Kinship of the 13 Moons


The Kinship of 13 Moons takes the connection of the Moons wisdom and shares it outwards within connection of embodiments of its Divine Energy, during the online circle of holding. 


Working  with the Illumination of the Full Moon and the Shadow of the Dark Moon in alternating months the online circle connects deeply to the transitional energy that the moons of each month. Including the heightened energy of the Blue and Black moons. 


The Priestess shows and guides the Seeker how to embody the magic, wisdom, intuition and power of each moon month, throughout the yearly seasons into their own life and pathway to being fullness upon the journey, enriching the process of awareness and lifting the ancient veil of mystery and ways of our ancestral rite of passage.


The Kinship of the 13 Moons brings direct channelling and awakening as it shares and teaches how to be guided by the moon, the astrological meaning of each moons influence upon our modern day living and how to utilise it for healing and enchantment.


It’s a space of gathering for all walks of life, all pathways and faiths, all souls who are seeking the magical wisdoms of the moons influence within the cycle. 


Exploring the seasonal shifts of each moon, how it empowers, awakens, inspires, illuminates and enchanted our own personal health, magic and spiritual connections. 


The Kinship of the 13 moons alternates between the Full and Dark Moon throughout the year 

Working six full and 7 Dark moons with the exception of the Blue and Black moons which take priority within the month. 


The Kinship does not follow one particular path or tradition, however it does connect with the Celtic wisdoms of the UK and the magic of the English folklore traditions. Working with the British customs and traditions of the moons cycle and honouring of the lands and bringing together kith and kin of the moon.


Held on the second Thursday of every month, the group circle will be recorded and available for you to access for up to 30 days after if you are unable to attend.


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