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A healer of the old ways and of the ancient path working with the energies of the wise. For natural  means of promoting prevention, wellbeing and health for the mind body and soul.

Located on the South coast of the UK near Portsmouth, Hampshire


Phiona’s gift of the healer is to look into the core of the soul and shine a light upon all that ails you. Detailing what you are unable to deal with alone.


Be it Physically ~ emotionally ~ Mentally ~ Spiritually or past life  issues that are holding you back . Working with you  to gently release all that holds you back in your life. Handing you the keys to transformation and life changing healing.


A gifted Seer,Oracle and Wise Counsel. Phiona is able to connect with you to bring clarity to your life and path. Reaching into the hidden depths of the mystery of the unknown and bringing detail to your questions.


A reading can reveal the past, present and future within them. It can detail and bring highlights about your love life and relationships. Your finances and career. How they are working or failing and the changes that may need bringing about to maintain them or release them.


Phiona’s journey within this lifetime is that of the Healer and Teacher. She has undergone many personal lessons to become the soul she is today. She has often felt alone and has dealt with the lessons of abandonment, rejection and depression within her journey. It has enabled her to become the healer she is today and to guide souls into healing their lives, their past and to embrace their journey upon this planet.


Phiona has the gift of Claircognizance which is Clear Knowing. She has had this gift since she was a child, and it has allowed her to see clearly for all of her life. She is able to tap directly into the records of the soul and connect with past , present and future life paths.


Seeing into the core of any situation or soul and know how to move forward. The choice is always with the soul in question as to how fast they move along their path, but Phiona will always walk alongside them, as long as they need her.


Having long walked the path of the ancients. Taking her guidance from the messages that nature holds. Embracing the gentle path of the Great Mother of nature. Choosing to stand aside from the modern teaching of the world today.


Knowing she has lived through many lifetimes upon this beautiful planet, her heart belonging to the Sacred Isle of Avalon. As a priestess of Avalon and a Sister of the Mists, folowing her sacred lore along with the teachings of the Great Mother and the Hunter. This is where her gift of the healer was born. Holding a natural affinity with animals and empathy with people.


Phiona often draws upon the ancient energies that hold the memory of past lives. Drawing upon the energies of nature . Her love, passion and knowledge have passed through her lives lived to today, alongside with her knowledge and wisdom.


As a priestess of Avalon Phiona attunes to the energies of the hidden ways. Finding sanctuary within the moon and awakening to the rhythm of nature. Working with these energies within her healing, as they bring a gentle clarity to the soul. Allowing folk to awaken, rebalance, heal and fully embrace their soul journey and path.


Qualifying in 2004 in complimentary therapies and combining her natural gift of healing. Phiona went on to take healing into the Occupational health department at St Richards hospital West Sussex. She  was also invited by a national police force to undertake a reflexology study on officers to determine how the therapy would bring about positive change to those who had been on long term sick leave. During the trial Phiona worked with officers who were under the effect of stress, fatigue and illness. The end result was extremely positive and introduced the idea of alternative health into the Occupational health department.


Now following the path of the healer and working on a one to one with clients, Phiona continues to follow her heart and bring inspiration and transformation onto other peoples lives.




Booking and payment


Healing and readings are available by appointment only.

In person, phone and facebook video messenger 

(readings are not available by email)


Bookings can be made directly here


Before any reading can take place you must ensure that you have read and agreed to the Disclaimer. I am obliged by UK law to provide the disclaimer for your awareness.


Payment by Paypal at the time of booking


Concessions are possible for those in genuine financial hardship or in receipt of benefits

(Proof of benefit may be required)


Call today for a new tomorrow



Healing / reading appointment
40.00 GBP

Payment for healing or reading appointment. Please ensure that your chosen date has been confirmed before making payment.








Born on All Hallows it is no wonder that Phiona holds the innate gifts of Soul Whisperer, Interpreter and Guide. With a knowing that comes from a first meeting, Phiona sees beyond the physical and into the very depths of the soul. Able to listen and channel back to the person in front of her all the soul asks and needs. She is able to speak the language of the soul and converses with it openly enabling the person to open up and often holds an emotional release for them as they feel seen for the first time.


