Sisters of the mists Priestesshood and Huntsmen of Avalon
Sisters of the mists  Priestesshood and Huntsmen of Avalon




Who is a Priestess of the Sisters of the Mists?


She is you and I, she is a normal woman who is searching for more than she lives. A woman who is seeking the Sisterhood of a forgotten time. A sanctuary from the isolation of a modern world. The connection of more than she is willing to accept. A world wide gathering of women, who are empowered through their connection, love and passion for Avalon.


The Divine Feminine who is aware of all she holds as the Sacred Vessel for all life. The direct connection to Source and the Infinite wisdom of the Divine Essence. She holds this Spark deep within her soul and encapsulates the energy of Avalon in all her being. The place of the beginning of all Magic and Spirituality. She is the key holder to all that resides beyond the Mists.


She is the embodiment of Avalon, a Vessel of pure magic and being. She is in service to the Great Mother and Lady of the Sacred Isle. She is the awakened soul of another time, who has walked through the Mists to connect to the self  that, which has been lost to her.


Her core holds the beauty of all she is, her mind the knowledge of the ancient ways. Her soul the unwritten truths and beauty. Love is held within her passion for all she breathes. She is a weaver of energy and a harbourer of nature, she is aligned deeply to the cycle and nature of the Earth and is soul keep to its rhythm.


She is an empowered woman, awakened to all she holds, in tune with nature and her cycle. Her soul an eternal link to a path that has been lost to a modern world and society. She is the whisper of the Lady and the word of the Great mother.


The Priestess is strong within her feminine aspect, she is a strength within nature and wild within being. She is a teacher showing the way of another path that is connected directly to Source and channels the connection through her physical being. She is without hierarchy, she is equal to all around her, in balance of all she knows and is yet to learn.


She is an Oracle of Divination, and Enchantress of all magic, a holder of the mystery, a weaver of words. She is strength and a force that creates energy wherever she goes. A powerful healer. She wields nature as her companion and ally. She is the warrior and battles tirelessly, championing the innocent and weak.


The Priestess of the Sister of the Mists is devoted to Avalon and no other path. It is her life, her breath and her very being, She radiates the love of her connection in all she is and does, she listens without judgment and replies without ego. Her compassion and understanding a beacon for those around her.


She touches the energy of all she comes into contact with, illuminating their path and life and offering the chance for transformation to those who seek it. She is in constant tune with the cycle of life and nature, honouring and celebrating it with all she does.


Her celebrations are simple and powerful and formed from nature itself. Honouring the balance and strength in her core. The Priestess is the Divine connection to all that surrounds her, the link of the unknown and the heart of the centre of the essence of all magic.


Sisters of the Mists calls all who hear her to the Sacred Isle of Avalon and connects the soul to the Feminine Divine, the Mother of all creation and the Lady of the ancient ways and to train as her Priestess. If you have heard her call and followed her here then you too are about to embark on an ancient journey of teachings and into the fold of the Sister Priestesses of Avalon.


The Lady gives her teachings to those who wish to follow the ancient path empowering them with the knowledge of the olds and the ways of the earth. Knowledge lost for centuries only being glimpsed in Arthurian legend and Novels. Here the Lady connects with us and allows the soul to remember, the woman to become, the Lady to be.


The sisters of the Mists is for all who desire to lay themselves bare and who choose to walk the journey of the soul, healing the wounded ego and the forlorn inner child.


Where are the sisters of the mists from? We currently have Seekers and Priestesses located all around the world in countries including:  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, France, Greece, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, UK and the USA. Training is available by a comprehensive and fully supported distance learning, that is connected by its own group for each Braid year of training, to enable the seeker to connect with the Sisters within each group. Opening up their journey and accompanied by those sharing the journey. Language is no longer a barrier with modern day translating software that is widely available. live video Gatherings and online monthly Webinars are also available and  1-1 connections  to support and close the many miles between those who are in training.


