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The Crone Diaries is a place for women of all ages who are experiencing the Pre, beginning, the middle, ending or post  menopause. It is a place where the Crone can come into her own and is a virtual group that meets every other month via zoom. Together with a dedicated private social media group that is only available to subscribers for connection and the sharing of wisdom.


There is such a mystery of the waning woman, so much unspoken, unwritten and untold. We know our bodies the best and how it feels as it changes, to sit with other women who are about to embark on the changes, those experiencing it in the moment or those whose tales can gift support to those around them.


As our body changes we can feel isolated and insecure. Anxiety and depression surrounding what should be an honouring of the next rite of passage to embark upon. A ceremony of recognition of the wisdom within and the knowledge to share. The Crone Diaries wants to normalise this, make our passage to the Crone a normal journey, that is embraced, accepted and understood.


Lets go back to the old days of the clanship where women sat together, weaving and singing, storytelling and sharing wisdom. in group of being. Shaping the passage of the elder as she transitions from Mother to Crone. Its such a lost concept one we have been shamed into hiding, belittling or simply not acknowledging. Pumped with medications and prescriptions to silence the hormonal imbalances.


The Crone Diaries is a place of sharing tales and stories breaking myth and legend and welcoming our bodies into the next phase of being. Understanding of holding form and light within the Croning body of age, talking and sharing of how our body changes to our mindset shift how everything around it seems to be more magnified. Getting angry, sharing frustrations, tears of loss as we move into a new sense of being. 


Talking openly about our bloods, our physical changes, mourning the losses and honouring the gains. Seeking support to understand all that is going on within and normalising those changes without hiding them or shunning them into silence. With a warming cuppa and nourishing cake to see us through as we learn to engage in chatter about all we are without holding back.


Starting in January 2022 online every other month online and the opportunity of a physical group if number allows and local to Portsmouth UK


We truly look forward to you sharing your journey, experiences and wisdom of this time of life that we need to learn to cherish and not fear.

Held  every other month, the group circle will be recorded and available for you to access via the private social media group specifically for subscribers  if you are unable to attend.


Dates for 2022

9th March 7pm GMT

18th May 11am BST

20th July 7pm BST

21st September 7pm BST

16th November 7pm GMT




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