Her guidance is uncannily accurate that has most asking ”just how do you know?” Of that she can’t answer, she just knows! Coupled with her gift of Claircognizance, everything is revealed before her. Claircognizance is the gift of clear Knowing. The knowledge and wisdom comes from a source directly tapped into the Divine, The Great Mother and the Akashic records.


She has a wonderful way of putting all she connects to into a language that the one sitting before her will understand and connect to. Putting people at ease and opening the channels for a deep connection soul to soul. People decide to have a reading for a great many reasons. Phiona doesn’t use the tools of reading to connect. She doesn’t need or use Tarot or Oracle cards or Crystal Ball to focus upon. She only needs to meet and connect with you and your energy for a deep reading of the soul and all it holds and needs. Most often as soon as your appointment is booked she is already connecting with your energy and receiving information on how to help and guide you forward. However if it is your fortune you are after, or to connect with past loved ones, she cannot help you with that as she is not a Fortune Teller nor a Medium.


If you are uneasy about having a reading, because it is your first time, rest assured that Phiona will guide you through your reading and explain every step with you. With over 25 years experience, Phiona will put your worries to rest and help to make your reading an enjoyable and positive experience. Please feel free to message and have a talk, before booking to ensure that you are comfortable if you are unsure.


From the time of being a little girl, Phiona has always had the gift of Knowing. An Inner knowledge that she could not explain, sometimes making her the loner, other times the one to talk to for she was always right. Phiona grew up with a gift that for a long time she kept to herself and only shared within the close circle of her friends and family as others could not understand or always hear the truths of which she spoke. What she didn’t have as a child was the skill to pass on the knowledge and wisdom that she saw. Now years of experience have taught her how to give it to you, so that you can take the knowledge and work it into your life.


Phiona is a gifted claircognizant reader and after a few minutes of meeting with you she is usually able to identify and clearly voice where you are having problems within your life. Either with blocked emotions, situations or people. Working together you can overcome these blockages. To grow stronger and move forward.


During a reading it will probably be the first time you have heard the truth from someone without an opinion or without judgement. It is entirely your choice if you want to heed the advice that is given to you and act upon it within your life. For those that do act upon it, their life is enhanced beyond belief. Phiona can see who a person truly is underneath the personality. It does not matter what guise they use to cover their true self, she will always see them deep down to their core. Seeing who they are, often seeing the colours of the soul and their energies. Phiona can see past incarnations flicking over them like the turning of pages in a book and the things that can bring happiness into their lives.


At times the truth can be painful but it is not meant to be hurtful, just the truth for you without the gift wrapping, enabling you to move in the right direction for your life. It is always shared with a truth that comes from the heart space and for the highest good of the person. Phiona can not only sense their past lives but also see their troubles and what they could do to bring changes into their lives. She can also see their animal spirits and by identifying the animals working with them help to bring animal medicine into their world.


For some time now Phiona has been using the gift of claircognizance within her healing sessions helping clients to really look at the blocks and move forward. It’s a bit like fitting all the little pieces of a jigsaw together, and getting that completed feeling when you see the whole picture that you always knew was there but could not quite see though the missing pieces.


A claircognizance reading is completely different from any other divination tool such as Tarot, Palmistry or the Crystal Ball. It uses no practical tools and does not read your future influences or aspects. It is a complete in-depth reading of your soul. Past and present lives, how they are affecting your journey in this lifetime and blocking you living your life fully.


Phiona will be able to guide you in how your soul needs to move forward for your highest good, blocks that need removing and how a past event is holding you back and need healing. Phiona will be able to help you to connect all your lives that your soul has incarnated through to bring balance and understanding into this one.

