Avalon Healing Empowerment courses


Avalon has existed since the creation of the Earth. It has appeared and withdrawn from this realm many times throughout millennia. It is the natural centre of all magic and healing and all healing forms that we know today were birthed from the Divine Spark of the Original Source. The energy has remained within Avalon and over time it has been released through the mists in the form of the Priestesses who carry it and work with its energy. Bringing it into our world and everyday life.


Now Sisters of the Mists brings this healing energy to you, for you to embark on your own healing journey and to become a healer of the Avalon energy with the Empowerments of the Sacred Isle. It has been over the last 10 – 20 years that is has been gently returning to the earth once more, slowly and little by little resurfacing. Creating energy vortexes within ancient sites and calling the Priestesses to awaken to hold its powerful energy within them, to enable them to share it and empower those who are aware of its healing ability and value its worth.


The Avalon Empowerments attunes the soul to the ancient dormant energy that already resides within you. Aligning the soul to its true nature and the divine essence of healing energy. Each Empowerment heightens the senses and develops an intense sense of well being and connection to all that is.


The Healing Empowerments are taught over a two day workshop. Both days must be attended to complete the Empowerment. The Sisters of the Mists hold three weekend courses per year, (during Spring, Summer and Autumn) where spaces are limited to nine students on each weekend course to ensure complete attention and time with each student. There is also the opportunity to receive the empowerments on a one to one teaching basis. Please contact Phiona directly if you wish to receive the Empowerment teaching this way, to arrange a mutually agreed date.


The Healing Empowerments weekends are held  in Hampshire Uk



Healing Empowerments


Everyone’s journey is unique to them, there is no need to progress through all the Empowerments, it is about you and seeking the Empowerment that suits your soul and the journey it is undertaking. Of course you may wish to undertake all three Empowerments, you may wish to complete them after taking the year of waiting between each one, or to do them more slowly and in your own time. All that matters is that you walk through them in your on time and embrace the energy of each one as you ready for them on your healing path. They open a depth of understanding and healing in you that balances the soul and being as one, only you will know when you are ready to embrace the next Empowerment.


Each one is very powerful and opens a deep awareness of consciousness, connection and understanding to the self, the world around you and to the spiritual realm. Each takes nine days of preparation to ready for the Empowerment and you must be sure before committing to the Empowerment that you are ready for the positive changes that it will bring.


A minimum of a year must be taken between each Empowerment as the mind body and soul need the time to absorb and balance the heightened and newly awakened energy within each. The self needs the time to balance a new way of being and understanding and to fully explore the new way of being.


If you are unsure if the Empowerments are right for you, it is advisable to book an Avalon healing session with Phiona prior to committing to the healing Empowerments, to experience how the energy feels. It is energy like no other even if you have had other forms of healing before.


In preparation of the Healing Empowerment it is essential that for nine days prior to your Empowerment that you refrain from caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and recreational drugs. It is recommended to only consume water or herbal teas and whole organic foods.


First Empowerment of Awakening 


This awakening course is about enhancing your own spiritual journey and awakening the dormant healing energy within you. Enabling you to embrace your own personal power and empowering the energy you hold.


It is a bringing together of the ancient life force that flows through all living things and the energy of the self and the physical being that you exist within. No longer seeing them as separate but as one energy. One that is connected to all things, no longer needing the entrapment of others to give you permission of who you want to be, but living for the self instead.


During the time on the course you will delve into self discovery of who you are, not how others see you or who you portray to others, but the true self that dwells within . The Divine Soul and connected spirit to all that is around you. Empowering the self to open the healing frequency within and enabling healing for the self and for the journey to begin of release and alignment. Moving the pools of the soul into complete balance. Bringing awareness to the light and colours that surround the body, identifying blockages and stagnant energy. Trusting the feelings, intuition and guidance that is awakened from deep within the soul.


This first empowerment is only for the self and it will not enable you to carry out healing on others around you. It is such an important step to embrace and you will know when you are ready to engage with it. Opening the soul to the purest and oldest of healing energy that dwells upon this earth from a time before all modern practices and healing systems and that is steeped and still found hidden in ancient culture that remains today.


Many souls take the First Empowerment of Awakening for their own personal growth, self development and awakening. Having felt there is something more, just out of reach of the self. Embracing the harmony and balance that this Empowerment holds. Many feel a “coming home” after completing the first Empowerment and hold a true sense of personal fulfilment for the first time in their life.


The two day course will cover:


  • Introduction to the Avalon Healing Empowerment of Awakening course
  • The History of Avalon healing
  • Avalon energy
  • Healing Empowerment of Awakening
  • The Breath of Avalon
  • The nine fundamental truths
  • Identifying blockages
  • How to self heal and connect to your intuition and embrace the Empath


On completion of the second day of attendance all students are presented with the Avalon Healing certificate of the First Empowerment of Awakening.


