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                       Holistic counselling


Phiona is a healer and seer and can read into the deepest aspect of the soul. A gifted claircognizant ( the gift of knowing) and being able to access the blueprint of the soul and teaching you how to connect to the person you are longing to be. Changing lives forever and guiding the transformation you have been seeking.


When you are at your lowest point and feeling alone, desperately in need of someone who will listen and gently nurture through the darkest and confusing times of your life. Phiona will work with you, drawing on 20 years experience to help and guide you , as you make the changes to your world around you that you seek, for a better future.


Call today for a new tomorrow


Appointments available in person, by phone in the UK and by skype worldwide.


Holistic counselling is an alternative to the more traditional form of counselling. Focusing on the whole person rather than just their mental wellbeing. With the ultimate goal of the growth of the whole individuals mind, body and soul.


Traditional counselling can involve the same story being told many times, without ever getting behind the real cause of that story. The real issue that is feeding the wellbeing of the state of mind and creating unwelcome patterns and behaviours.


Holistic counselling engages the whole person, their body, mind, spirit aiding in emotional release, by utilising breath work and energy healing techniques and exposing the sub-conscious mind where all of the repressed memories are hidden.


Holistic counselling takes you by the hand and holds you close as you walk though the dark path of your life. Taking you back to the places that you have locked away but still impacts your life today. Holding you back from fully being the person you wish to be.


By gently opening the conscious mind, by connecting the subconscious it enables the client to recognise the correlation between their childhood and current responses, feelings and lifestyle choices. Allowing the client to embrace the dissociated memories that are fuelling their current life.


By facing the shadow within and no longer being fearful of it and engaging the often lost and forgotten inner child. Deep healing can begin to take place. Allowing change and transformation to begin.


Phiona an experienced Holistic counsellor and regression guide and can take you safely back to those times in this life or sometimes even past lives to help you unlock those events that impact your life today.


Within safe surroundings and the calm of Phiona’s voice you will journey together and look and heal the past. We hold so much from our lessons and journey that at times we do not realise that we hold onto so much unneeded emotions and pain, sometimes it is too painful to look at on your own as you do not have the strength to pull away from the heavy negative emotions.


Phiona will guide you through the negative aspects freeing you to become whole and healed and the person you have always wanted to be.


       Phiona Hutton  MICHT  IIHHT         Healer ~ Seer ~ Teacher ~ Author

07595 379 774

Healing with Phiona

Contact hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

(answer phone for out of hours)

Therapy hours
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

10am - 2pm

Tuesday 6pm -7.30pm


A 50 % charge of the therapy fee, will be applied to any appointment cancelled (by the client) with less than 24 hours notice of appointment date and time.


No further bookings will be accepted until the cancellation fee has been settled.

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