The Sanctum of the Priestess offers masterclasses to those who wish to delve more deeply into the realm of magic and spiritual path walking. Offering nine masterclasses that can be taken as a nine monthly course for the novice and newly awakened soul or as one offs for those more adept in their craft. Whichever you are seeking the masterclass series will deepen your connection and journey of magic. 


The masterclasses will take you on an inward journey to our ancestral self where we will engage, connect and embody the Sacred fundamentals of harness using the magical truths of spiritual form. 


These special connections are in person and for a maximum of 5 people, to share and journey together. Running from September through to June, Masterclasses are held on the second Sunday of each month in Hampshire UK from 1pm - 4pm. 


                     The Masterclass series is also available as an online course and can be accessed upon application after the Masterclass has been held in person.


Each three hour Masterclass can be completed as a standalone workshop or as part of the nine masterclass series.


Sacred Breath

Sacred Silence

Sacred Techniques Masterclass

Sacred Space Masterclass

Sacred Power Masterclass

Sacred Magic Masterclass

Sacred Healing Masterclass

Sacred Intuition Masterclass

Sacred Manifestations Masterclass


Each three hour masterclass is £55   >>BOOK HERE<<  Pease indicate when paying which Masteclass you are booking


The nine masterclass series is £440 (one free masterclass -  recieve 9 for the cost of 8) To take advantage of this offer you need to pay for the full series prior to the first masterclass.  >>BOOK HERE<<


Dates for 2022/2023

9th October

13th November

11th December

8th January

12th February

12th March

9th April

14th May

11th June



Sacred Breath Masterclass


I’m so delighted to be bringing you the first of nine masterclasses from the Sanctum of the Priestess.

In this first connection we will be looking, learning and connecting with the Sacred Breath. The breath is the place of Divinity, the sacred self is opened and embraced within the pause if the inwards and outer exchange of energy of the source of life. As we learn during the Sacred connection of how to draw the breath of the soul through to the body, it opens up the connection to the Divine and to Source. Engaging in a communication of magical and spiritual form. A key aspect that the wisdom of our ancestors embodied, the breath of all life, connecting to all living vibrations and empowering the self for its union.This masterclass is all you will ever need to connect to the Sacred Breath of the soul and a spiritual essence and will gift the tools for moving forwards and deepening your journey. 



Sacred Silence Masterclass


In this Masterclass Phiona will be sharing space in embracing silence. How to master this simple yet underestimated tool to connecting your powers and magic. Learning to sit with the silence is a deep embodied connection to walking a spiritual or magical path. It’s not meditating or mindfulness. It’s sitting in the deepest void of silence that activates our own awareness, power and magical form. We tend to avoid it as a human form and fill the space with busyness and noise. Our ancestors knew and valued the space of silence and how to connect to source through it. Learning the skill of silence is a beautiful poetic aspect of fully walking the path. With a love and passion for teaching this profound wisdom to others and seeing how it truly opens the being into its full aspect. We will journey together through the barrier of silence and its voice as we learn its language of guidance and intuition. We will be looking at how to connect and sit comfortable in silence, however there will be a good deal of talking throughout.



Sacred Techniques Masterclass


This Masterclass is designed to declutter all the mystery of spiritual awakening and awareness. Taking the self back to a simple form of magical connection with the techniques applied within sound, movement , weather, colours and light. In our modern world as ever so much is lost within over complicating, over narrating and over thinking. Sacred Techniques Masterclass unravels the modern aspect and returns the self back to the simple awareness. Applying signs, feelings, emotions and simple thoughts into the techniques for living a connected life in a conscious way of holding Source within the being. Teaching and sharing techniques that will inspire and connect the path of your journey and enable deeper communion to its enlightenment. Upon completion of this masterclass you will be able to  embrace the techniques of magic and connection for a daily way of living



Sacred Space Masterclass


Sacred Space is something we all hear and are aware of, yet very few truly understands the fundamentals of creating Sacred Space weather for healing or magic. Creating a Sacred space has become over complicated and confusing in the past years and often many struggle with the understanding of the basics. Here in this Masterclass Phiona will go through all the aspects needed to create a special environment for working on a spiritual or magical aspect. Aligning the self to the way our ancestors would have harnessed the energies around them to encompass the cycle and seasons for creating the connection to Source. Working with nature and its simplicity rather than a shopping list to the nearest new age store. You will be able to create your own special and sacred space by the end of this Masterclass or enhance the one you already have.



Sacred Power Masterclass


We each hold a deep power within our own being, some have become detached, others, disconnected, some hidden and some even closed completely down. In this Masterclass Phiona will guide and show you how to reconnect and enhance your own personal power. Engaging in the ultimate power of the self. How to protect it and to no longer gift it away. We will look at how trauma can weaken it, how the mind can diminish or empower it, and just how it can become weakened with just one world from another. Along with finding our strengths and all it holds for us personally, and connecting to the sacredness of understanding our power is not ego or something to hide.  Once we understand our power we can then apply it directly to all we seek for a wonderful return and  living experience.



Sacred Magic Masterclass


The Sacred Magic masterclass demystifies the mystery of old magic and ancient working, in this three hour masterclass you will be guided by phiona how to work and engage with magic upon a journey of exploration and wonder as she takes you back to the simplicity of a way of being that our ancestors held in their connection to nature and magic itself. We have long forgotten the underpinning aspect of old magic is simple magic and over complicated it in our modern world. Whilst this in depth three hour masterclass will introduce you to a way of life and being of a connected form, it will cover the basics of magic and its mystery that anyone can apply to their lifestyle and pathway. Coming away from the time spent with a personal connection to the way of working and connecting more deeply to the magic around you.



Sacred Healing Masterclass


Every being upon this earth holds the ability and gift of healing, each with their own special connection to the essence within. Life has simply stripped it bare, or trauma has closed it down. Sometimes even our own ego and anxiety lessens our connection to this ancient and embodied gift we all carry. In the Sacred Healing Masterclass, phiona will guide you to connect to your own healing ability, how to enhance and utilise it to its full capability, for the self and for all else around you. Showing you how to empower all you hold and to sit in its presence.  Taking the being back to the direct connection of Source and its unique energy aspect and code to engage within the human form. You will be able to identify how your own energy feels and to experience it growing and getting stronger. Being able to continue the sacred healing rites of the ancestors within a modern world and connecting to the sacred ceremony that has long been a part of this world and the human form.


Sacred Intuition Masterclass


Discover that gut feeling or sixth sense and how you can develop it in to the reliable intuition that will guide and steer your journey. Enhancing your experience upon the human journey as you learn to listen to the whisper of the soul and the direct connection to soul. The Sacred Intuition Masterclass will open, connect, develop and harness the intuitive self and how to nourish and feed it to grow into a conduit of guidance and inner knowing. During the three hours you will be shown how to differentiate between intuition and that voice of the mind and how to navigate its guidance for your best interests of living a spiritual path. Along with deepening the connection you already hold and working with it daily for enhanced being.



Sacred Manifestations Masterclass


Sacred Manifestations  Masterclass shares space to design and manifest  desires, how to  create the environment that is in alignment to your energy and reflects its best interest. Sometimes we have to manifest by releasing outwardly first to create the space we need to grow into. In this Masterclass you will be shown how to manifest to be able to create all you seek, how to move space to align to your own higher consciousness and to live by design as a conscious creatorix. The design of this Masterclass will inherently allow the self to gift space to living authentically and of a fulfilled purpose that you can apply to your everyday life.

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