Second Empowerment of Insight


Having let a year pass you will have noticed the changes around you and within. Some may be small and some may have been major life changes that bring you to a positive pathway and life. You may have noticed changes in your mental and physical health, your relationships and your general wellbeing. This is the Avalon Healing Empowerment of Awakening finding its balance and within this first year it settles and finds its level. For some it may take longer than a year and in your own time you will know when you are ready to begin the second Empowerment course.


The continuation of the healing energy is attained during this two day course. The second Empowerment can only be given after the first Empowerment has been undertaken and a minimum of a year has passed. It is so important to allow time in between each Empowerment. For true healing of the self and for the self, to be undertaken. It is paramount that the soul has rested and that the pure healing energy of Avalon has worked through the physical, mind and soul. Allowing alignment, balancing and the healing aspect to have begun its deep sense of peace and tranquillity in the soul.


It is in the second Empowerment that we learn of the nine pools of the soul and how our energy works with us on an individual basis. Observing the subtleties of energy that previously we may have been unaware of. How to read the energy around us and to become aware of the smallest of changes in our own equilibrium and wellbeing.


Now you are able to learn of healing those who are close to you, your extended family, of those of the same vibration and frequency. Aligning the imbalances within them and centering and aligning their mind body and soul.


You also continue to deepen the healing of the self and for the first time becoming finely tuned to your own energy. Deepening the sense of knowing. Heightening the intuition and connecting fully and completely with the pools of the soul. No longer working as separate energies but as one complete whole. You will be shown how to read energy and interpret its meaning and apply it to the self healing and that of others. How to be still and listen and to be in sync with the self, possibly for the first time in your life.


The Second Empowerment confirms you as a healer and the energy that holds. Learning to be still, to allow the energy to align itself and no longer look to others to validate or give you permission to all you are. You become the healer of the self completely and start to recognise the energy within others and how you can reach out through the Avalon energy to bring a deep healing to the world around you .


The two day course will cover:


  • Introduction to the Avalon Empowerment course of insight
  • The Nine Pools of the Soul
  • How to work and feel the energy of the nine pools
  • How to read and interpret energy of the physical and emotional self.
  • Healing Empowerment of Insight
  • How to deepen the sense of self healing with the nine pools
  • Identifying blockages of the pools
  • Quietening


On completion of the second day of attendance all students are presented with the Avalon Healing certificate of the second Empowerment of Insight.


Third Empowerment of Wisdom


Having lived a further year with the Avalon Healing Empowerment you will have fundamentally changed within your being and soul. Still with changes and transformations occurring constantly around you. Seeing the world through new vision and communicating with the plant, animal and human world on a deeper frequency. The unspoken word holds more weight as the communion is through energy transfer and connection. By now you would have received two Empowerments and lived with each for a minimum of a year for each one.


For some it may take longer than a year to be ready for the third Empowerment and in your own time you will know when you are ready to begin. The third Empowerment can only be given to those who have completed the first and second Empowerment course.


It is during this third Empowerment course that you are introduced to the symbols of Avalon Healing, the sacred energy that has been embraced by the ancients and ancestors over hundreds of thousands of years ago. The inner wisdom of deep connection to the earth and her healing. To the Great Mother and the Feminine Divine. To all creation and the spark of life and to the Source herself.


Here “Knowing” is fully embraced and you no longer are just a soul in a human body, but you become a completely connected and knowing soul. Feeling, absorbing and being the energy of all that is the life force itself. You learn to work with the ancient symbols and feel the power they hold. How to harness their energy and to bring the balance into all you are and do.


For the first time you will be able to use the Avalon Healing Empowerments on others, to combine it with your healing practices. To underpin other healing techniques, forms and traditions with the original spark of life. Enhancing yourself as a healer and connecting to the infinite wisdoms of the universe and of Avalon itself.


During this two day Empowerment you will learn how to heal the DNA through Metamorphic transformation and how the Matriarchal lineage can be healed from the past to the present and through to future lines. How we are all part of the Great Mother and we connect to her energy and renew the self with the third Avalon Empowerment. Becoming the Healer of the most ancient of energy and that has sparked all modern day healing paths.


The two day course will cover:


  • Introduction to the Avalon Healing Empowerment symbols.
  • How to work with the Empowerment symbols.
  • Healing Empowerment of Wisdom.
  • Distance healing through time and dimensional space.
  • Healing of DNA, past life and inner child for the self and others.
  • Exchange healing with other students and learn how to feel, read and hold the energy.
  • Connecting to source and the Divine energy of the Great Mother


On completion of the second day of attendance all students are presented with the Avalon Healing certificate of the third Empowerment of Wisdom.


