Sisters of the mists Priestesshood of Avalon
Sisters of the mists  Priestesshood of Avalon

                       Katie parfey the artist

Katie is the artist for The Sisters Of The Mists~ Priestesshood of The Ancient Ways  and opens the ‘Window to Avalon’.

Through the gift of art, she is able to show the world the lands behind the mists, to lift the veil and allow us to see that which is hidden from view.


As a child, Katie was artistically gifted and would spontaneously draw the creatures and people of Avalon. But the realm of man ensured that she learned to see them as ‘fantasies’ and ‘made-up’ and she stopped with time.


She moved away from ‘fantasy art’ and instead focussed on drawing ‘reality’, admired for her technical ability throughout her young life and into adulthood. Academically, she explored instead photo-realism and Art Theory, among others, earning a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art and developing her skills in life drawing, portraiture, conceptual art and colour fields.


But through the words and wisdom of Phiona Hutton, The Avalon Whisperer, Katie has once again connected with the Old Ways and now walks the path as a Warrior and torchbearer for The Lady.


Although usually a painter, Katie has found that pencil is the medium of the cards as the composite materials and the techniques feel most connected to the Great Mother, Earth. Through the use of veils of colour, she creates the images that will inspire and help you to reflect on the world within the mists.


The teachings and insights of The Lady are passed through Phiona and rekindle ancient memories within the artist. Each pencil stroke is a deliberate and organic part of a vivid image to be enjoyed and to stir recollection and meditation.


Katie hopes to develop from semi- to fully professional artist so that all of her time can be spent releasing the many images that are now asking to be revealed. Having walked the Path, of The Sisters Of The Mists, for three years already Katie now sees Avalon everywhere around her and is moved to sketch that which she sees so that it can later be shared.


The cards are just the beginning of an artistic journey that started in early childhood and was dormant while the necessary lessons were learned in this realm so that the vistas of Avalon can now be realised and shared once again.

       Phiona Hutton  MICHT  IIHHT         Healer ~ Seer ~ Teacher ~ Author

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