She is of the Earth


She is of the Earth online circle takes the woman back into SHE. The Empowered Healer, the Empathic Soul and the Divine Seer. Awakening all she has always been. Through this online circle we journey through the female path and reclaim her full embodiment. The Inner Sanctum becoming a sacred and safe place for the reuniting of the female clan and kinship.


Teaching of the old ways of the female power, of embracing sexuality and reclaiming the intuitive form. Working with the womb space and the sacredness of all it holds. Of the magic and power of the holds and how it cleanses the full being each month.


Of the union of pregnancy and the sacred act of sexual embodiment. Working with sacred scent, herbs, teas, oils and preparations to enhance the woman’s being.


Connecting to the wise woman and the herbal healer, the trinity of aspect of Maiden Mother and Crone, becoming the Elder of the clan the historian and teaching the old ways downwards to younger generation.


Embracing the mother and the many demands of her journey, sharing tale and space to support each other and encourage growth and belief of all that is held.


The bringing together of women for women to become women once more, remembering, engaging, empowering and honouring. Holding the rites of passage, the coming of age, the marriage, the birthing and the passing of the female form in all its beautiful guises of shape and form.


Held on the fourth Thursday of every month, the group circle will be recorded and available for you to access for up to 30 days after if you are unable to attend.


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