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Awakening the Sacred aspect of the Wise Woman, Oracle, Seer and Priestess. A time of remembrance of the power and magic of SHE that is innately within the form of femininity and is an everyday woman who is searching for more than she lives.  A woman who is seeking the Sisterhood of a forgotten time. A sanctuary from the isolation of a modern world. The connection of more than she is willing to accept and who are empowered through their connection, love and passion for an ancient pathway of living, becoming and holding.


For those seeking healing of their pathway, their journey and soul. Embracing all they can be when held in balanced alignment. From the Inner Sanctum of the Priestess and the deep embodiment of healing found within.


Restoring the Divine Feminine who is aware of all she holds as the Sacred Vessel for all life. The direct connection to Source and the Infinite wisdom of the Divine Essence. She holds this Spark deep within her soul and encapsulates the energy of Avalon in all her being. The place of the beginning of all Magic and Spirituality. Becoming the vessel as the key holder to all that resides within the feminine form.


And within the Earth Mother Shoppe, a sacred place of ethically sourced treasures gifted from the earth spaces where the magic still resides.



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