She of all things reawakens the memories of the Priestess within, through her teachings we are able to bring Avalon and the Lady into the modern world, to learn how to walk within the mists without it being a distant memory. Many women have felt for a long time within their life that there is something missing, something that they cannot quite reach, once the Great Mother of Avalon calls you, it feels complete.


The teachings gently take you through the paths that lay before you, becoming the Priestess, and empowered woman of the ancient ways, she of the olds.


The time is quickening as the Elders call us home.


Train to become a Sister of the Mists in Hampshire in the South of England with Phiona Hutton, or by the Sisters of the Mists distance learning training.


The three veils of the Sisters of the mists takes the Seeker through all the aspects of walking alongside the Lady and Great Mother devoted to her service and becoming her Priestess and truly learning how to be the holder of the ancient ways of being.



The training to become a Priestess, is a three year training program that can be taught via distance learning. Each teaching is sent around the festivals.  Each year denotes a different level within the training. Culminating in the becoming of the Priestess in the final and third year of the first White Veil


 Training with the Sisters of the Mists, offers you the opportunity to embrace all aspects of Avalon within your life and path. Re connecting to the Lady and her mysteries. To embrace the mists and the Great Mother as you learn the ways of the forgotten Priestess of the Mists.


Working with the energies and shrouded ways of the sacred Isle of Avalon and bringing them into the modern world alongside your life of the now. It is not to be entered into lightly and you must be prepared for all that will be asked of you as you awaken the Priestess within and learn the ways of our ancestors and of the Lady. It is a deep look at the self and the shadow aspect, re connecting to our power and empowering all we are.


The Veil training is led by Phiona Hutton founder and Silver Elder Priestess of the Sisters of the Mists. Phiona has taught the ways of Avalon in rural Hampshire for many years, also working as a Healer and Seer.


 Awaken the ancient path within your soul.


You can also follow the sisters of the Mists on social media and YouTube


To find us on facebook follow the link for the Isters of the mists page





Please do not use the comments section for application or training enquiries.


Please follow the link which will take you through to the contact page where you can directly email for training and application queries.




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  • Jane (Tuesday, June 18 19 01:27 am BST)

    I feel drawn to the Divine Feminine. Sisters of the Mist feels like it may be the missing piece in my life. I am in the Havant area and would love to know more.

  • Jaqui (Thursday, June 13 19 10:59 pm BST)

    Please email more information

  • Sandra rudman (Tuesday, May 28 19 07:04 pm BST)

    I'm interested in finding out more please.....I felt a connection as soon as I saw this on fb....

  • Kimberly Muniz (Thursday, May 09 19 04:32 pm BST)

    Today I made a decision to seek my inner "witch" and go back to my roots (ancestry from Kerry County, Ireland)I told God I was sorry but I felt the pull from within and my days of trusting a book interpreted by men was over. Two hours later I saw the training post on IG...I really would love any and all guidance I as begin this journey FINALLY after too long

  • Lisa (Friday, April 19 19 12:56 am BST)

    I'm having trouble with my faith .I live in Alabama and there are not many of us around here I was raised Catholic.I was wondering if you can help me connect to sport I pray to all the God and Goddess and also to Mary God and angels

  • Carrie (Saturday, April 13 19 07:36 am BST)

    Hi would be interested in attending the meetings in Havant in Wednesday. Can you let me have details

  • Janice MacLeod (Friday, April 12 19 03:57 pm BST)

    Great Mother of Avalon is calling me

  • Tina Goode (Wednesday, April 10 19 12:25 am BST)

    Thank You for inviting me to your page! 💗

  • Joachim Meyer (Tuesday, March 12 19 11:47 am GMT)

    ICH bin der gehörnte der Jäger der die Geheimnisse der Venus kennt ihr die ihr dem uraltem Ritus folgt seit dafür geehrt und geliebt folgt mir auf Facebook unter Joachim meyer folgt einfach dem Herz

  • Glenis Hal (Monday, March 11 19 04:34 pm GMT)

    Im interested in enroling for 2020 your priestess training course the online one thou. BB

  • shalini (Sunday, March 10 19 11:55 am GMT)

    I'm interested to participate in your online course. I've got a call to come to Glastonbury.

