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Inner Sanctum of the Priestess Podcast


A place of Divine communion and conversation. To inspire, guide and support the Spiritual Seeker, from the novice to adept. Wisdom of the Oracle and Seer with the words woven from the Great Mother through her Priestess. Guided journey, sacred breathwork and alignment of being. I truly hope you will join me on these Podcasts as we explore being concious within this time, in holding our own power, magical ability and truth.


Blessings be Phiona )0(


You can find and listen to the Iner Sanctum Podcasts on the following media hosts.




Inner Sanctum of the Priestess Podcasts are available to listen and download on Apple Podcasts. New episodes are uploaded weekly on a Thursday.


I love talking of the time of the year, how it is feeling and we can connect to it. I also love to hear your thoughts and points of furture shows to hold discussion and answer questions.



You can also listen on Spotify to the weekly uploded episodes, with a new one added every Thursday.

Opening the Sanctum of the Priestess to the Divince space of shairng wisdom that is channeled thought he voice of Phiona and gifted outwards to the listener to embody and embrace.



Additionally you can also listen to the Inner Sanctum Podcast via Amazon Music which hosts on all devices connected to Amazon Music, such as Alexa, TV and pods.


As with all other hosts Podcasts are uploaded weekly and I love hearing from you what you would like to hear for furture episodes. Its wonderful to hold open discussion on the topics that you ponder about and hold space to bring answer and thought to them.



Google Podcasts also provides hosting space for the Inner Sanctum Podcasts. Where you can listen and download on Android devices. Enabling connection to the Sanctum, the Seer and Oracle wisdom as it is shared to support and guide your journey forwards.

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