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Wake the Witch Within is a monthly online group that guides the novice from the very first inquisitive steps of exploring the call of the witch within. Together with a dedicated private social media group that is only available to subscribers for connection and the sharing of wisdom.


It is a space within the Inner Sanctum that is designed specifically for the Seeker of a magical path who is just beginning to explore the magical pathway and all it holds. It can be confusing at the start of the journey with a plethora of information that bombards the novice.


Modern day paths can be conflicting and overwhelming, full of demand and correspondences which laden the mind with over information that can be confusing.


The world is full of books and the internet of conflicting Alter spaces, casting circles, calling the directions, herb lore, colour correspondences, candle magic, initiations and degrees, spell working, magic, the wheel of the year and the sabbats. That can be overwhelming and confusing to the Seeker of the path. 


Old magic is simple magic and Phiona guides the Seeker, to the awareness of the Divine aspect of the cycle of nature, how you are the power and the only tool you need in your arsenal. Stripping away the myth behind the magic, the wizard behind the Oz.


Within Phiona’s sacred space of the Inner Sanctum,  simple magic is taught, laying open the language of the ancients and of the nature herself. We are all magical, we are all connected and we don’t need tools of the craft to empower our being, working and magic.


You will be shown and guided how to embrace a magical path of the Witch for yourself, you are all you need to be an empowered and embodied magic worker of the ancestral pathway.


This is a circle of discussion and questions, a place where all you have wanted to know can be asked and shared, A place of the first steps upon the path with clarity and guidance of an Elder Priestess to show the pathway as it was always intended as a open place of clear wisdom and power.


This is a group for the novice, to guide them upon the pathway of Waking the Witch Within. 


It is not a coven nor will lead to Wiccan training or that if the Priestess, it is simply a group of guidance for the new or beginner witch to steer them along a path of magic with a wealth of information and awareness. 


Held on the second Thursday of every month, the group circle will be recorded and available for you to access for up to 30 days after if you are unable to attend.


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