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Sisters of the Mists Open Gatherings are a place to gather and connect to the ancient path of Avalon and her Priestesses. Experiencing working alongside the Sisterhood as they celebrate the seasons turn and the Full and Dark moons in their working Gatherings of their path.  They are similar what are known as Open Circles or Open rituals on other paths, and offer the opportunity to stand alongside the Priestess as she takes the soul on a journey to ancient energy and connection that is not readily found within this modern world.


The Sisters of the Mists opens the door to the Veil House and inviting those who seek into their sanctuary. To work with the energy of Avalon, creating, manifesting and healing. Working to the cycles and season of the land and honouring the moon phases of the months. A wonderful haven to connect to like minded souls and remembering our connection to the old ways and sharing the ancient path of the mists. Opening the energies to those who are curious and inquisitive to another way of working with nature and the Great Mother. The Open Gatherings are currently only open to women.


The Sisterhood has opened the following Festival Gatherings for 2019

(These Working Gatherings are in Havant - Portsmouth -UK 7.30 - 9pm)


October - Veil of Dark (Samhain) - Tuesday 22nd October

November - Dark Moon - Tuesday 26th November


For further information please email or send a message through the contact page.




Monthly Open Gatherings.


These slightly differ to the Open Working Gatherings as they are not held in celebration of the Festivals and Moons. They are held worldwide and once a month. They are a place of connection, community and spiritual conversation. A place of connecting with like minded souls, who are seeking another path and hold curiosity to the pathway of the Sisterhood. You will need to contact the Sister directly who holds an Open Gathering in your country to find details of dates and times of when they will be held. The Open Gatherings are currently only open to women.







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