Sisters of the mists Priestesshood of Avalon
Sisters of the mists  Priestesshood of Avalon

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Veil of seed image copyright © Katie Parfey 2014. All rights reserved


Beautifull inspiring cards to journey with you as you walk the path and mists to Avalon. Designed to be used as a single daily oracle or as a spread, to bring guidance, comfort and inspiration when you need it the most.


The Sisters of the mists oracle is a card deck that walks the seeker through the nine braids of the Priestess along with the myth and magic of the enchanted Isle of Avalon. Working with the feminine aspect and the warrior essence, the cards will help to align and balance your path.

Elder of Light - Winter solstice copyright © Katie Parfey 2014. All rights reserved


Specifically designed to be the first from a series of three decks that will take you home through the full journey of the seeker to the Priestess. The cards will open you up to forgotten memories of a time long since forgotten.


With Inspired words from Phiona Hutton and beautiful artwork from Katie Parfey these cards will become a part of your soul as they awaken the ancient within you.


Drawing daily words of guidance and imagery to inspire the path for the day. The long awaited oracle deck will guide the boat to the shore of the great lake and part the mists as you journey home.

Directions copyright © Katie Parfey 2014. All rights reserved


The images becoming an integral part of your understanding of the hidden Isle of Avalon. Helping you to understand deep emotions and the way of life of the Priestess who dwells within us all.


The cards are due for release next year in 2016. For regular updates and information please visit and like the Sisters of the mists oracle card page on facebook 

The cards can be used independently or as a part of the veil teachings accompanying the Sisters of the mists. 

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