Earth Mother Shoppe

Earth Mother Shoppe brings the treasures and gifts from the core depths of the Earth Mother. Beautiful adornments that have nestled within her being for thousands of years. Unifying her energy and presence into the bounty that she releases at certain times of the seasonal cycle and timeline of the human journey.


In our modern world we have begun to lose connection to the natural spaces and all it gifts us within its formations. of the abundant herbs and medicines we can make from her bounty. of the seasonal connection of the cycle that we journey. the depths of the her nature gifting us her crystalline form in beautiful rocks and stones that harness pure vibration. Carved into the shape to honour HER, in her full being of essence to anchor her Divine Essence into the spaces of the Seeker and bring about the deepest of embodiment of connection to Source.


The Earth Mother Shoppe was borne of the lack of the natural connection to magical items that tend to be mass produced from synthetic materials and far removed from the heart beat of the Great Mother, disconnecting the user from the depth of Divinity and simple interrelation of human being to natural energy.


So many products flood the market place that are mass produced, of unconnected materials, and far removed from the 'old magic is simple magic' belief of our ancestors. At Earth Mother Shoppe it is our belief that  our products should be as close to the earth as possible and have been gathered locally, worked within its seasonal cycle and magically imbued with the old ways of simplicity and power.


All products in the Apothecary are hand made by Phiona, most herbs are organically grown in the Herbarium garden or seasonally foraged locally.  Essential oils are distilled within the Apothecary or sourced from local suppliers. All products are hand blended in small batches and only created at the season time of their growth, once they have sold they are unavailable until the next cycles harvest.


Talismans and Amulets use vintage items that we repurpose and reuse every day items to being magic and enchantment into creation. Always crafted under the moons illumination upon chant and rhyme to imbue them with the magic of their creation to empower your spaces and pathway.


Clay Earth Mothers are created in the dark half of the year, like child in womb they sit in the darkness until ready to be birthed into life, to  connect to the Great Mother and Divine Feminine in all her guises. Harnessing the very earth within the clay to embody her essence and power


Crystals are ethically sourced from small independent wholesalers which does reflect in the price but insures of the  care to the land where they are mined and also to the workers, ensuring of no slave or child labour.


Our love of the Earth Mother is held within all we sell and create, passing the energy to the seeker who is purchasing the items for the use for the self or their spaces.


Magic is as old as time, it is not new, it transforms over time and begins to reflect the era we dwell within, yet sometimes it loses its way a little and becomes commercialised and materialistic. Loosing sense of its identity and modernising for a quick fix and remedy.


Magic is slow and infinite, its spirals and weaves into our lives, working with repurposed and natural essences that are foraged and collected to create empowered items to add to the seekers collections for all their needs.


Here we take the seeker back to the old ways and honour the sense of Divine Source is all we produce and sell, to empower, enhance, enchant and awaken the magic within in all you are.


Items are added to the Shoppe regularly and throughout the season, specifically the Apothecary, if you do not see something that was available previously, always get in contact as we may have reserve stock available. We also make and create Bespoke products, so if something is not listed please don’t hesitate to enquire as we may be able to accommodate your request.


All products are ethically sourced, organically grown, hand picked, hand blended and hand poured.





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Earth Mother Essences


Flower essences are harvested locally by Phiona always at the seasonal point of the year. Harvested fresh and not stored they are created within a day of being gathered to utilise the vibrational energy of the plant and flower.

Flower Essences are some of the most gentle yet powerful vibrational energy that can support or journey of the physical form as it navigates through the challenges of life.

Each flower essence holds the magical essence of the plant and is infused to harness the full aspect of the medicine.



Infused Oils


The loving creation starts the year before, with the growing, harvesting and drying of organic herbs and flowers. Hand picking it from the Herbary garden just at the right time to harness its scent. Then infusing it for nine weeks in organic sunflower oil. Harnessing it’s energy, smell and essence in the oil. Once ready it’s strained and decanted and stored in a dark place. As the aroma of the blend emerges the oil it takes Phiona back to the warm days when she spent time in the garden hand picking the petals, the sound of the birds, the energy of the year and the joy of being in her sacred space of nature. The blend grows as organic essential oils are added to create the sumptuous Infused oils.





Tisanes is the ancient art of blending herbs, flowers, leaves and roots for optimum healing and magical application.

Herbs have been brewed in alchemy form from the beginning of time to aid healing, and magical working.

Today teas are made as a cuppa to quench thirst and accompany food. This is far removed from the ceremonial practice of blending and steeping a combination of blended aromatic herbs to bring about heightened application for its required and desired effect.

Tisanes should be viewed as a sacred rite in their decoction as they pull together and compliment the aroma and taste to embody a truly heightened sensory connection.



Sacred Bathing Soaks


Sacred Soaks take the soul back to its ancestral roots of when bathing was a ritual ceremony to imbue the body and senses into transcendence of awareness. 

An ancient rite that has long been forgotten in our modern fast paced life of washing.

Sacred Soaks are designed to reconnect the being back to the ancient time of devotional bathing. Of entering the sacred space where bath is drawn of purified waters, candles lit to invoke ambience and meditative stillness.
With the addition of herbs, flowers, grains, salts and oils to deepen the bathing rite of devotion to the self and soul.
Harnessing an enchanting experience for the bather as they connect to the hand blended ingredients that open connection, awareness and magical embodiment of Source and the Divine aspect.



