Llen y Cynhaeaf- Veil of Harvest -
Llen y Cynhaeaf- Veil of Harvest -
Sisters of the mists Priestesshood of Avalon
Sisters of the mists  Priestesshood of Avalon

                                             Nine day land blessing


The nine day land blessing of the sisters of the mists.

In the ancient time of our ancestors who walked the path of Avalon, it was accustomed to bless the lands that we walk. To give thanks to the Great Mother for all she holds and gives to us, in our daily needs. Now we awaken that ancient custom and breathe life into it, finding a place for it in our modern life and taking time to give back all that is taken from the Great Mother and her lands.

To empower the lands beneath our feet, and energise the earth and all she holds. To bring healing as it is needed to the local area in which we dwell. To bless the fields that surrounds us so that they may yield their greatest harvest.

As we honour her with our blessing, she returns it to us in abundance, in the lushness of the trees, of all of nature in many guises. Of the birds in their song. all that hold so many signs and messages to us on our path.

The nine day blessing is held in many ways during its course. Through song and dance. Chant and verse. Dressing of the lands. Offerings and adornments. In drumming and music. In silent connection. Within the symbols of Avalon. 

The blessing is held over nine days as this is the sacred number of Avalon and the Lady. As her Priestesses hold sacred offerings to the land, gently on the first day and raising the energy till a culmination on the ninth day.

On the ninth of each month, sees the beginning the nine day blessing. A sacred time of seclusion and connection for the priestess as she connects directly with the Great Mother, listening and understanding her needs. Holding a knowing that heals and balances her.

As more women join in with the blessing, we empower her. We become her. Our bloods flow to the pulse of her heartbeat. Our land and space becomes harmonious paces to be within. Life thrives and is abundant. 

Life grows before us and in our wake as we walk and travel the land. It becomes our source of power and enchantment. Join with the Sisters of the mists every month as we come together to bless the Lands and our home.




Day one of the nine day land blessing


The first day is the time of connection. To place your bare feet upon the earth and to feel her. To become as one with her. To feel her pulse and to ready yours together. To breathe in her air. To exhale in her harmony. To still your mind and to allow the freedom of the soul to move beyond our fast paced reality. To hold connection with all of her. Within the flowers and insects. The birds and animals. To allow them to see you. As you connect her voice becomes heard. Her face becomes seen. Her energy becomes felt. The connection of the nine day blessing has begun as you become entwined within the umbilical cord of the Great Mother.


Day two of the nine day land blessing.


The second day is to feel her need. What is she lacking? Where is she ailing? Finding the connection of day one she becomes the breath of the body. Allow her to speak through you. Allow her to guide you. She will tell you her needs, you only have to listen. Is it the time of planting and blessing of the seed? Is it the time of harvest and blessing all that is to be reaped? Is it the time of the fallow land when all lies dormant and we bless her for her rest? Does she need nourishment and food? She will guide you and show you the way to all she requires.


Day three of the nine day blessing.


Now having connected deeply with her and understanding her needs it is time to begin raising the energy needed to bless all she requires. Gently at first, calling in the energies of our ancestors and connecting with the ancient path. We find our own way of building the energy. Maybe by chant, by song, by dance, by drum, by quiet contemplation, by bare feet, by herbs, by fire. We allow them to build, aware we need to hold them for a further six days in our heart and soul. She embraces all we give as we bless the lands and acknowledge all she is.


Day four of the nine day blessing.


The energy rises further today. As we continue to bless her lands. Maybe working with sacred waters, or water collected from streams, we anoint her with all we hold. Giving thanks for all she gives. The bounty she offers each and every cycle. The foods she nurtures. We honour the sun and rains as they bring life and death to the lands. We hold them in balance. Bringing the fragile harmony needed for her survival. We recognise her work and in that recognition we find our thanks. We do not always see the effort she takes, but see the end result in her beauty, in wonder and awe. We find pause to breathe her in, entwining the self with all she is. Accepting we are her child and she our mother. We become one, and in doing so we bless the relationship as she embraces all we are.


Day five of the nine day blessing.


The half way point of the blessing. Now we cast out all that ails her. All that is not of nature. Maybe by collecting litter, clearing a river space. Weeding and tending our gardens. Recycling. So much causes her pain. We need to recognise how we can regularly help her need. What changes can we make to the space we live in? That will leave a lasting echo. Making spaces for nature. Places for bugs and insects. Bird feeding stations. Hedgehog hotels. Encouraging our neighbours to do the same. Letting a part of your garden grow wild. Planting meadow space.Growing vegetables even in a window box. Balancing out all the poison that is poured into her by others, all the toxins used in farming and gardening. Removing the rubbish of man that suffocates her and the nature that lives upon her. A physical action that makes such a difference as we bless all she is.


Day six of the nine day blessing.


This is the day we offer her foods. Rich composts, organic fertilisers, feeding and fulfilling her. Ensuring that all we offer is rich in nutrients but not harmful. As we tend to her we offer song, chant or even quiet contemplation. Communing with all she is and her nature in all its shape and sizes. Taking a moment’s pause to honour and respect her. Turning the soil and feeling her breath within it. Knowing that all we give to her she gives willingly back.


Day seven of the nine day blessing.


Today we bless the harvest. Those about to be collected and those still to come. We bless the farmers and their fields. Often in the midst of the crops we raise our hands to the skies and bless the land beneath our feet. Working with images fashioned from the very crops themselves. Leaving them to the elements and for the love with the Great Mother. We may nourish her with milk and honey, the goodness of all she is. As we feed her we also feed the self. As we bless her we also bless our personal harvests.


Day eight of the nine day blessing.


Taking the energy raised even further still held in the body of the priestess we begin to release the energy raised back into her. Gently and slowly. Bringing balance to the earth. A deep cleansing from all that ails her. Still holding some back for the final day tomorrow.


Day nine of the nine day blessing.


The final day. All that has been raised we now release in a crescendo of energy. Knowing that we give back to her all she holds for us. By making small changes to our space, by honouring her in the smallest of ways. We return the respect and love she holds for us, and in turn it feeds and nourishes her. We become more aware of the wildlife and nature and begin to speak her language. Really taking the time to commune and understand who she is. This is the time of great celebration, for we have reconnected a lost and forgotten connection which our ancestors carried in their being. We celebrate in dance and song, chant and drum as we did in the beginning of the nine day blessing. Closing the nine day blessing until next month when we will begin again. Always working with her need and season. We become more highly tuned to her cycle and our connection deepens as we become the footprint of the Great Mother.


Day after the nine day blessings.


Today we rest. Today we sit back knowing we have given her our all. Today we take stock for the self and give to us all we need

If this was your first joining of the nine day land blessings thank you for joining and we hope you join us again next month. The more of us that bless the lands where we live, the more global it will become. The more blessed the lands beneath our feet will be. 


You can also find the SOTM nine day land blessings on facebook, for regular news and updates


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