Testemonials and reflections


Here you will find words from sisters and seekers who have wanted to share their experience from being in the teaching veils. In the hope that it will help answer some questions you may have about following the path to Avalon, and undertaking training with the Sisters of the mists )O(



"It's been a fascinating and challenging journey so far, in the best possible way. Following the teachings has given me renewed purpose and a sense of meaning, it has helped me to rediscover my strength and self-belief and to feel really engaged in living. Where I struggled to feel connection to this world, I have begun to find symbiosis and feel less fear and misery as I recognise that I am part of something bigger and more beautiful than I realised. The path is not to be trodden lightly as this is to do it a disservice and to deny yourself the rewards of committing to self-searching. I feel that the world is a different and better place because I have found my feet at last and I find life so much richer and less frightening. To walk alongside others as they find out the same things is also remarkable and special. To find sisters and kin from ancient times. I would be grateful for just this last year if I were to die tomorrow as I have learnt so much in just this short time that it feels like an epic quest! "

Katie P



"Beginning the teachings  was something I was very excited to do. I'm an intensely curious person by nature, full of questions and I love learning new things. Honestly, before the teachings began, I figured it would be another one of those things that I try for a while, then move on to the next something. After all, I'd been trying to figure out where exactly in this world I belonged for the majority of my life. Things would seem like they fit for a while, but the further I'd go, the more I'd find that something just wasn't for me. There was always a nudge coming from deep within, telling me that what I was looking for was much more ancient than what I had learned so far, less complicated, more real. Since then, I've not only found the direction that nudge was pulling me toward, I've found that I have done this before, learned this before, lived this before. I've been challenged in ways that I would not have foreseen in the beginning, and yet because of those challenges, I've experienced more growth in such a relatively short time span than I ever imagined possible. The lessons are not always easy, but afterward when things settle and I see the results of what coming through those lessons has brought to me, it's ALWAYS worth it. My relationship with the Lady continues to grow, and my footsteps on this path firm and confident, and I couldn't ask for a better teacher and elder than Phiona".

Donni T



 "I guess I found myself on this path, it was not something I looked up, not something I wanted, like so many things in life, this opportunity showed itself in my life (at the right moment!), and just as many other things in life I had a choice to make, to start this new path, this new adventure, or turn my back on it and walk away. I was not sure what I was saying yes to, but something inside me, my inner voice, was telling me this was the right thing to do. My inner voice was right!!  I have to say that this past year and some has been like being on a rollercoaster!as other sisters have already said: I cried, I laughed, I had to look deep inside myself, I had to accept things about myself and about my life, I've seen my life change and the people around me change or drift away because my changes were something they could not accept or understand. At the same time I learned so much, my eyes are more open than ever, I got in touch with my inner self in a way I had never done before and so many things that did not make sense to me now finally do. it is not an easy path, it requires lots of dedication, an open mind, and the will to let go of many ideas and believes that are part of us since we were little children.we need, in many occasions, to let go of the idea we have of things in order to replace it with the reality of things. I can only say that I'll never regret saying yes to this new path, this new teaching, this new part of my life. it was and still is the right choice! thank you Phiona, from the bottom of my heart!  )O(" 

Lorna F



 "I heard the whispers and was led to the mists. It has been a magical journey of discovery and awakening, an affirmation of my place in this world, food for my spirit and a sharing with sisters on a similar path. Phiona's teachings have been enlightening and some times have left me bareboned. To explore even the darkest parts of my spirit. I am ever grateful for her words and those of the sisters who share the journey, also hungry for what is next to come."

Dolores L



 "I had been on my path for a little while but there was something missing – something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It wasn’t until I joined the Sisters that I realised what it was I was missing. It was a eureka moment, this is where I belong how could I have strayed for so long. It was like a home coming to be around people who felt and same way as me. My life has changed in many ways. I now know it is not wrong to let my warrior side out , for far too many years she has been supressed in some ways that hasn’t been a bad thing she was a little too wild sometimes and if I am honest difficult to control so I guess I put a lid on her until now when I know it is right to let her out and I know I can calm her back down with my softer side which was also supressed . I guess I really wasn’t being me now I think about it and now thanks to Phiona and the teachings I can be me because me isn’t that bad a person I thought I was. I have also become far more aware of my surroundings I have always love mother nature and all she brings but now I see her almost with new eyes as if a veil has been lifted I find renewed pleasure in the smallest thing which before I think I probably took for granted. I also feel an inner peace an acceptance of things that before I would question.I know my journey home has only just begun I have learnt so much thus far and still have so much more to learn but I know I am not doing this on my own. Phiona is a wonderful teacher it is a gift she has received from our Lady – our Lady chose wisely )O("

