Sisters of the mists Priestesshood of Avalon
Sisters of the mists  Priestesshood of Avalon

                                                Flame of the mists


Phiona first lit the flame of the Mists from a Samhain fire in Glastonbury (Avalon ) in 2001. The flame has been held by Phiona and the Sisters of the Mists in their homes ever since. Transferring the flame lovingly and carefully from one candle to the next.


Every year at the gathering of the veils in Glastonbury, a new candle is taken to the sacred wells, where phiona cleanses the candle in the running waters of the Tor, charging and empowering it with the energy of Avalon, the lady and of the Hunter.


The candle is anointed with oils, dressed with flowers and herbs and held within the flame of the veil fire. Where it transforms from being just a candle and births itself as the Mother candle for the flame of the Mists.


Once it has been charged the flame is passed from the old Mother candle to the new Mother candle and it becomes the candle that holds the Flame of the Mists for the coming year. The old Mother candle is released into the fire of the veil and feeds the fire of the gathering.



This illumination is the light of the mists, It will help guide and call its sisters home. Through the darkness and when the path becomes lost. It will have a voice that whispers to those who wish to hear. It will guide the seekers who are lost to the shores of Avalon. For those already within the mists it will bring strength to their journey, and of the Priestesses it will bring light to Avalon and the old ways as she rises once more.


The Flame awakens the sacred energy of the Sisters of the Mists, bringing us home to the Lady and to the sacred lands of the Elders, where we hold the wisdoms and truths of the Ancient Isle. Allow the flame to burn brightly at this time of awakening and quickening to illuminate the journey of the self and those who are looking for a way through the mists.


The Flame holds within it the energy of the Unicorn and dragon of the ancient lores and truths. The Celtic warrior Priestess


If you wish to be a holder of the flame, you will be sent a tea light that has been lit from the mother candle and holds the Flame of the Mists within it. It will be cleansed with waters from the sacred wells of The White Springs, Chalice Wells and St Nectans Glen before it is sent to you .


When you receive this candle you should light it and embrace the flame within your soul. You will use the tealight to light another candle of your choice that will become your Flame of Avalon candle. Each tealight sent is a direct descendant that is birthed from the Mother flame.


You will become a holder of the Flame of the mists. Holding the light for Avalon as she rises into our reality once more. We light the Flame of the Mists candle on the darkest night of every month when the moon is of the dark. To bring Light to the darkest night as we find our way home.


There is no set rite, ritual or ceremony for the flame of the mists. You may wish to keep it continuously burning (in a safe container) or to light it just when you are in attendance. Once the flame has been ignited it also burns brightly within your heart and soul, as you connect with the Holders of the flame and the Sisters of the Mists.


If you are unable to light your flame for whatever reason the Sisters will always be holding the flame. You only need to connect to the energy to be within the flames embrace.



To requests your candles please send your details to


There is no cost to sending the tea light, but If you wish to donate to the Flame of the mists for your candle please do so using the donate button below


flame of the mists

There is no cost for the flame of the mists, it is the kind gesture of donations that enables us to continue to send out requests worldwide and continue to keep the flame lit )O(

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