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                         Crystal Ball readings


Scrying, the art of gazing into a reflective surface such as water, glass, a mirror or a crystal ball, is a gift Phiona has held since she was a small child, to gain mystical insight. She has always seen the answers within the objects, and now works with her sacred crystal ball, the energies within her, pure and true.


Scrying draws the images that are deep within the subconscious mind by entering a trance like gaze, focusing upon the object, such as the ball and allowing the information of the subconscious to pass to the seer’s eye.


The connection to the ball and the seer can bring in depth information to situations or circumstances that need highlighting and bringing attention to. It is the gift of the seer to interpret the images that she sees. Most are very subtle and cryptic and not always make sense to the reader, but only to the questioner.


Dimming the lights and connecting with the visions the ball holds interpreting them for you as you sit before her. Phiona clears the mists within the clear quartz crystal orb in front of her. Gazing into the mysteries it holds. Asking the questions you seek. Using the tool of the ancients and awakening the sight of her ancestors. Follow her into the shadows as you look for the illumination, to highlight all that is sought.


The sacred ball, cleansed within the ancient well waters of Glastonbury. Awakening the energy of Avalon and her gift of the seer. Awaits those who need clarification of the questions they hold. As the images emerge, showing those who are brave enough to seek the answers they need to enhance their life.


Crystal balls have held the answers for mystics for thousands of years, as the ball clears and connects with the questioner the seer is able to open and connect to the energies of the ball and the one sat before her. Giving the answers to the spoken question and to those still unspoken.

A crystal ball reading can bring understanding and peace to troublesome issues and problems.

Clarifying and highlighting areas in your life to look at and bring about change.


**Before making a booking. Please ensure you have read and understood the

       Phiona Hutton  MICHT  IIHHT         Healer ~ Seer ~ Teacher ~ Author

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Healing with Phiona

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A 50 % charge of the therapy fee, will be applied to any appointment cancelled (by the client) with less than 24 hours notice of appointment date and time.


No further bookings will be accepted until the cancellation fee has been settled.

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