Fourth Empowerment of Enlightenment - Teacher


This Empowerment is only for the Priestess of Avalon who have completed the three year Priestess training with the Sisters of the Mists and also all three Healing Empowerments. Enabling them to teach the Healing Empowerments of Avalon. They are the keepers of the ancient energy and in the service of the Great Mother and Great Father. They are  the guardians of the sacred mystery that is born within their soul and who have journeyed the three Braids of the Seeker to become the Priestess and Huntsman once more.


In this Empowerment the Priestess is shown the three Empowerments and how to transition them to students. Passing on the way of Avalon healing and ensuring its protection in the future years to come. With the knowledge they hold within the soul of the Sacred Isle, this readies them as the teacher to ensure that the knowledge of Avalon is shared within the Empowerments and to those who are seeking the healing.


The Priestess  will need to study with Phiona on an individual basis and be able to attend Empowerment courses to complete their training. They will need to attend three First Empowerment courses, followed by three Second Empowerment courses and finally three Third Empowerment courses. This is in addition to a two day course at the beginning and end of the training to complete the Empowerment of Enlightenment - Teacher training.


The Avalon Healing Empowerment of Enlightenment is not one to be taken lightly, there is a lot of work involved for those who are wishing to teach and pass on this ancient wisdom and energy. It should be hard to attain, in this world to much is freely given away and it loses its respect and accountability. The understanding of the importance of this energy as a gift in this world is the underpinning knowledge that separates the mystery of Avalon to all other paths and traditions. It is only safe within the hands of the Priestess and their infinite wisdom and respect, and thus so they are  the ones who are able to take it  and pass it onto others in the form of Healing Empowerments.


The Fourth Empowerment is usually completed over three years, but as always is guided by the Priestess themselves and some may take longer to complete but everything is always as it should be and those who are destined to teach the Healing Empowerments will complete as they ready to embrace and take this wondrous energy into the world. Thus completing their own journey of the Avalon Healing Empowerments.


The Fourth Avalon Healing Empowerment of Enlightenment consists of the following:


  • Attend the two day Introduction workshop of the Fourth Empowerment of Enlightenment course.
  • Attend three First Empowerment of Awakening courses in a training capacity.
  • Attend three Second Empowerment of Insight courses in a training capacity.
  • Attend three Third Empowerment of Wisdom courses in a training capacity.
  • Provide written reflections of all three Empowerment courses.
  • Provide  nine case studies of healing and accounts of transformations observed.
  • Guardianship of the sacred symbols.
  • Taking yourself to the next vibrational frequency of Avalon Healing.
  • Attend the two day Conclusion workshop of the fourth Empowerment of Enlightenment course.


On completion of the second day of the conclusion course all students are presented with the Avalon Healing certificate of the fourth Empowerment of Enlightenment - Teacher.



Fees for each Empowerment


Each empowerment is taught separately and over two days. They cannot be combined and you must have worked through the previous empowerment for a year minimum prior to progressing onto the next Empowerment.


The fees are for the empowerment course only. (Retreat costs are additional if applicable)


First Empowerment of Awakening - £200

Second Empowerment of Insight - £250

Third Empowerment of Wisdom - £300

Fourth Empowerment of Enlightenment (for those wishing to teach and who have completed the previous three Empowerments plus the three year Priestess Training with the Sisters of the Mists) - Price on request .


Payment is either in full at the time of booking or a non refundable deposit of 50% with the remainder 50% payable one month after deposit payment.


An instalment plan arrangement is possible upon request with a 50% non refundable deposit to secure your place and the remainder divided into 3 monthly instalments beginning one month after the deposit payment.(A 3.4% admin fee is applied to the total amount if paying in instalments)


The course must be paid for in full three months prior to the course date.


Only Nine places are available for each course and once full applicants will be added to a waiting list for the next course date and will be given priority booking options.


All deposits are non refundable.



First Empowerment of Awakening
200.00 GBP

Payment in full for the First Empowerment of Awakening

If you would like to pay a 50% non refundable deposit with instalments please contact Phiona at sistersofthemists@btinternet.com to make arrangements






Second Empowerment of Insight
250.00 GBP

Payment in full for the Second Empowerment of Insight

If you would like to pay a 50% non refundable deposit with instalments please contact Phiona at sistersofthemists@btinternet.com to make arrangements






Third Empowerment of Wisdom
300.00 GBP

Payment in full for the third Empowerment of Wisdom

If you would like to pay a 50% non refundable deposit with instalments please contact Phiona at sistersofthemists@btinternet.com to make arrangements






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