The Hunter Veils


For the first time during the cycle of 2019, the mists are being lifted to the male energy to embark on their own journey to Avalon. Offering nine places for training. Creating the path of The Brothers of the Mists. Separate to the Priestess training. Opening the deep connection of the Hunter and brotherhood of the Great Father of Avalon.


The path is unique to the Sisters of the Mists and follows its own independent teachings that differ to those of the Seeker and Priestess training. The braids are not mixed and do not cross over at anytime. The Priestess path remains shrouded within the mists and is not shared with those who are undertaking the Hunter training.


Following its own path the Hunter veils are born on the outskirts of Avalon and her mists of the Sacred Isle. Taking study of becoming in “Her Service” and the support and the understanding of the union of the Priestesses. The Brotherhood of Avalon. Serving her and learning the true meaning of the connection of Avalon and not that of the modern conception. 


The Hunter veils are not a place of Ego or for those who cannot step aside from it, will struggle to embrace her teachings and wisdom that she holds. The hunter holds the most delicate of balance of the male and female aspects and works with the equilibrium of such daily. Bringing the balance of the Lady and the Hunter in all their aspects and the Union of the Great Mother and Great Father.


Unlearning the years of Patriarchal dominance, and surrendering to the embrace of the Great Mother, the Hunter Veils open the pathway to the divine sanctuary not only of Avalon but also of the self. Aligning with the rise of her energy once more upon our earth.


As the veils open up and welcome the male aspect as the Hunter, the journey begins and Avalon moves closer to the union of each. However it must be understood that there is no place for dominance or arrogance upon the path, for it will close before the one who wields such energy.


The role of the brotherhood of Avalon is as her protector and defender, enabling the Priestess to convey her work and connection to all life that is. To embrace her teachings and to honour them and the cycle of Avalon as their own.

The Hunter veils bring an awareness that is much deeper than current paths and connect the soul to the ancient pathway and the mystery of Avalon’s lore. Do not misunderstand the way of Avalon, it is always of her Priestess and that will never diminish, those who undertake the training will learn to honour the self and the respect of the all feminine divine. Opening up the omniscient aspect of the soul to become one within her sanctuary.


For millennia the male has faltered away from this connection, becoming the all powerful male and disempowering the Feminine and the connection she holds. Making light of her divine spark for their own gratification and gain. Dispelling the female into the shadow and away from her true self. The teachings for the male aspect bring balance back to the union of the relationship of the male and female alongside the inner most secrets of the ways of Avalon.


The Brotherhood is an aspect of Avalon that has remained hidden for many cycles. The Huntsmen path follows the teachings of the Hunter, as the Priestess follows the path of the Lady. Yet there is no Priest within Avalon, those who follow the teachings become Huntsmen and within the kin of the Brother. Aligned to all that the Great Father teaches, running with the Wild Hunt, free from modern conformity. Reuniting with the ancestors and the clans and tribesmen that is held within the DNA of the self.




Brown  Veil ~ The Seeker


Training is over three years, entering the first braid as the Grey Seeker. 

This is the Veil of training of the Huntsmen, where the journey is undertaken to open and discover the hidden truths and secrecy of the Avalon path. How the Huntsman brings balance to all of the Sacred Isle, in union to the Lady, completing her cycle and nature and in turn Serving the Great Father in his service to the Great Mother. reflecting the cycle of nature and of Source.


Unlearning the deep rooted way of dominance and control, instead opening up the side of the often hidden aspect that is lost from our world. Connecting deeply to Avalon and the Priestess as her Huntsman, in all aspects. The energy held of the Wild Hunt and the conveyor of life within its nature.


The Seeker enters through the mists as the Grey Braid, opening a deep awareness and most often memory of a time once lived, a depth of communion with nature. Where the mystery to the path of Avalon is lifted and the Hunter guides the Seeker through the practices of the ways of the Priestess and the Lady, awakening the union of and balance of each in their own aspect. Bringing the knowledge of the male aspect and how it aligns to all that is.


Upon completion of the Grey braid, the Seeker transitions to the Copper braid, enhancing the teachings of the previous braid and deepening the knowledge of Avalon and that of the Hunter. Bringing a rich awareness to the delicate balance of the life force and connecting deeply with the Hunter and his teachings.


After completion of both braids the Seeker transitions to the final Black braid of the Huntsman. Culminating in her mystery and knowledge, embarking on the journey of the self and ancient path. Separate to that of the Priestess but one that brings equilibrium to Avalon, her teachings and walks in true service to the Great Mother.


It is only after the final teaching of the Black braid that the Seeker transitions to the Huntsman. Here he becomes a true ambassador of the Sacred Isle. In unison to and of the Sacred Divine. Opening a hidden aspect of the soul that has been locked away and hidden from society until this point and becoming all that he can be.


Within this Veil the mystery of the self is unveiled, through deep inner work and quietening of the mind, connecting the past aspect of the soul and the present path as one. The Huntsman must discover all he is as he journeys through the Braids and Veil, becoming centred through his core being and mindset. Shifting from the modern consciousness to the ancient ways of Avalon and the beauty within her balance.


In this Veil of self discovery the Huntsman opens the self to the divine spark of Source, connecting to an awareness and consciousness that is beyond modern conception, society and hierarchy. instead handing himself over first to the Hunter and finally to the Lady, as he opens up to the true balance of union and relationship through the workings and magic of the ancestors and mystery of the pathway before him.


It is within the third and final year of the Brown Veil that the Seeker readies to transition to the Huntsman, within the sanctuary of the Brotherhood, opening the energy to those who seek themselves and holding open gatherings, connecting the Brothers of the Mists and the mystery of all that it is to be truly as one with the Great Mother and Great Father. Within the final teaching of the Black Braid being acknowledged as Huntsman in the name of Avalon.


Grey braid (year one)

Copper Braid (year two)

Black braid (year three)


Study is over eight separate teachings throughout the year, timed around the eight festivals of Avalon where the seekers of the path come together within the Brown veil and journey through teachings and gatherings, discovering the truth of the meaning of becoming a Brother of the Mists.


Seekers are expected to complete all eight teachings plus the final  *gathering, each year to complete the three years white veil and becoming the Huntsman of the Sisters of the Mists. (* With the exception of those studying by means of the correspondence course)


If you feel you are ready for the Hunter veil and to train as her Huntsman, to become in “Her Service” of the Great Mother. If you feel that the Brothers of the mists is where your soul lies, as a underpinning energy of the Priestess and are ready to begin walking the path, please download an enrolment form or message via the contact page.


If you have any further question please do not hesitate to ask.


The mists are only open for a short while for application.




Reflections on the Huntsmen training.


I joined the Sisters of the Mists after feeling a calling of sorts to reconnect with something more ancient and sacred of this world. My wife is a Seeker Priestess within the Sisterhood and when she found out about my calling I was directed towards Phiona who had opened up to the male energy via the Huntsman Training. I've had more than I can count moments of ancestral memories of the world around me from times and situations I can't explain. The way of Avalon has given me the bridge over the gap to what it is I was seeing. It has opened my mind up to know what I'm seeing is real and here to anyone who can "open" up to it. The teachings make all too much sense to me and I've got a feeling of belonging in a world I felt detached from. Turns out I'm not detached from the world just the modern world, turning back to the old ways. All of the teachings have brought me such an understanding both big and small of how much Avalon is a part of and is everything around us. This has really been an amazing journey and it's only just begun.





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