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Here all the places that I share my work, thoughts and ideas online are gathered into one place. I talk, write and share about my life and pathway, following the cycle of nature and how living a life of Service brings a joy and sense of peace and wellbeing.From Podcasts, Blogs, YouTube and Newsletters.You can subscribe directly to the Media that you wish to follow to be kept udated on my latest offerings.



Inner Sanctum of the Priestess Podcast

A place of Divine communion and conversation. To inspire, guide and support the Spiritual Seeker, from the novice to adept. Wisdom of the Oracle and Seer with the words woven from the Great Mother through her Priestess. Guided journey, sacred breathwork and alignment of being. I truly hope you will join me on these Podcasts as we explore being concious within this time, in holding our own power, magical ability and truth.


You can find and listen to the Iner Sanctum Podcasts on the following media hosts.



Inner Sanctum of the Priestess Blog

Welcome to the Blog pages of my thoughts, living, foraging and journey as Preistess. The Inner Sanctum of the Priestess is hosted on Blog Spot and updated regularly with things that I hear whispering to me as I live in Service to the Great Mother. I also blog about my adventures of walking the pathway, medicines I forage from nature, the subtle changes I notice within the cycle. How the world around us is transforming and our vital part in that transition. I write, and post once a month so it is always worth checking in, on the blog to see what updates I have penned. I also love hearing from you and any thoughts you would like me to cover. Most of my writing of course is about holding space as Priestess and living in close conjunction with the nature of the Great Mother and how we can enhance our lives by doing so.


You can visit my blog page >>here<<



Inner Sanctum of the Preistess YouTube Channel

The Sanctum videos on YouTube is a wonderful place of connection and brings the path of the Priestess outwards to those who are seeking. It is a place of communication where Phiona talks openly about her path and discusses a wide range of spiritual and magical  topics, also answering questions that she often finds upon her journey, or suggested by those she comes across. Phiona talks out loud with her thoughts and thinking on what’s happening in the world and cycle from her viewpoint on her pathway and as a Priestess living in service. There are many videos to watch on the Inner Sanctum of the Priestess YouTube channel, of varying subjects and Phiona is always happy to record one in answer to a thought or question that you may be looking answer to.


You can visit my YouTube Channel >>Here<<



Inner Sanctum of the Priestess Newsletter

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