You may have patterns and behaviours that you do not understand about yourself, that have come through from a previous life. By exploring this we can release the pattern. Find out which is your right path in your life.  A Claircognizance reading can be one of the most liberating journeys that you may take in your lifetime It may take more than one reading to help you to clear the energies so that you can move forward within your path.


**Before making a booking. Please ensure you have read and understood the readings disclaimer**



Holistic counselling


Phiona is a seer and can read into the deepest aspect of the soul. A gifted claircognizant (the gift of knowing) and being able to access the blueprint of the soul and teaching you how to connect to the person you are longing to be. Changing lives forever and guiding the transformation you have been seeking.


When you are at your lowest point and feeling alone, desperately in need of someone who will listen and gently nurture through the darkest and confusing times of your life. Phiona will work with you, drawing on  over 20 years experience to help and guide you , as you make the changes to your world around you that you seek, for a better future.



Holistic counselling is an alternative to the more traditional form of counselling. Focusing on the whole person rather than just their mental well being. With the ultimate goal of the growth of the whole individuals mind, body and soul.


Traditional counselling can involve the same story being told many times, without ever getting behind the real cause of that story. The real issue that is feeding the wellbeing of the state of mind and creating unwelcome patterns and behaviours.


Holistic counselling engages the whole person, their body, mind, spirit aiding in emotional release, by utilising breath work and energy healing techniques and exposing the sub-conscious mind where all of the repressed memories are hidden.


Holistic counselling takes you by the hand and holds you close as you walk though the dark path of your life. Taking you back to the places that you have locked away but still impacts your life today. Holding you back from fully being the person you wish to be.


By gently opening the conscious mind, by connecting the subconscious it enables the client to recognise the correlation between their childhood and current responses, feelings and lifestyle choices. Allowing the client to embrace the dissociated memories that are fuelling their current life.


By facing the shadow within and no longer being fearful of it and engaging the often lost and forgotten inner child. Deep healing can begin to take place. Allowing change and transformation to begin.


Phiona an experienced Holistic counsellor and regression guide and can take you safely back to those times in this life or sometimes even past lives to help you unlock those events that impact your life today.


Within safe surroundings and the calm of Phiona’s voice you will journey together and look and heal the past. We hold so much from our lessons and journey that at times we do not realise that we hold onto so much unneeded emotions and pain, sometimes it is too painful to look at on your own as you do not have the strength to pull away from the heavy negative emotions.


Phiona will guide you through the negative aspects freeing you to become whole and healed and the person you have always wanted to be.






Healing is the most ancient of all therapy forms, bringing the change of peace and calm to the body and soul. Positive energy is channelled from the universe and Earth into you . It is a gentle and safe healing practice and will only work at the speed and rate that you want to transform.


Working on the four realms of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. It is not down to Phiona or you to decide where it goes first, the energy will go to where you need it most and when that has been filled with positive energy and all the negative energy removed and healing has taken place, it will automatically move to the next realm.


Our physical being functions in the most intricate way, the beat of the heart, the working of the brain. The breath of life, the flow of blood and the nourishment of the cells. If we listen to our body, it speaks to us. Gently sending messages of imbalances, what is good and not so good for our well being.


We have evolved in this fast paced modern life, of no longer listening to the subtle signals of the body. The early signs of imbalance manifesting, becoming easily missed, and overlooked until they become disease and illness.


Healing helps to support the body’s own healing process. Unblocking the negative aspects and replacing them with positive ones within the body or mind, allowing the emotions to balance and calm. Connecting you once more with the subtle language of the body and allowing you to listen to the self once more, with positive action.


Healing can also help to soothe the vibrations of the energy within. All living things hold a vibrational frequency. All moving at differing speeds. Yet the equilibrium sits in delicate balance and our vibration is easily shifted. This to can bring about illness and heighten emotions, and spiral out of control until we feel unable to face them. Healing gives us that support whilst we find that balance and regain the equilibrium .


The way that Phiona works with the energy is usually hands on (laying of hands on you) at the head, and at other times working within the aura, where blockages occur. All physical problems stem from the emotional and manifest until they can become a physical illness. Passing a gentle healing energy through her hands ,usually as a warm or cold feeling and bringing great relaxation.


