Divine Feminine Day Retreats

Hosted by Phiona Hutton and Dawn Tottle. 

Join with Phiona and Dawn as they open and hold space for the Divine Feminine in new day retreats for women . Along with guest hosts to enhance the day of learning and demonstration of embracing the Feminine Divine.

The day retreats will encompass all aspects of Womanhood, Wellness and Sisterhood. Taking us back to the time of the revered feminine aspect of our being. Relearning how to love the self in emotional, spiritual and sexual form. To embrace the Sacred Essence of the magic of the Source of all life as the vessel of wellbeing. Supported by the nurture of all aspects of being in a group of women also seeking the path of the Female Divine.

The Day Retreats will include: Supported in talks and workshops of Essential Oils, Sacred Movement,
Divinational Circles, Sisterhood Chants, information on Sacred foods and juices, Empowerment, 


There are Nine layers of the Divine Feminine day retreats that can be attended, each taking us further and deeper into the aspect of the self of the Feminine and female power. Re engaging the soul of the sacredness of the female form, as the Vessel of all life and the Chalice of of revered wisdoms and sacred knowledge. They can be attended as a standalone retreat or in relation to each other to build upon holding space for the self.

Spaces are limited to 21 so do book early to avoid disappointment.

Our next day retreat will be held in ‘The Meeting Place’ Westbourne, West Sussex on Sunday September 8th 10am - 4pm

With Co host  - Lianne Hickman

Places are limited and must be booked in advance.

The Divine Feminine space is £45 per person.

Payment in full or 50% non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. (With the remainder payable one month prior to the Day Retreat.)

For more information or to book your space please contact

Dawn - 07739 341180
Phiona - via the contact form





 Retreat Hosts



Phiona Hutton


Is the Founder Elder Priestess of the Sisters of the Mists and has long been teaching of the Feminine Divine and the sacredness of our being as women as holder of the Chalice of life and as Vessel of the Divine Source. Trained in modern day Holistic therapy, her gift is of Divine Interpreter of the Great Mother and the female energy here upon our earth. She holds the gifts of the Seer and Oracle and speaks truths that have long been forgotten.


Phiona holds space for the female and brings the gift of transformation to those who are seeking. Her connection to the earth is as one, she is the embodiment of nature and it blooms abundantly around her. She works tirelessly on the empowerment of women and advocating the power all female beings hold within them. Awakening and guiding the journey of women around the world to empower their true self and the embodiment of all being a woman means.


Speaking in an ancient language that has been lost to our modern world, Phiona holds a key that many have misplaced and overlooked in today's society. the true nature of the female being, what it means and how to embrace it once more.Bringing the key to opening awareness within the self and truly honouring the Divine Power of the feminine in all her aspect and being. 


Phiona is Co - Founder of the Divine Feminine Retreats and Open Circles.


Email - sistersofthemists@btinternet.com

Social Media - Sisters of the Mists




Dawn Tottle


Dawn has been working professionally in the field of holistic therapy for over 20 years, qualified in aspects of natural treatments including aromatherapy, Reiki and Chinese cupping. A certified personal trainer, with a lifelong passion in nutrition, hypnotherapy, EFT and currently working as a juice therapist. When we reduce our toxic load, whether it be relationships, synthetic foods or household pollutants, the flow of our Divine potentiality can be harnessed and we can become the creator of our own universe. 


Her passion for ancient culture and workings has seen her travel the globe to learn the wisdom of our Elders before they become lost and forgotten in our modern world. Bringing these ancient techniques in to a modern society. It is these travels and journeys that have brought her closely to the Divine Feminine in her own aspect and shown her the pathway of combining ancient learning to a modern way of living and embracing the Female in all her aspects once more, working closely with women to enhance their pathway through therapy and healing.


Dawn is Co - Founder of the Divine Feminine Retreats and Open Circles.


Email - Thejuicygoddess@hotmail.com 

Phone- 07739 341180 

Social Media - The Juicy Goddess



Guest Hosts




Deep Roots with Lianne.


Lianne will be holding space and sharing Ecstatic Awakening Dance, with a focus on embodying the feminine, embracing sexuality and channelling this primal creative force for healing. The dance is an intuitive expression of movement, unique to the individual, guided by the body’s innate wisdom and held by Lianne’s nurturing presence. The dance is performed with the eyes closed and there are no set movements, your dance can be smooth and flowing or jagged and erratic, all is welcome, all is perfect. Moving in this way shakes off heavy energies that no longer need to be carried, and unwinds blockages within the energy body, leaving us with a sense of blissful release. Lianne’s soul intention is to share healing practices and tools that can enhance the experience of being human incarnate, of being woman, and to help others find ease and appreciation within their own unique expression. Her passions include embodied movement in the form of Yoga and free dance, ceremony, plant food (especially chocolate), plant teachers, and energy healing.


Email: deeprootswithlianne@gmail.com

Phone: 07703054754

Social Media: Deep Roots with Lianne





Divine Feminine Open Circles


The Female is awakening. Her connection to the Divine Source is strengthening. She is remembering all she is and all she has been forced to forget. Her power is returning and empowering all she is and holds. Connected innately to the Great Mother she embodies the energy of the Sacred Feminine and embraces all she is as the Holy Grail and Divine chalice of all life.. No longer willing to hide it to fit into society. She is ready to stand tall and to seek others who are hearing the call.


Imagine a space where you can be completely accepted for exactly who you are. Where you can feely speak and be listened to without judgment or criticism. A place where you can be all of yourself, sharing the trials of life and the issues that are problematic.


A space where you are welcomed and embraced with truth and honesty, into a group of women who support and nurture each other. Empowering the self and soul. Where no apology is ever needed or expected. A sacred circle of the feminine truth and ancient connection of the soul. 


Such a place is found within the Divine Feminine Open Circles, where the Sisters of the Mists open the doors of their sacred spaces once a month for women to enter and connect, taking us back to the ancient times of true Sisterhood and the beauty of being a woman in a group of strong women.


We talk about everything and anything, relationships, parenting, growing older, life in general, spirituality, gardening, art, music and so much more. We hold healing and reading sessions within the gatherings and offer guidance for those who are wanting, or support for those in need. A space for the female to reclaim her power and to become empowered once more. To connect with like minded women and discover all you have lost and embrace all you will find.


 A  gathering of women for women to explore the mystery and power of the female energy. A coming together of ancestry and pathworking of hundreds of years. Creating a sacred space for talk, laughter and connection. Of spiritual conversation, magical connection. Working to the cycles and season of the land and honouring the moon phases of the months. A wonderful haven to connect to like minded souls and remembering our connection to the old ways and sharing the ancient path of the mists. Opening the energies to those who are curious and inquisitive to another way of working with nature and the Great Mother.


All women gather from all paths, fails, culture and race. it is not about the path we follow but the sacredness of the Female and all she holds and re-discovering all we hold as women and the connection of all hold within.


The Circle of the Feminine Divine meets in Havant - Portsmouth - Uk on every third Wednesday of the month 7-9pm

There is no cost to attend and no commitment to attend every meeting. Places must be pre booked as space is limited. To be included in this circle of women please get in contact with your email address to be added to the mailing list via the contact page


 Meeting dates for 2019


18th September

16th October

20th November


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