Sisters of the mists Priestesshood of Avalon
Sisters of the mists  Priestesshood of Avalon

                                       Open veil gathering meetings



During the day and also the evening the 9th of every month,  the sisters of the mists opens the door to the veil house and invite women into their sanctuary. To work with the energy of Avalon, creating, manifesting and healing. 


Sisters of the Mists open veil is a place to gather and be. Exploring the ancient path of Avalon and her Priestess. A space for the female to reclaim her power and to become empowered once more. To connect with like minded women and discover all you have lost and embrace all you will find.


 A monthly gathering of women for women to explore the mystery and power of the female energy. A coming together of ancestry and pathworking of hundreds of years. Creating a sacred space for talk, laughter and connection. Of spiritual conversation, magical connection. Working to the cycles and season of the land and honouring the moon phases of the months. A wonderful haven to connect to like minded souls and remembering our connection to the old ways and sharing the ancient path of the mists. Opening the energies to those who are curious and inquisitive to another way of working with nature and the Great Mother.


Open veil gatherings run much llike open circles, moots, or social meetings and are for anyone who is open and interested in the mystery of Avalon and her ways and the connection of women. You do not have to be following a specific path or have been involved in pagan circles before.



Situated Worldwide





The Veil House


09.30 - 11.30 and also 19.30 - 21.30


Fro more information please contact Phiona Hutton at:



tel: 07595 379 774






The Veil Room


19.30 - 21.30


For more information please contact Maria Elshout at:

e-mail: info (at)
tel: 06 24 31 17 63






The Veil Space


19.30 - 21.30


For more information please contact Lorna Fasano at:



tel: 091 225 8393




  California (El Cajon)


The Veil Garden


19.30 - 21.30


For more information please contact Janice Melroy at:






For more details of the next open veil gathering, times and location please use the contact page.






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