Circle of the Maidens



In the days of our ancestors women brought up women. We weaved together, sang together, braided our hair together, cooked and ate together and washed in the rivers as one. 


We shared tales of womanhood, of our power and magic, of our bloods and its connection of Sacred Earth. We became empowered beings and knew of our connection to the trinity of life. 


We were taught of the Divine portal our body is and that our womb space is the only direct way of a soul to be birthed within our plane. We honoured our bloods and monthly bleed with reverence, honour and respect. 


So much lost within our modern society, no longer taught woman to women, mother to daughter, Elder to Maiden 


The Circle of the Maiden reunites the feminine to our ancestral connections within a modern world. A beautiful space of the Inner Sanctum that supports the female through her maiden journey of Rite of Passage, as she comes into her bloods. 


The Elder opens the space of communion and understanding to all the cycle of bloods holds. How the 13 bloods align to the 13 moons each year. How intrinsically the feminine power is held within the womb space and that the bloods hold power.


Within the female form is the sanctuary of magic and the temple of Divine. This sacred monthly online circle  shows the young woman how to honour herself and being and not to be afraid or stressed over her bloods. 


In our modern society we are taught of the scientific element of our bodies and cycles and its reproductive aspect, but long forgotten is the magic that is held within its form and how to utilise and release that power.


Phiona opens gentle empowering space during online monthly circles to awaken and guide the journey of the Rite of Passage for acceptance of being within the own sense of self and awareness. 


Teaching and sharing in open circle of the journey of young woman to that of awakened and powerful being as each soul becomes embodied within their own cycle. How it aligns to the rhythm of nature and that of the moon and her phase.


In an ancient space that has become lost over millennia the circle  holds sanctuary and supports the young soul who feels abandoned in a modern world as she comes into her bloodline and lineage of magical form as her bloods begin.


The circle talks open and honestly about monthly menstruation, the changes within the body, hormonal development, feelings and emotions. Magical connections to the blood lineage, the matriarchal line and embodying the Feminine Divine.


Whilst guided by Phiona the circle of the Maiden is a place of peer support and share, it is encouraged that all hold voice and engagement to learn, share and grow.


The monthly online circle is for young women as they come into their bloods and up to the age of 21. (For younger women it is possible for them to be accompanied by their mothers or female chaperone)


Held on the second Thursday of every month, the group circle will be recorded and available for you to access for up to 30 days after if you are unable to attend.


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