Sisters of the mists Priestesshood of Avalon
Sisters of the mists  Priestesshood of Avalon

                    Phiona Hutton Author


Phiona is a Seanachaidh ( pronounced Shan-ah-kee). A Whisperer and reciter of ancient lore and the clans histories. Her family clan hails from the Celtic lands of Scotland and Ireland. Phiona’s bardic story telling comes from the ancient Isles of Mona and Avalon and of the ancient ways.

The Seanachaidh are hereditary bards where the gift of storytelling is passed on through poetry, song or words was passed down through the generations. The gift of the Seanachaidh cannot be learned and is only found within the family clan.


They would hold the histories and legends of the clans throughout the descending generations. Holding the clans inner most knowledge and wisdom and reciting it for those who were of the listening ear. They would educate the children of the clans histories and making sure that the myths were kept alive. Nothing was committed to the pen. Only ever spoken, the Seanachaidh would speak the histories. They were held in high respect as the advisors to the clan elders and would often hold the Lores of the clan and rouse the warriors before fight.


The Seanachaidh hails from the Irish Celts, and the bardic tales and ways were brought over in 500AD with the invasion of the Irish. Settling their clans with the Picts of the Scotts and also in Wales. It was the heart of the Celtic ways and kept the culture alive even when it became stripped bare. The Seanachaidh fled to the forests and became the wild ones of the woods. Taking the histories underground and keeping them safe.


The People of the old ways would come together in the celtic lands at the Cèilidh (pronounced Kaylee) The gathering of the people. Old and young alike would gather around the fire. The air filled with music and chant. Dance and enchantment within the air. The Seanachaidh would recite the tales of their people, tales of Magic and enchantment. Tales of battles, of conquers, and losses, and document those events within memory. Tales of love and death. They brought the clan together weaving them throughout time and generations.


They brought the myths and fairy tales of the clans histories into being, weaving words through the reality of time, bringing them into reality and being. They held the knowledge of the ancient beasts and mythical beings that walk and dwell alongside our reality. These were handed down through the generations of the Seanachaidh. The next holder of the oral story telling tradition carefully being given all the knowledge of the clan to carry into the future generations.


They spoke in a forgotten language, that us of the modern world have long forgotten, yet modern day Seanachaidhs still are able to hear and to speak in allowing the words of the ancient to fall upon the ears of those who seek them. Phiona has been told that she speaks in the forgotten form of fairytale. A way of speaking from another time and place, that would weave the words into reality and bring the truths home with a familiar way of speak that allows you to feel safe to listen and understand .


Today Phiona continues this tradition bringing the whispers and truths of the ancients, the elders and of the Lady herself.


Phiona is a child of the old ways and a daughter of Avalon. She has always heard the Lady Priestess as she whispers the words to her, and has shared the wisdom she brings with those around her for many years. Phiona is the founder of the Sisters of the Mists ~ Priestesshood of the ancient ways and  whisperer of the words of Avalon.


First hearing the Lady’s whispers as a child and just believed that everyone else could hear her too. It was only as she aged that she realised the Lady was talking to her, and that she wanted Phiona to share the whispers with the world. Following the path of the Priestess and of the craft, and embracing the wisdom that the Great Mother passes to her. Now through “From the Whispers of Avalon“ Phiona has placed her whispers together in a book of insights from the Lady herself to share with you.


“I have long been a Priestess of the old ways, even before I knew.”


Phiona only ever had to hear the words Merlin , Nimue, Morgaine or Avalon as a child and  was back within the mists before she even took a breath. The Lady has walked with her for as long as she can remember, always whispering to her, even though at times Phiona tried to refuse to hear her as it was so painful to reside within this realm of man and away from her beloved Isle of Avalon.


She has heard the Lady’s call many times but through her own life lessons has not always followed the path that the lady had laid down before her. Phiona looked for her in different pagan paths ranging from traditional witchcraft to Wicca, and also the solitary hedgewitch, but she never found the lady there.


But as Phiona’s life continued she realised that she hailed from Avalon and through many journeys, Phiona has followed the path of the Priestess for a lifetime of years.


She has lived the teachings that the lady has shown her for the last 15 years. Founding the Sisters of the Mists ~ Priestesshood of the Ancient Ways, teaching groups locally to her home, it was only recently that the Lady asked Phiona to share them openly for those that wish to follow her path.


Empowering the feminine divine that resides within us all.


Now that Phiona has embraced The Lady of Avalon , she shall never leave Phiona’s side and as she worked through the veils that the Lady  laid before her, it has allowed Phiona to become the Elder Priestess, listening to her word and bringing her wisdom through the mists to those that seek and into the realm of man.


Phiona has worked as a healer for over 20years and always channeled the energy of Avalon through to her clients and watched as they too have taken the Lady into their energy and transformed. Phiona has worked all her life as a Priestesss in one guise or another, but only embraced it fully 20 years ago and watched as her life became all she had once known through many lifetimes before within Avalon.


Now standing next to the Lady of Avalon, she brings her words into our world today. The Sacred Isle is rising once more and she of all things is waking. The sacred mysteries are within reach. Phiona will help you to embrace them as you look down the path of the sacred mists. Found nestled between the pages of the books she writes to inspire the soul and awaken the dormant.


Once read, you will never forget, and your life will transform before you .)O(



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       Phiona Hutton  MICHT  IIHHT         Healer ~ Seer ~ Teacher ~ Author

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