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                                 Tarot readings


Tarot cards hold the past, present and future within them. Enabling the reader to see from one year up to nine years ahead, depending on the type of reading and forecast given and also the path you are currently travelling.


A reading can detail and bring highlights about your love life and relationships. How they are working or failing and the changes that may need bringing about to maintain them or release them.


The cards can also show information about your home life, finances and career. Bringing clarity and clear sight to confusion and clouded judgment. Revealing the hidden hurdles and choices you may need to face.


The subconscious mind already holds the key and answer to all you are seeking. Yet it is not always accessible to the conscious self. Both use a different language, and rarely communicate effectively together. The subconscious works with symbols, while the conscious, uses a wider range of more common place language.


A reader is able to translate these symbols and signs, helping you to make sense of what you already know on an inner level. The tarot is just one of many tools that work with symbolism, awakening the answers to the surface and helping you to make sense of all around you.


Many turn to tarot when life becomes a struggle and they are unable to find a solution themselves to their issues. Tarot brings a fresh perspective to all that surrounds you. A snapshot of your life within its moment. Pressing pause long enough to clear your breath and to look closely at the choices available to you.


By working with the past aspects of the road you have travelled, and where you currently stand upon it. Showing you the options available and the potential paths you can take to the future that lies ahead .Bringing a focus to achieve all the cards hold and reveal to you .A tarot reading really illuminates the darkness around you and shows you the possible outcomes.


Allow Phiona to read for you, turning the cards over as she has done for so many over the years, interpreting the pictures and wisdom, bringing inspiration and peace of mind to the questioner. Helping you to make informed decisions on your life path and journey


The cards show a clear path on your journey helping you to understand past events, to get clarity on the present and ready for future happenings. A reading will show you areas in your life that need enhancing or changing, and areas that are working well for you. You will be able to identify negative and positive areas and have the choice to make any changes you wish and how to bring them into your life.


Phiona has been reading the tarot for over 20 years, helping and inspiring people to move forward with their lives and is an international reader. The readings have helped many people to act with confidence in making present and future decisions improving their life path and moving nearer to their life goals.


Together with the cards, Phiona is able to give a detailed reading of where you are in your life how you got there and will show you ways in which you can make positive steps and move forward.


**Before making a booking. Please ensure you have read and understood the


       Phiona Hutton  MICHT  IIHHT         Healer ~ Seer ~ Teacher ~ Author

07595 379 774

Healing with Phiona

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Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

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Therapy hours
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

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Tuesday 6pm -7.30pm


A 50 % charge of the therapy fee, will be applied to any appointment cancelled (by the client) with less than 24 hours notice of appointment date and time.


No further bookings will be accepted until the cancellation fee has been settled.

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