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                 Claircognizance readings


Claircognizance is the gift of clear Knowing. The knowledge and wisdom comes from a source directly tapped into the divine, the Great Mother and the Akashic records.


From the time of being a little girl, Phiona has always had the gift of seeing. An Inner knowledge that she could not explain, sometimes making her the loner, other times the one to talk to for she was always right.


Phiona grew up with a gift that for a long time she kept to herself and only shared within the close circle of her friends and family as others could not understand or always hear the truths of which she spoke. What she didn’t have as a child was the skill to pass on the knowledge and wisdom that she saw. Now years of experience have taught her how to give it to you, so that you can take the knowledge and work it into your life.


Phiona is a gifted claircognizant reader and after a few minutes of meeting with you she is usually able to identify and clearly voice where you are having problems within your life. Either with blocked emotions, situations or people. Working together you can overcome these blockages. To grow stronger and move forward.


During a reading it will probably be the first time you have heard the truth from someone without an opinion or without judgment. It is entirely your choice if you want to heed the advice that is given to you and act upon it within your life.  For those that do act upon it, their life is enhanced beyond belief.


Phiona can see who a person truly is underneath the personality, It does not matter what guise they use to cover their true self, she will always see them deep down to their core. Seeing who they are, often seeing the colours of the chakras and their energies.  Phiona see’s their past incarnations flicking over them like the turning of pages in a book and the things that can bring happiness into their lives.


At times the truth can be painful but it is not meant to be hurtful, just the truth for you without the gift wrapping, enabling you to move in the right direction for your life. 

Phiona can not only sense their past lives but also see their troubles and what they could do to bring changes into their lives. She can also see their animal spirits and by identifying the animals working with them help to bring animal medicine into their world.


For some time now Phiona has been using the gift of claircognizance within her healing sessions helping clients to really look at the blocks and move forward. It’s a bit like fitting all the little pieces of a jigsaw together, and getting that completed feeling when you see the whole picture that you always knew was there but could not quite see though the missing pieces.


A claircognizance Reading is completely different from any other divination tool such as Tarot, Palmistry or the Crystal Ball. It uses no practical tools and does not read your future influences or aspects. It is a complete in-depth reading of your soul. Past and present lives, how they are affecting your journey in this lifetime and blocking you living your life fully.


Phiona will be able to tell you how your soul needs to move forward for your highest good, blocks that need removing and how a past event is holding you back.

Phiona will be able to help you to connect all your lives that your soul has incarnated through to bring balance and understanding into this one.


You may have patterns and behaviours that you do not understand about yourself, that have come through from a previous life. By exploring this we can release the pattern. Find out which is your right path in your life. 


A Claircognizance reading can be one of the most liberating journeys that you may take in your lifetime It may take more than one reading to help you to clear the energies so that you can move forward within your path


Sit back, relax and allow Phiona to help you with issues that you are unable to identify and deal with on your own.


**Before making a booking. Please ensure you have read and understood the

       Phiona Hutton  MICHT  IIHHT         Healer ~ Seer ~ Teacher ~ Author

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Healing with Phiona

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A 50 % charge of the therapy fee, will be applied to any appointment cancelled (by the client) with less than 24 hours notice of appointment date and time.


No further bookings will be accepted until the cancellation fee has been settled.

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