Annic J



 “My life has changed in so many ways through the teachings. I had wandered many paths before entering the veils but was never able to really embrace any of them. An emptiness remained inside, an overwhelming feeling of loss and disconnection. I reached a point where I felt I had given up hope of finding what my soul was desperately searching for. Until now.  The journey through the veils is a rewarding but far from an easy one and not to be entered into lightly. I have laughed and I have cried. See things through renewed eyes, been in awe as the layers drop away. Reached into my very core and connected with all what lay there. You may also find yourself facing emotions you have buried deep over the years brought to the surface, but this is necessary to fully embrace the lessons given. To be true to yourself and the teachings. My journey is still at its early stages but I am regaining my true self, through honouring the Ancient Ways and the beautiful calling of the Lady and my soul, finding peace with who I am and all around me. I feel a lifetime lost rushing back to meet me, connection to everything around me enhanced with true meaning, balance being restored. Through Phiona’s teachings I am becoming a much stronger person, I feel I have come home, no longer lost. Each lesson given is very indepth and support and guidance is always there. I feel honoured to have been guided to the veils, and to walk them alongside such wonderful Sisters and Phiona is something I will always treasure

For those seeking the path of forgotten Ancient Wisdom and to reconnect to what is calling from deep within, Phiona brings the teachings of the Lady with all the encouragement, support and strength you need. My life has changed in ways I could never have imagined, although it has been an emotional journey and one I gladly embrace. I am so blessed to be growing as each lesson comes, with Phiona and my Sisters walking the path with me. I have returned 'Home' and this is truly the part of me I have been searching so long to find”

Gina B



As I read the first time the words of Phiona's "From the Whispers of Avalon"  I was pulled by an undertow. It felt so good and the words wrapped myself in love. Then the day came, I did not mind when I lit up like a spot of reading, "Last call for The Sisters of the mists" . It was the call for me . The Lady called me, I felt exactly. I should come home. Although I could not speak English, I did my best to understand, but here is not only a teaching communicated, but spoken to the heart, and deep inside me all knowledge is hidden, it just has to be awakened. As  last, as I always felt invisible and I got to know the sisters here  together, so loving and insightful. Here I could be as I am, I needed to hide no more, here I was no different, here we are all equal. Through the teachings that address exactly the issue with which I quarrel just, I am supported in my self and I can prove it now in my life. I'm on the right path. I'm not looking, I arrive, I'm home. 


I always felt different, excluded, not at home. By Phiona our great priestess and her teachings, I find myself and home. With many like-minded sisters, we are a large, loving family on the old path, on our way to Avalon, constantly accompanied by the lovely Lady, she gives us all hope and confidence through the lessons taught to us by Phiona in her unique way . Learning to be self aware of who we are and who we were and who we will be. Love and Light to all..blessed be” 

Karin H



 ”The Lady found me. I remember the evening very clearly. I was doing a random search and up popped the site on Facebook. I followed it and took a chance. I asked to be accepted and never have I looked back. It has been a path that has led me through fire, cleaning, thinking deeply and making conscience decisions. It has MADE me stop wandering and given me a place to ground. To look into the pool and to fully take all that it shows, accept it and allow it to work. NO MORE EXCUSES, no matter what. The Lady gives all you need, you can be who you are without fear. I have learned to stop using the excuse that I have no where to fit. I already fit right where I am with who ever is placed in my sphere at the time, there is a cleaning breath of life that comes with each teaching, deeply thought and written. It is and always will be up to me to choose to look as deep as possible into the teachings and to pull ever last ounce of what needs to be shown to me, only to me


If you are willing to truly look within and without, you will find yourself changed forever. The Lady has chosen Phiona as her priestess and you will see why. I have been challanged to look past myself and see the world through the Lady's eyes. With this year of teaching, I have been able to let go of so many preceived hurts and to recognise that each thing had a purpose. You will become part of a sisterhood that is all surrounding.”

Claudi N



“ I feel like I have grown and become more secure in myself as a woman through the teachings of the Lady that Phiona has provided to me. I have had a world opened to me that is familiar, magical and spiritual all at the same time. I am so grateful to Phiona for finding me with her whispers and for the friendship she has extended to me, and lastly, the Sisterhood and the immense respect shown for each other in love and kindness is more than I could have ever hoped for . Thank You Phiona for the beauty you have brought into my life.