  • Robin (Thursday, February 28 19 11:11 am GMT)

    Want to learn more. Have always been drawn

  • Deborah (Sunday, February 24 19 05:39 am GMT)

    What a beautiful service you provide. I will be with you one day. I did ask for more information, and upon further reading found the answer to my question. Sorry! Blessings on you all!

  • Stephanie (Saturday, February 23 19 10:40 pm GMT)

    Greetings. I am very interested in participating in your online course. I have followed a Celtic path for over 10 years and would love to have more structure and community. I love on Long Island in NY USA and have a few friends interested in starting a circle. Thank you for your help.

  • LIBBY Oberg (Monday, February 04 19 10:09 pm GMT)

    Interested in training...

  • Jenny Hogg (Wednesday, January 30 19 06:49 am GMT)

    I was born aa catholic child and beaten severely as the only statue I would look on with respect and unity was the blue rored Mary Mother of the Lord.I felt a direct calling from the lady in blue.the first finding for me as a child of Avalon and the Lady of Avalon changed not only my life but ME.this is my next path (I hope)

  • Carry (Sunday, January 13 19 10:49 am GMT)

    I am highly interested in learning more about this. Please send me more information. I have studied a multitude of religions & none have touched me as deeply as just reading your page. I feel very drawn & like this is my home & I belong 💖

  • Chrystine (Sunday, January 06 19 02:58 pm GMT)

    There is a calling, like the well within us...back to priestess in us the time when our words were cherished and our gathering powerful for positive change and healing. Hail to the return of the sisters

  • Tania Duke (Monday, December 31 18 12:05 am GMT)

    I’m very interested can you give me more details regarding cost. Is this something I could do thru email?

  • Moons (Wednesday, December 19 18 03:00 am GMT)

    Hi, I’m from India. Isn’t there any way for me to avail of this training ?

  • Kim Pauline v Eames (Wednesday, December 12 18 09:55 am GMT)

    I am interested in coming along to your monthly meetings. I am a Reiki Master and trance energy healer but not in practice due to family bereavement. Hoping 2019 begins my path again. Kim known as Pauline

  • Rebecca Harty (Tuesday, December 11 18 12:09 pm GMT)

    Hi Tbere, I am Interested in Your course, please can you give me an idea of dates cost etc gor the south east

  • Deborah (Monday, December 10 18 03:53 pm GMT)


  • Laura Bill (Wednesday, December 05 18 08:38 pm GMT)

    What does the classes entail? What are we paying for and how much is it?

  • Ma Teresa F Zuloaga (Wednesday, November 28 18 05:05 pm GMT)

    I’m very interested in the three-year Course. I currently live in Mexico and would like to know more about the financial support. Thank you in advance.

  • Franzisska Pool (Wednesday, November 28 18 11:18 am GMT)

    BB may i know more ?

  • Angie Mentzer (Tuesday, November 20 18 06:14 am GMT)

    What are your prices on the classes ??

  • Mandi (Friday, November 16 18 02:11 pm GMT)

    I live in Oklahoma where's the nearest place for you train or hold meetings?

  • Sue Varma (Thursday, November 15 18 10:54 pm GMT)

    I’d like to know more about your online programme please.

  • Jenny Collier (Thursday, November 15 18 09:48 pm GMT)

    I live in the United States but am very drawn in to this, I feel a strong connection. I am very interested in it. I would have to do it by email, wish I lived in the UK. If I could get a application that would be awesome. Blessed Be.

  • Iliana (Thursday, November 15 18 02:51 pm GMT)

    Need information for USA

  • Mandi (Tuesday, November 13 18 08:38 am GMT)

    Looking for one in the US

  • Meena (Monday, November 12 18 02:03 pm GMT)

    Hi there, do you have gatherings in Poole or Bournemouth?

