Our gatherings gift us the space to honour the changing season of the cycle of nature, and also our own pathway. heralding the subtle changes of the Great Mother and all she gifts us upon our daily cycle that interchanges within her own.


There are two forms of gatherings that are held. The Sacred Sister Gatherings that are in person gatherings and the Sisters of the Mists online gatherings.



Sacred Sister Gatherings

Sacred sister gatherings brings together women of all paths, faiths, experience and culture to sit in sacred circle and honour the movement of the seasonal cycles. Gathered within the nature spaces of Hampshire in the UK, embracing the ancestral connections of the Wise Woman who walked the shorelines of the Sacred Isle before. Awakening as a reminder of the connective aspect the woman holds in sisterhood circle when  connected to one another in support and union. The Sacred Sister Gatherings brings together the traditions of the seasonal transitions as the cycle moves throughout the year and the connection of womanhood within her communion as a sisterhood in sacred space. Harnessing the magic, folklore, traditions and power of all we are when connected to the land and gathered round fire in chant and song, feast and merriment, meditation and dance. Gifting connection to the land spaces, the matriarchal lineage, the embodiment of the Feminine power and the magic of the soul. Returning home as Sage and Seer, and the woman of knowledge and healing lore. Sacred Sister Gatherings are held at each seasons turn of the cyclical year and are a beautiful way of celebrating each movement through the seasons, the time of womanhood and her pathway. Its such a beautiful embodiment and connection of coming together of women, for women, with women and I truly look forward to sharing space with you throughout the dancing spiral season of celebration and connection.The Sacred Sister Gatherings are held near Portsmouth UK and are held eight times throughout the seasons following the wheel  and cycle of the year.


To book your space or read further on the individual gatherings throughout the year click >>here<<



Sisters of the Mists online open gatherings

Sisters of the Mists will be offering four FREE seasonal Online Gatherings every year to open the space of our pathway and workings to celebrate the cycles and the seasonal movement of the earth as it transitions of SHE. The Great Mother of our Magic and spiritual embodiment. We are opening the space to all who are seeking a way of working of the Priestess in these four very special and free gatherings that can be accessed worldwide.

Hosted by the Sisterhood and reaching out in unified connection, awakening, connection and community. The Gatherings will be held in honour of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each season bringing its own energy, learning, sharing and wisdom. The Online Open Gatherings will bring the community of the Seeker and traveller into the space of the Priestess as she sits in service, in beautiful aspect of the Great Mother, through the sacred space of their own places within the world and sharing outwards to all who wish to hold Sanctuary in celebration of the Seasons tuning and cycle of dance within the empowering action of celebration and community within your own spaces within the earth embrace.

Our online gatherings are free to attend but need to book space so we can hold number accordingly.


We also have a private facebook group that you can join to stay upto date with the next open circles and have access to past circle recordings. Along with asking questions, sharing your thoughts and getting to know the Sisterhood a lilttle deeper.


Online Gathering dates:


Summer June 29th 7pm BST

Autumn August 31st 7pm BST

Winter November 30th 7pm GMT


For full details or to book your space or read further on the individual gatherings throughout the year click >>here<<

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