Shrine of the Healer


A beautiful embodied and connective online circle that is for the healer. The space of sacred holding for healers and souls holding the space for others. A place of the sacred sigh where healers can feel supported and held. A circle space  within the Inner Sanctum where the healer can rest, release, and recover from the service they hold in the giving to others.


A place of communion and sharing where healers can talk of the energy shifts and layers that are evolving. A place of comparison of their journeys and the pathway. A sacred place to hold the healer when they are exhausted and blocked, depleted of energy or direction.


A place of deep understanding of the difficulty healers face upon their path, the frustrations faced and the blocks encountered. A place of development as new energy earths and the healers awareness deepens, sharing the experience and discussing how it feels and is encountered.


This circle  is not for the novice and is for the adept healer who is delivering service to others. A live monthly online gathering is held, where the healers hold space for each other. To offload, unwind and relax. A sacred energy held between each to honour the souls work and to restore its holding.


The Shrine of the Healer circle is the beautiful embodiment of the Healing shrine that is opened four times a year in person for those local to the area, within each season, for the healer to sit in the Sacred space of the Inner Sanctum energy and soak up the healing for the self as it is offered. 


The spoken word of guided meditation, of breath work and relaxation and carving out of the space of Divine peace and tranquillity. Accompanied by the Echoes from Within music to take the Healer deep into the core of the Great Mothers Sanctum as she soothes the soul and its own healing, no matter of where it dwells within the world.


With ancient chant and language of transition the Shrine of the Healer is the most gentle of powerful engagement, in the offering of inscription to the flame, of herb and incense to bring about balance, understanding and the deepest of healing.


A place of the Healer for the Healer to feel supported and nurtured to continue their pathway as anchor of energy to the world around them and the souls they work for. 


A safe space of learning and deepening of the gift among others of the same energy and essence. As it was within the ancient spaces of our world, so shall it be again. 


Held every fourth Thursday of the month, the group circle will be recorded and available for you to access for up to 30 days after if you are unable to attend.


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