Earth Mother Shoppe Crystals


Beautiful  embodiments of the Great Mothers essence from within the depths of the earth. Handpicked to bring the highest vibrational frequency to your spaces and align the soul to the pathway of spiritual awakening and magic. 


ranging from crystals for the novice to the adept practitioner, in the shape of the Earth Mother, Towers, Spheres, Skulls, and many others forms.





Clay Earth Mothers


Designed by Artist and Elder Priestess Julie Tucker and handmade by Elder Priestess Phiona Hutton.


Taking us back to the traditional form of poppets and spirit dolls that would have been crafted by our ancestors as they gathered the earth from beneath their feet and shaped it into a basic human form to represent their need and requirement. Filled with herbs, personal items, scent and stones to empower the essence and to create a human bond and connection. Breathing life into it and working with its energy and creation to bring about a focused and concentrated energy.


The Earth Mother Shoppe Earth Mother’s are crafted from British Terracotta air drying clay. Each one holds a uniqueness in the way it is shaped and formed and holds its own character. They can be placed on an Altar or Shrine, worked as a poppet, fetish or similar to a healing or worry stone. As they are formed from Air Drying Clay so that once the requirement has been attained they can be placed outside upon the earth as an offering where they become a part of the elements and cycle and slowly dissolve back into the earth





Magic is not new. It’s as old as time itself. It has seeped into the world around us and into physical form. It’s held within objects that have lived a life past. That our ancestors held and used in their daily life. Imagine holding something that was held and used thirty, forty and fifty years ago. All that magic and energy that seeped into it. That is held in its very body of design. It’s a keeper of a magical source. Sisters of the Mists products use vintage items as their base encompassing that energy of past times.





Magic is not new. It’s as old as time itself. It has seeped into the world around us and into physical form. It’s held within objects that have lived a life past. That our ancestors held and used in their daily life. Imagine holding something that was held and used thirty, forty and fifty years ago. All that magic and energy that seeped into it. That is held in its very body of design. It’s a keeper of a magical source. Earth Mother Shoppe Amulets use vintage items as their base encompassing that energy of past times. Reworking the magic, empowering the item as a vessel for you to add your own energy and design into it. The creation of your own personalised amulets for your needs, wishes and dreams. Adding your own custom additions to connect to your essence and create your own enchantment that is full of potent power and energy. 



Cd's and Books


Music and written channelled insights from the Great Mother. As Phiona holds channel as her Oracle and Seer she has written all she feels, hears and recieves that has been converted into meditation sounds and words.







Enchantment Bottles


Within vintage vessel, unearthed from beneath the soil, the magic doth begin. For there it laid dormant and waiting from the life it served before. Through season and year, family and kin.
Into the hands of the Priestess it fell, blessed, preserved and charged. To awaken the energy of its form and life and for the Enchantment to begin.
With twist of smoke and incense lit, the vessel bursts into life. Of breath it takes and shape it holds for the energy to underpin. Charged with reason, petition and intent. Filled with herb, hair and bone. Laced with oils, resin and wax. Feather, nail and stone. Chant of old fills the space, with deep resonating sound. Then candle lit and placed within for the enchantment spell to begin.
The petition of right is worked upon any day, noon or night. But ever so more powerful upon Dark or Full Moon Night. As seasons turn and cycles muster the workings magic is done.



Crystal Workshops


A one day workshop working with the energy of nine crystals. Connecting to the deep earth spaces of where they dwelled. Of the messages they hold for humanity and healing the human form.

The Earth Mother Shoppe crystal days is not one of formality or of information that can be sourced through books, but one of deep connection to the Divine Embodiment of SHE, through her beautiful formations of crystal shape.

Learning to embrace, imbue and engage with the signature energy of the beautiful tones of crystalline embodiment of awakening.

Working with each crystal to develop an understanding relationship of how it harnesses the Divine Essence that is awakened as we align to its presence.

The workshop connects the soul to its human form and works with the vibrational frequency to empower and embody deeply within the Source flow through each crystal form.

The day begins with gentle acceptance of understanding and completes with the resonance of awareness of the transcendent aspect of the nine crystals carefully chosen for the awakening of the journey.

Only nine spaces are available for the one day workshop and costs £75 per person. Payment is required at the time of booking to secure your place. All bookings are non refundable but can be transferred if cancelled by Earth Mother Shoppe.



Herbary Workshops


In the one day Herbary workshops learn how to make old fashioned remedies from the land as our Grandmothers used to make. To see us through the seasons with tonics and tinctures to support the immune systems and health.

Each workshop is is crafted around the seasons bounty and dependent on the harvest. The Herbary workshops will include one of the following dependent on the time of year. Elder flower cordials, Elder berry syrup, Rose hip syrup, Sloe syrup along with other home remedies and tonics.

Be guided in the correct identification of all that’s gathered, how to process it, work with its quality’s. How to transform it from raw ingredient to remedy to take home at the end of the day.

Only nine spaces are available for the one day workshop and costs £95 per person. Payment is required at the time of booking to secure your place. All bookings are non refundable but can be transferred if cancelled by Earth Mother Shoppe



Earth Mother Gift card


Treat your loved ones to an Earth Mother Gift card for those special occasions, from £10 up to £100. 










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Earth Mother Candles

Enchanted Candles

Offering Candles




Offering Incense

Working Incense

Sacred Incense

      Private Sittings with Phiona

available worldwide via video link


Sitting appointment availability:

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Tuesday 1pm - 5pm

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Thursday 1pm - 5pm


Full payment is required at the time of booking to confirm the appointment


*Appointments may be transferred by the client up to one week prior to the sitting date and time, at no further cost.

Appointments cancelled within 48 hours to the appointment time and date are not transferable or refundable.*



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