Phiona will not put a plaster on your problems. Instead working with the energies for your highest good, not only to boost your energy levels, but also look at the cause of your issues.


Sometimes this means delving into the past and clearing stored emotions and issues, and the releasing of those issues, allowing the new positive ways to come in.


Over the last 10 years ,Phiona has had a very good response with clients who have had healing with her. They have found that once they choose to release the old energy and patterns and have that space filled with healing energy they have been able to move forward and get on with their lives positively and happily. Healing really can change your life and give you a new perspective and outlook.


Phiona is a healer of the old ways and ancient path, and has worked with many souls over the years who have sought her and the healing energies, to help them transform their lives.


Harnessing the energy of the ancient and  wise that have walked the path before, and the healing techniques of the ancestors. The energies of the Earth and the Universal wisdom and truths. Phiona is able to work  with souls who feel they have nowhere left to turn . Clearly seeing all that is around them. All that needs to be healed and released. Working through the wounded ego and healing the inner child ,the gift of transformation awaits those who are willing to walk the path of healing.


Phiona’s gift of the healer is to look into the core of the soul and shine a light upon all that ails you. Be it Physically ~ emotionally ~ Mentally ~ Spiritually and even past life issues that are holding you back , handing you the keys to transformation and life changing healing.


If you open your soul and truly release all that holds you back no matter how emotionally painful it may be. You can change your life and become the person you have always wanted to be. Phiona will stand by your side for as long as you need her to walk this part of your journey with you as you heal all that holds you back .


Having worked with her natural healing gift her whole life, attuning and awakening the gifts that she hold, embracing the energy that they bring. Opening it up to others helping them to connect and transform.


In 2004 Phiona studied and qualified in Western therapy techniques to further her gift and combine them together to offer you all the tools you need to transform your life.


Working together you can open your path, allowing you to clearly see, from where you have travelled and to illuminate the rest of your journey ahead.


Awaken your body and soul with the healing energies of the universe. Become balanced and re-energised with the ancient healing techniques that helps with the stresses and problems of a modern world


Sometimes there just has to be another way, another idea that you can turn to , when you have exhausted all others. When you feel that you can go on no further, cannot take it anymore and all feels lost. That’s when you look in other places for answers, that’s when you find Phiona.


Phiona can help, It cant always be explained in words what it is Phiona does to help, but  she can reach within you and hold your hand tightly while you go through those painful or emotional experiences, maybe from your past or events that are out of control in your life right now, healing and balancing all within and around you.


Healing has been here for such a long time and has undertaken so many names and faces. Today’s name seems to be Reiki , a name that most people have heard of and trust. Healing is working with the four energy systems. The Physical (body) the Mental  (mind) ,the Emotional (Emotions) and the Spiritual (Soul).


Only one of these systems needs to be out of balance for you to feel that life is a struggle, either through illness or stress, emotionally or physically. Working with the ancient healing energies and  Phiona’s gift of Claircognizance . She is able to isolate and unblock stagnant energy, that manifests itself as negative attributes within you.


Sometimes a session may involve the use of crystals, chakra balancing, drumming, smudging and many other ways of working with energies to help re-balance and align your physical and spiritual being. It can sometimes involve a session of guided talk and  Holistic counselling. Or a more traditional therapy such as reflexology, Aromatherapy or hopi ear, to work on the more physical imbalances. All work at a pace that you feel comfortable with and that will bring you the greatest benefits.




       Healer ~ Seer ~ Teacher ~ Author

Healing with Phiona



Appointment availability

Tuesday 6pm -7.30pm

Wednesday and Thursday

10am - 4pm


Payment is required at the time of booking to confirm the appointment

A 50 % charge of the Appointment fee, will be applied to any appointment cancelled (by the client) with less than 24 hours notice of appointment date and time.


No further bookings will be accepted until the cancellation fee has been settled.




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