  • Grace (Friday, November 09 18 02:56 pm GMT)

    Want to know about you guys. I feel like there's no one here in the US.

  • Rachel (Monday, November 05 18 08:27 pm GMT)

    Sounds interesting could you give me more information of your gathering as you appear to be near to me

  • Donna Williams (Saturday, October 27 18 06:56 pm BST)

    I live in British Columbia, Canada, and I would love to learn more about this. I have found myself immersed in Arthurian lore for a long time now, and love it deeply. Please send me an application.

  • Patti Wood (Friday, October 26 18 02:03 am BST)

    Sisters, I too have the pull and interest, I have for a long time!! I have been lost for so many years,and now I have this longing to learn all I can! Please send me the application to get started with the peace I need in my soul!!

  • Martina Eklund (Wednesday, October 24 18 01:11 pm BST)

    I would very much like to apply for the training by email to become a sister of the mists ❤️

  • Cheryl Rawlin (Tuesday, October 23 18 06:17 am BST)

    Hi Phi, can you email 2x application forms for acceptance into Goddess training on the email training course please ❤️X

  • Jamie (Monday, October 22 18 03:58 pm BST)

    I'm interested in the email course. Please send me an application.


  • Mary (Sunday, October 21 18 06:25 pm BST)

    Hi I would like to apply for your course please
    I live in Australia

  • Jaime Bowen (eclectic pagan gypsy witch) (Saturday, October 20 18 08:51 pm BST)

    I love this and I am very interested in learning. Please send me emails about any free classes you offer.

  • Sarah Hawkins (Monday, October 15 18 09:58 pm BST)

    Sisters, I am selflearned and I hace felt the pull and call of the Goddess. I seek to learn more.
    Many thanks and Blessings.

  • Jacqueline lewins (Wednesday, October 10 18 08:49 pm BST)

    I would like tp enquire if i can apply for funded training place in hardship I work part time but due to having fibromylia live on breadline ..I would love to study x

  • Ida Madeleine (Monday, October 08 18 06:21 pm BST)

    All my youth there was a whisper from the ancient Avalon. Today I’m in the power of the new moon, looking for my direction- and there it was ❤️Blessed be..

  • Johanna (Sunday, October 07 18 09:37 pm BST)

    Hi, I have felt the calling of the Mother all my life... It is finally time for me to reach out, get out of my comfortzone
    :) I am interested in the email correspondence course. Warm greetings from Belgium.

  • Tina Cobb (Friday, September 21 18 06:25 pm BST)

    I am wondering if the scholarships are still open to the priestess training? and if so where I can find it. Thank you and Blessed Be

  • Holly Lynn Cook (Tuesday, September 18 18 06:05 pm BST)

    I have felt a pull from the Goddess to learn more. I am self learned and connect to all of nature, earth and sky. Seeking more knowledge to help healing of this earth and all who live here.
    Thank you for your time.

    Holly Lynn

  • Clarissa (Tuesday, September 18 18 04:33 pm BST)

    Sister’s I have received the calling and been presented with your details, I was speaking of Avalon with a friend, the next day I received a call to attend a gathering .... synchronised alignment. I would be most grateful to receive more information or application and join with you sisters of the mist!
    Love & blessings 🧝‍♀️
    Clarissa 🌿

  • Jenny (Friday, September 07 18 08:06 pm BST)

    Sisters, please.. where’s the application!?
    I would love to apply.. or to know more.
    Since very young age the Call towards this ancient Path was strong within my heart.
    I dreamed of magickal place hidden deep within the Great Mists.. in my dream there was this mesmerizing lady with long silver hair, teaching me about the Goddess and rituals, showing me things I’ve never seen before.
    Back then I had no idea who that lady was or what all that meant.. many years later a friend presented me Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Books called “the Mists of Avalon” - which shed some light and ever since the calling was sooo strong! 🧝🏼‍♀️

    Please, let me know! 🙏🏼

    Blessings to you all 💫








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