Teacher Veil upon invite.


This Veil is by invitation only.


Study is over eight separate teachings throughout the year, timed around the nine festivals of Avalon where the Sisters of the path come together within the Indigo veil and journey through teachings and gatherings, discovering the truth of the meaning of becoming the Elder Priestess of the Sister of the Mists.


Priestesses are expected to complete all eight teachings plus the final  *gathering, each year to complete the three years Indigo veil, becoming the Elder of the Sisters of the mists.  (* With the exception of those studying by means of the correspondence course)


The attainment of Elder is only given after successful completion of all three years of the Indigo Veil training, with the Sisters of the Mists. If having only completed part way of the three years training you will not be recognised as an Elder of Avalon or able to dedicate to the path as Elder teacher with the Sisters of the Mists.





Thoughts and words from those who have trained with Sisters of the Mists and entered the Priestesshood.


“Sisters of the Mists is truly a remarkable place, for those who do decide to embark on a path as Priestess, journeying as the Seeker or for those who wish healing, guidance and insight. Phiona has a connection that compares to none other. And she shares this connection openly inspiring others, building personal power among other paths to healing. I had a reading/healing with her and it was beyond profound and brought an insight and understanding that was always failed to be recognised. Her connection to the Divine is true, honest, and grounded and her passion to help others makes her all the more special. And this is also reflected in her beautiful apothecary and crafts. Along with the CD “Echoes from Within” which is remarkable in its ability to take you so deep within and feel comforted and completely immersed in the Great Mother. I have embarked on this Priestess Training and I fear I will not be able to express my thoughts in words. Having only just started, journeying as the Seeker of the White Veil, I immediately, already knew that at long last, I found my sense of home and belonging among the sisterhood and the practices it holds so sacred The deep connection to nature, that intuitive, inner knowing path is one of empowerment, an expression and reflection of truly being in harmony with the Great Mother and rekindling that sacredness within us all at a soulful level.  I am beyond excited that I have at long last found the path I have long been searching and has been stirring inside me. Sisters of the Mists is a place of healing, empowerment, being of service and a sisterhood connection that is truly built on embracing one another, helping one another and sharing the path.”

Dana - Scotland - UK


.I came across the Sisters of the Mists quite by accident. I read a poem Phiona had written. My life changed immediately. I knew I had to find out more. I searched for the website. Now, I have tried every path/religion out there. I read every word on Phiona's Sisters of the Mists website and knew I was home. I can't say enough good things about Phiona as a teacher. I have also received a healing from her that changed my life. This entire path has changed my life and I am still new to it. My Sisters are amazing! There is always someone there for you. We travel together but separately. You must do the work. It isn't always easy but it's so rewarding. I have changed in so many ways, and as I said, I'm only beginning. I love being in service. I love know I'm working to make the world a better place, as well as becoming better and stronger myself. I can't wait to see what's next. If you want to be better, stronger, in service, be part of fixing this world all I can say is: Welcome Home to Avalon!

Deborah -  USA


I explored many paths in my life, yet none ever quite fully fit for me. And then I was guided to the Sisters of the Mists. From the outset I felt a strong connection to the path, and a sense of returning to something very familiar within me. It has been such a beautiful, and uplifting journey so far.  The teachings resonate  deeply within me and the connections with the other sisters are so rich and supportive. This path while gentle and beautiful, does challenge you to delve into all aspects of the self.  It is a path of service which requires that we let go of the ego in order to deepen into the ancient magic and guidance of the Great Mother. Phiona is a very gifted teacher and healer.

 I have experienced a lot of growth and change within myself since beginning the training and in particular following a healing session with Phiona, which has really helped me to feel grounded in my life and connect with joy.

Fiona - Ireland


The Sisters of the Mists is a pathway of personal transformation - enabling one to experience ones personal journey in ways that are practical and purposeful today.

The Wisdoms shared - gift each Seeker and Priestess novice tools for their lives; while the teachings are so tailored to invite and reveal each Sister's individual and private response - facilitating her path into the Avalonian Wisdoms - applicable, as all true wisdoms are today as they were for the ancients. The group itself offers a place where each soul is held, acknowledged, heard and given voice.

I live in the Southern Hemisphere (along with other Sisters and Priestesses) and 'The Sisters of The Mists' teachings are the only teachings I have found that embrace the workings and practical day-to-day realities of both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

It is a real joy to be part of this Sisterhood, so much so that 'sacred songs' of my Soul have really broken into full song with the joy of the journey! As my Wisdoms grow there is visible transformations in my 'works in the world', as I move into ever greater awareness’s, consciousness and wonder of the 'magic' of life expressed in all its myriad ways.

I have felt a sense of 'arriving home' within the walls of this temple.

Blessings Be

Susan~Mary Pryor

The Prioress - New Zealand )O(



Coming home is how I would explain the feelings of being within the Sisters of the Mists. Each year so interesting, delving deep into far memory and inner self. Re-learning, remembering, renewing all that I am, have been and will be. The opportunity to be online with other Sisters via the various groups and gatherings is so valuable, supportive, and interesting. Each teaching a treasure, each year/Braid marking the transitions, each Veil recognising who we are Priestess, Enchantress, Elder. This journey is one that frees us, releases us from restrictions, a simple path, yet takes us so deeply into Avalon, as we respond to the call from the Lady 'Follow me'.

Anne - UK )O(


For as long as I can remember I have felt connected to the natural cycle of the Great Mother and all that is. I believe that as we journey through life people, places and timings are synchronistic and give us opportunities to follow our calling.

So often we fall into a pattern of societal conditioning and forget who we truly are - yet I suspect if you are reading this, you are stirred to remember. Phiona assists those who seek to walk their path of potential and guides them through the veils with lessons that seem to take on a life and relevance of their own.  In other words you learn to "walk your talk".

This happens over time as we release that which no longer serves. Strong bonds are formed within the sisterhood, in a safe and sacred space and it is a pleasure to witness the confidence and creativity of individual Sisters bloom.

As we work through the lessons we are more able to access our inner wisdom and truth, thus opening our hearts to the whispers of the Lady as she calls us home.

Cindy T - UK)O(




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