  Phiona will bring you to the Lady through the mists, she will teach you about Old Magic which is the purest form in my opinion. I have become more secure in the path I have chosen for myself and as a woman. Phiona will bring true beauty to you and I am forever grateful for the lessons learned this past year, the Sisterhood is powerful, loving and kind “

Christine D




 “ I'm not sure i remember how i came to find this group, but it was the most profound moment for me when i realised I'd found the place I fitted, all the teachings are amazing, just opening door inside and helping you realise so much about yourself and the way things are, my path has been eventful since i've joined the veil, and often so painful but everything i've been through has only served to reinforce the teachings and they have helped me through everything, I am so much different to the person I was 2 years ago and have never been more content or looked forward to my lessons so much. It's a beautiful path to follow although not without its trials and tribulations, but with the Lady sustaining you and the support of your sisters its well worth every moment, I am happier than i've ever been, and look forward to they next year of teaching, many blessings and much love )O( xxxx”

Mandi W



 ”I'm glad that I've found my true home, and all of my sisters ( that I knew were out there somewhere). The lessons of the Lady require much thinking and reviewing on my part. I find myself reading through the lessons several times before I post my response. Blessings to you, Phiona and thankfulness to you and the Lady for guiding the sisters back home .

lovely reunion.  joyful blessings to all”

Janie S


  “  Each teaching has opened up what is deep inside of me. Each teaching has shown me that all of my life has been shaping around to where the teachings you have given us. I don't know how to describe it but there are many times the "aha button " in my self lights up.

Kathy N



 ”I have found what I have been searching for and was relieved when the teaching go so easily with what I have always believed to be true & nothing has ever came as close to home as all I have learned this past year. I have grown allot and learned allot and have loved the experience. so looking forward to going ahead with the teachings and the self discovery that has came along with each new teaching.”

Corrina E 



  This has made me strong for the first time in my life. No longer am I a victim, I am now a quiet warrior. And with good reason. Things have spun I guess as they were meant to be,  learning to be content with the memories I carry.”

Dianne LC



  I really didn't realise that what I have learned so far would change my life so radically - pieces of the puzzle that IS my life fall into place with every teaching.))O((“

Rowan D



 “I am so grateful and blessed to have found Phiona and the Avalonian Priestess Path. This is no ordinary work, but the work of the Great Mother in service to reclaiming Her Old Ways. To echo others, I feel as if I am being called home. I am so blessed to be in our group. The unity and sisterhood is another blessing”

Nicole D



  ”At this moment in time, I know, that I am stronger than I have ever been. As I feel the energies surround me, supporting me, of my sisters, I send out to them also. Blessing and Peace In to all of them. I look now and see all that has lead me to this point and feel a great joy rising within. If ever you have felt lost, this will feel like home.”

Megan T



 “This path is what I have always been seeking; a means to learn the TRUE Old Ways. It has opened me up to be able to more fully connect with the Lady and helped me to see that She has always been with me. It has helped me to connect to other Sisters and know I am never alone"

Raven M



 I came across the group by chance when i needed it the most. I came across Phiona and learned about the group. My life has changed so much since I have been with the sisters. I have learned to face my past (the good and the bad) and have found a place that accepts me as I am. I feel that there is no other place I am to be, The sisters are always here for me  

(thanks again Phiona) and the sisters, I'm so glad to find this place of peace, love and joy. Brightest blessings to all my sisters )0(

Janet A.



 The sisterhood wasn't something I found as I was not looking, it was something that found me. I wasn't sure at first , but I followed the gentle nudge to join. I have never regretted it! I have changed the ways I handle everyday situations and I have become a better mother, wife, friend, and even stranger to everyone in my life. At times it taught me things I never thought of, or was different than the way of thinking I had. I have had many "AH-HA" moments. I have found my home here and I feel blessed to have it in my life. I love it, and all who are here with me!

Candice S



"I was sent an invite for this group through someone else and it was bizarre because I was at a transition point and felt a little lost! I didn't feel as though I could label myself under any sort of belief system because I felt to restricted and nothing felt right, then after I read about the sisters group it all made sense! Nothing else felt right because this was where I was meant to be! The Lady guided me here in a way that I would follow willingly but not necessarily knowingly until I made the connection! Here I have found friendship, guidance, family, respect and unconditional love! I have found the lessons vary for me! Some I have no problem getting into and others are challenging, only because some of the lessons have us look within to our true selves and that is never an easy thing to do even when it is necessary. I have come so far through the teachings and have learnt so much about myself! No matter how I look at it, these teachings have had a positive effect on me and my life and so have many of the sisters! It is one place where although many of us have never physically met, we all mutually and honestly feel a connection and care for another on a much higher spiritual level! I am so grateful to be here and to continue on this path and to learn and evolve more"

Jessica L



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